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Are you ready to build a highly targeted
Facebook audience from scratch keep watching because this is part one be
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new video! What’s up what’s up what’s up Joe Barnes here and we’re gonna learn
today how to build a highly targeted Facebook audience using video views
that’s right a highly targeted Facebook audience using video views about $5 a
day ad spend resulting in about a half a penny a video view half a penny or less
so we’re gonna build our highly targeted Facebook audience and a half a penny or
less so let’s go ahead and get started here as you can see I created a test
account for this test page test account you’re gonna always want to work inside
a business manager you can always check out one of my other videos and how to
set up a business manager with regards to that if you’re new to this so anyway
so let’s go ahead and let’s come on up to the hamburger right here and that’s
what they call it we’re gonna go into audiences where is our audiences oh
there it is right there my bad so even again I get a little what I want
everybody to understand is don’t be afraid of the business manager back-end
a lot of people are intimidated by that especially if they’re new and I hear it
all the time I hear people say you know it’s just so technical back there really
it’s not it’s not just click the buttons do stuff as long as you don’t hit
confirm and start running an ad you’re good to go so what we’re gonna do though
we’re gonna create a saved audience and we’re gonna be very blog we’re gonna
call this a primer audience so let’s go ahead and let this get up and running
we’re going to call it primer audience fishing let’s just go with fishing niche
so I’m gonna target fishermen and we’re going to call this July 2001 9 now
typically your audiences are only good once you start your audiences and you
start creating look-alike audiences and stuff like that with regards to that and
we’re going to call this video views to video views so I just do V V once you
start creating look-alike audiences and stuff you gotta be careful because you
your audience is only good for a look-alike audience is only gonna be
good for about a hundred and eighty days so just always keep that in mind so
we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna just do the United States we’re gonna do
18 to 65 we’re gonna do all I want to let right there’s women fishermen out
there so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to let the pixel do all the work
so many times people want to do these you know they’re interested in this or
interested in that that the pixel do the work trust me that’s why Facebook makes
the billions of dollars to do these fancy pixels so let’s get into our
detailed targeting so let’s go with fishing I’m just gonna be roundabout
fishing and I’m gonna look at a couple things right here now depending right
depending what I’m just gonna go broad fishing so we got 190 million people or
there abouts and let’s go with let’s go with hunting as well because there’s
hunters out there that fish as well so and I saw recreational recreational so this is CR e a tion a
recreational fishing awesome so let’s go ahead and throw that in there so that’s
an additional interest and again this is just a primer audience to get a highly
targeted Facebook audience for a particular niche that you want I usually
start out usually start out with something really broad I build the
audience and I go from there I can usually run these for about $5 a
day usually around 1/2 a penny video view with regards to that again I’m just
building in the audience you may spend anywhere between I don’t know let’s just
say you may spend about $100 just to build an audience
worst case scenario $100 but you’re going to be pretty niche down once you
start building that audience there we go we’ve got the things going on and I’m
not gonna add any connections types because with regards to that my facebook
page doesn’t have anything so I’m not gonna worry about that so we’ll just go
ahead create the audience boom done so I got an audience size of about 72 million
people that’s 72 million people that fish or interested in fishing so let’s
go back up to the little hamburger right here we are going to come back into our
ads manager right there and again don’t be intimidated by the
business manager back-end it’s so simple so easy right I remember when I first
started Facebook advertising I was scared to death I was afraid I was gonna
mess something up and you’re not going to mess anything up so we’re just gonna
come here to this little green button where it says create Oh done we’re gonna
create an audience as you can see I had already started something I was kind of
going through it so we’re just gonna start over again we’re gonna come down
to video views and one two three I’m not gonna worry about naming anything we’re
not gonna worry about split-testing campaign we’re not gonna worry about any
of this right now again we’re just building a highly targeted audience but
we got to start I would at the top and work our way down so let’s go ahead
we’re gonna use a saved audience too simple there it is primer saved audience
all right 18 to 65 fishing all I’m gonna let it go into automatic placements what
