Buildapreneur CF Affiliate Grabber Tool Chrome Extension For More Clickfunnels Commissions

hey guys Rachel Eisley here and in this
video I’m going to show you a bit about the clickfunnels Affiliate grabber tool
that Spencer mekin created it’s a Chrome extension it’s a little software script
that helps you get more clickfunnels affiliates because often times people
will sign up for clickfunnels but not complete their sign up so then you’re
not gonna get commissions or they’ll sign up but then they won’t continue
after their free trial or they’ll sign up and they’ll stay on for a little but
not really have an incentive to stay on so this plug-in is automation this
automation tool helps your people get finished getting on click funnels and
stay on click funnels and stay under your affiliate link and I’ll show you
how so I’ll have a link below to download it but you can also always find
it on my resources page Rachel Leslie comm slash resources and I have a bunch
of cool resources here down here is my link to the click funnels affiliate
grabber tool and it is a free extension so get it free is gonna open up this
page and let me make you just what it does is it downloads your commission
reports your refered affiliates and it puts them on to a Google Form and then
there’s instructions on how to hook up that Google Form to your email
autoresponder it using zap is happier so this it sends out now they’re on an
email list and now you can set them automated emails saying thanks for
signing up for click funnels under my link I’m here to help you here’s I want
to give you bonuses please reply to this email and let me know what you want help
with how I can help you and you can keep emailing them and it’s totally free so
you opt-in and then it’s gonna send you to this page
and there are some upsells for email sequences that sponsor uses and he is
one of the top click photos affiliates and huge open rates give you fun offers
funnels also but anyway you don’t have to do this part you can also just go to
the plugin area and you can also be an affiliate so you you grab your affiliate
code link for this free tool because you can make money on the back end from the
upsells okay actually here’s a bunch of cool offers the plugin and instructions
have been emailed over so I’m not going to teach you in this video how to do it
because his video shows you how to do it but I do want to show you something that
I do so I didn’t always have this setup but since I’ve had this setup I’ve
gotten it go went into my convert kit and I got one hundred and fifty seven
cents with a forty percent open rate I changed the content over time though
from what it says so I want to share with you my most recent copy which i
think is really good and it’s it’s really good
so I saw it subject I saw you signed up for click funnels dot dot and you isn’t
copy me it’s fine hey first name so you signed up for click funnels under my
affiliate link that’s good news for me and you since I gotta keep 40% of my
affiliate software payment or I guess I should say that your Commission of yours
I’d love to give my referral affiliates bonuses to show my appreciation step one
check out the options here so they go to my click funnels bonus page that shows
they might not have known they get bonuses with me they’re like what like
you know he’s but I just signed up for that I want my bonuses so I’d let them
like look and see and then I say and hey I have even more cool bonuses you saw it
you think this is cool look what else you can get for free if you want another
software and then I have all my other things and offers and bonuses and they
can browse that then as a step 3 you want to give them like step step one to
step 3 reply to this email and let me know which offers you signed up for so I
can give you the proper bonuses and if you have any questions simply reply to
this email and ask I pretty much everything about click funnels building
up funnels in general seriously I want to know let me know and I’ve been
getting replies to this and I’ve been getting in conversations with people and
helping them and they appreciate it so much that those stay on click funnels
and this is actually saving me a lot of time because this email goes out
automatically not like instantly right after they sign up but it gets in the
referred affiliates goes onto the the chrome plug-in puts it on the Google
sheet this app takes it to the email and I know it sounds confusing so just go
look in the link below to sign up or get it on my resources page sign up go check
your email watch Ben Spencer’s instructions you can adapt or model my
email copy and start seeing this work for you
if you are a little unsure of like well how do I even get refer to filly it’s
like I don’t even have that problem I don’t need that automation yet because I
don’t even have that many like referral affiliates every day or every week and
you want more referral affiliates you can go to affiliate business in a box
comm or I’ll have the link below which is my assistant a free training free
system on how to start getting a list of buyers and get affiliate commissions and
make affiliate commissions off click funnels off of other softwares and start building your foundation to
promote other offers okay if you guys have questions you can leave it below
let me know if you signed up for the clickfunnels Affiliate grabber tool it’s
totally free and be sure to subscribe to my channel because I put out good bids
all right talk to you guys soon

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