Build Or Buy An Affiliate Marketing Business Or Website

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be talking about whether you should build or buy an affiliate
marketing business slash rock slide slash whatever I’m gonna give you guys
all the reasons that you should or should not do it and if you’re a
beginner or if you’re even a little bit more in advance this is definitely the
video for you if you have a little bit of money and you’re thinking about
whether you should actually invest and buy a business or buy a website or
whether you should just invest the time and the energy to actually learn how to
do it yourself and then build it for yourself I’m gonna explain that in just
a minute guys but before we get into that guys if
you’re new to the channel and please subscribe right now for brand new videos
every single day and with that being said let’s start this video off I made a
video a few weeks back which is actually not my most popular video on my channel
talking about actually buying websites on Flippa com that are earning money
month after month and since then I’ve been getting a lot of questions about
how to buy website or which websites I think you should purchase of course guys
I can’t give you an exact answer on what websites to purchase or not to purchase
because guys I don’t know the future of the websites I don’t know the actual
website itself so it’s absolutely nowhere for me to tell but hopefully
this video should give you a little bit more information on what I think you
should do so guys you have a little bit of cash on hand and you’re thinking
whether you should actually invest it in buying a flip marketing business that’s
already established that’s already getting page views and traffic to the
website and already making a little bit of money month to month or whether you
should actually take that money may be invested in some courses maybe some
education and then that way you can actually figure out how to do it
yourself and then create your own affiliate marketing business slash
website and they were definitely pros and cons to each one and I’m gonna
explain both of them to you now if you guys are a little bit of a beginner then
personally I recommend that if you want to build something long-term if you’re
looking for a long-term business that earns you money month after month for
the next couple years to come then I think you definitely want to build it
yourself what you can do is where you guys learn
how to build and create an affiliate marketing business for yourself we’re
gonna fill your marketing website for yourself you guys can make even more in
the future so once you have one you can make another one and maybe even a third
one a fourth one and then at that point you guys will have three or four
full-time affiliate marketing websites earning money for you month to month and
then on the opposite side of that coin you guys can buy an affiliate marketing
website but then if you want another one you’d have to front even more money to
purchase another one and then buy another one and
by another one of you wanted for which is gonna be a lot more upfront capital
in cash and it would be a lot more of an investment but if you can figure out how
to make them on your own and then make them successful you guys can make as
many as you want you guys can even make it freely marketing websites with the
sole purpose of selling them to somebody else in the future if you guys already
have like three or four affiliate marketing websites built for yourself
and you say hey these are all great they’re all earning me money passively
every single month let me actually make one and then sell to somebody else
just for a quick pure profit you guys can definitely do that because the
skills and knowledge of how to actually build an affiliate marketing website or
worth way more than any website you could pretty much purchase with that
being said if you’re beginner in the space then I think that’s the route you
should go personally but if you’re not looking to actually learn how to a flea
market you’re just looking for a little bit of a side income and this isn’t
gonna big your main source your full-time income maybe you want to look
at this as just an investment instead at that point and then I think you should
buy an affiliate marketing business if you just have some money on hand that
you’re just looking to purely invest maybe you don’t want to throw it into
stocks and bonds or anything else like that nature you guys can actually buy an
affiliate marketing website that’s making money month after month the
problem is that a lot of times you guys these are gonna be a little bit of a
longer-term investment most times when people actually selling these websites
they’re selling them for not hundreds but usually thousands of dollars most
websites that are sold online and as of right now are gonna sell for like twelve
if not twenty four times what they’re actually making month after month
because what people are doing is they’re taking their monthly profit I’m saying
it by 12 in this case you know that which would equal twelve months of
course being a year the time is near by twelve and that’s what they’re selling
it for and that’s the problem if you guys are looking to invest in a website
making two or three thousand dollars a month you’re gonna be looking to spend
like twenty to thirty thousand dollars up front to purchase it and that can
definitely be a little bit too pricey for most people if you only have like
three to five hundred dollars you’re looking to invest now I definitely you
should invest that in courses or books or things of that nature because guys
anyone said you can purchase for three to five hundred dollars isn’t gonna be
making that much money month after month maybe only like thirty to fifty dollars
a month and most people looking to make a little bit more money than just that
month after month so if you guys are looking to buy an affiliate marketing
website you have to understand that up front you’re gonna be paying a lot more
usually a year’s worth of that website and the problem is guys is that with any
investment there’s risk involved that’s because the website is making $2,000 a
month as of that month is not guaranteed it’s gonna
be making anymore or any of us in the next a year because of course Rob says
making $2,000 a month the next month it might only make a thousand the next
month it could also make 3,000 you guys really never know so it is a little bit
of a risk so if you actually want to purchase website you gotta have to
accept that risk upfront because of course there’s no guarantee that I can
make or anybody can make that once a website’s making like $2,000 a month
it’s gonna earn that every single month for the next two years that’s the
problem guys you’re looking to invest in our website you have to understand is
gonna be that risk involved at all times there’s no guarantee that you’ll get
your money back or even make a profit on a website like that you might even make
a loss of course that’s unfortunate but that’s the risk you’re gonna take which
is why I think if you’re just a little bit over beginner I definitely think you
should go the route I’ve actually trying to build it yourself or at least try to
educate yourself a little bit before you actually go and purchase a website guys
what any investment you should do your research beforehand and make sure you
have a good and full understanding of what you’re actually getting yourself
into when you’re actually in a buy website like that with that being said
guys ultimately the decision lies in your
hands whether you want to buy a website or build one yourself I personally
recommend that you try to build one yourself you try to learn you try to
educate yourself and get the knowledge that you need to actually start and
create an affiliate marketing business and then make it successful these guys
that knowledge is gonna be worth way more than any website you can purchase
because guys with that knowledge you can make even more affiliate marketing
websites all for yourself make them more successful and then they’ll be earning
all for you so with that being said guys that pretty much wraps up this video if
you enjoyed the video then definitely drop a like on it and guys if you’re new
to the channel like I said definitely subscribe for brand new videos every
single day and with that being said I’ll see you in the next video guys my name
is Anthony Villa and I’m out peace

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