Builderall 2019 – Build The Perfect Affiliate Builderall Audience For 2019

hey Builderall all affiliates are you
ready to start drilling down a saved audience let’s do this
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new videos today in this video we’re gonna be going over drilling down your
saved audience so that you can ensure that you’re getting your ads in front of
the right people and people who are more likely to make purchases or fill out
neat information depending on what it is you are trying to get out of your ads on
Facebook so one thing you need to know is essentially who your your audience is
actually so who are the people who have you know bought from you in the past and
what characteristics do they have in common because with Facebook you have
all of these options for interest demographic and behavior based targeting
to utilize and they get these from you know their own studies as well as
information from large third-party data partners that way they can ensure that
you get the most accurate targeting options possible and they’re really the
only platform that offers these so let’s say for example you’re wanting to you
know just kind of do a broad audience but you know that your target market is
only men so when you’re creating a saved audience you’re going to want to go into
either the ad set level and you can set it up through there or you can go into
your asset library which has your audiences in there and you’ll click
create a saved audience then you can give it a name you can also
just as a side note if you have a custom audience just kind of like off a general
website traffic or you’re using a look-alike audience you can drill that
down further by selecting additional targeting options down here which will
narrow that audience down for you that way you’re not sending your ad to people
who you know may not be as relevant to your business so let’s say you need to
target men ages 18 to 50 and you just want to do some general targeting and
you want to make sure that you’re getting in front of people who are
likely to purchase so you can do engage shoppers which is a behavior this is
based off of people who pretty often will make purchases either online or
from Facebook so it’s a pretty accurate behavior and then this audience is 18
million people so there are 18 million men ages 18 to 50 who are engaged
shoppers you give it a name and click create audience so that’s the
kind of find those people who like I said are more likely to make purchases
from you once you’ve got some data based off of purchasers or people who’ve added
to cart things like that people people you know that have expressed some kind
of interest in your product you can plug a custom audience based off of those
people into your audience insights and break that down and try to find or kind
of look at what those people are interested in and what their behaviors
are like and then use those as your targeting options for your next audience
so you can actually go into the audience insights from here so the audience
insights tool lets you plug in audiences custom audiences that you have or saved
audiences or use your page one thing to note is you can’t plug in look-alike
audiences in here but that’s not really necessary anyways so like I was saying
you could get a custom audience of people who’ve made purchases from you in
the past see what you know similarities they all have and use those interested
interest or demographics behaviors ages all that to create a more fine tune
saved audience that you can use to get a better return on your ad spend so right
now we’re just looking at everyone on Facebook and you can see there’s life
style relationship status education level and one thing to keep in mind is
these are self-reported most of the time job title and all that stuff there’s
also what pages they like locations that they’re in their activity what kind of
devices they use all kinds of stuff and you can use this to create a really high
quality audience so let’s go back and let’s say we have a client who we
need to create a audience for to find people more interested in higher end
fashion items so let’s say we have a woman’s clothing line and it’s a higher
end fashion a little on the pricey side so you want to find people who are more
likely to purchase that so first off we would select women ages we won’t touch
for now it’s best to leave that pretty open initially Facebook’s algorithm will
eventually kind of find the people that are getting you the best results and
they’ll look at the characteristics of people who have made purchases as long
as you are using the pixel and the purchase event and you can fine-tune
this later on once you see that maybe it’s ages you know 22 to 50 who you get
more purchases from anyway so we’re gonna go into the detailed targeting
option so like I was saying this could be a hire in fashion so we can go to
behaviors and then you can go to purchase behavior
there’s all kinds of buyer profiles so fashionistas would be a good one so
people who are interested in fashion you can also do oh and then once you have
one selected it’ll suggest some things so top spenders so people who are more
likely to buy higher ticket items and spend more money women’s fashion and
apparel that’s a good behavior to have and then there are other behaviors that
you can use as well it’s also a good idea to use some interest targeting
based off of maybe some competitors so for example since it’s higher in fashion
we could do Louis Vuitton Gucci Prada and like I
said once you have some select it’ll it’ll give you some suggestions for what
you should select there’s Burberry Chanel all that good stuff so right now if you can’t see what’s
wrong with this I have made it to where I am targeting people who are interested
in or people who are fashionistas as well as people who are interested in
fashion and apparel and then people who are interested in all these brands so
because of this the audience is going to be pretty large and you may want to
narrow this down a little bit in order to do so you can click this narrow
option narrow audience option I’m actually gonna put fashionistas in here and it drilled it down a little bit then I’m also going to be women’s so by doing so I’m saying that I want to
get everyone who is interested in all of these brands but they also have to be
fashionistas and they on top of that they also have to be women fashion and
apparel buyers and as you can see I’ve got a nice audience of seven hundred and
ten thousand women who are you know pretty much in my target market and you
would run that it’s a good idea to have a couple different ad sets as well
maybe using some different behaviors or interests that way you can ensure that
you are kind of testing out different audiences see what interests work best
for you but other than that this is how you drill down your saved audience and
ensure that you’re getting your ads in front of the right people thanks for


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