I will tell you is the video though that you may want to use make the video 15 to
30 seconds if you can do a video or go on Fiverr and get a video with regards
to that just get like a 15-second fishing video if you can this way it can
go across all platforms so you can grab your audience from all different
platforms right you got Instagram you got audience Network you got all these
things so we’re gonna come down here we’re just gonna go to second video
views continuous video views not going to worry about any of this and let’s see
here I’m not gonna worry about that
cost-control not gonna worry about that now the daily budget says 20 dollars a
day and it’s very understandable someone like myself will drop 15 to 20 dollars a
day into this just to get something going for yourself though you only have
to start with 5 dollars a day just to build your audience but I can build an
audience in 24 hours where you may take you three to four days to build your
audience but still you’re gonna get plenty of video views off of that so
we’ll just go with five dollars we can go ahead now I will tell you you’re if
you get called by a facebook marketing rap first thing they’re gonna tell you
is oh you need 15 to 20 bucks to get the algorithm optimized we’re not going to
run this long enough to worry about whether or not the algorithm gets
optimized but the one thing that we do always want to do is we always want to
set us or set a start and end date and let me explain why the pixel does need
what’s called a light at the end of the tunnel so if I give it a light at the
end of the tunnel it’s going to optimize as fast as possible so if I get it a
two-week end date and you want to go anywhere between two weeks and 30 days
okay but if I give it a two week and date it’s going to optimize and say I
have to get the best advertising cost within this amount of time because this
is when they shut it off and this is when Facebook doesn’t make any more
money so you do need to set your end dates a start and end date with regards
to that two weeks to thirty days again your your pixel needs a light at the end
of the tunnel so let’s go ahead I’m very adamant on that folks um with regards to
that so 13th let’s go with the 27th
and here we go we’re just going to do two second continuous video views and
just get continued let’s come down here I’m not gonna worry
about adding an instant experience none of that again I’m just building this is
my primer audience I’m just going to build a foundational audience I’m gonna
try to get video views of people I want people who are more likely to click on
my ads and stuff like that rather than try to guessing game that’s okay and
then I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna browse my library now mind you because I do
have the video on my page oops wrong page look at that I make mistakes all
the time guys make sure you go ahead and put the right page on there and there we
go team accelerator and I’m not going to worry about selecting a Instagram page
as far as that goes so let’s go right here let’s go ahead to the page I’m
gonna grab the video that’s on the page and
my primary text this is the text text for test alright so your primary text is
right here and guys if you’ve got any questions go ahead comment below if you
don’t understand something I’m always happy to answer questions so comment
below like the video if there’s something that you want to talk about
maybe there’s something you want to talk about or a video on I can get the video
out for you but let’s go ahead and move forward from here we’re going to go
ahead and a website URL and I’m just gonna my page as far as that goes Joe
there we go and now we can kind of narrow it down we can
kind of narrow it down right here on the headline let’s see are you ready let’s catch some bass so I kind of narrowed it
down let’s say I have a particular lure that I want to put out right this is
gonna be specified for bass fishermen are you ready to catch some perch right so I can kind of narrow it down
right there in these two second video views and I can talk about it in my copy
so again this is something that you want to think about when you’re writing your
copy copy is very important when it comes to Facebook advertising especially
when you’re building a highly targeted advertisements when you’re building a
highly targeted audience there’s three things that are really going to be
looked at right here number one is your headline number two is your text or your
copy and number three is whatever it is image or video that you have and it
breaks it down into 33% so with regards to that I’m gonna capture the attention
of my audience with the copy I’m gonna capture their attention and be more
specific with the headline and when we start looking at my my copy in my text
and my headline need to match up with my video so I’m gonna get a higher overall
score I’m gonna get very cheap ads so with regards to that just remember that
when you’re doing that I don’t need a news link link description there I’m
good to go we can just go ahead and learn more that’s typically the best one
to do we don’t have any video tags and always remember to turn on your Facebook
pixel right as you can see right now I do have a pixel created but I don’t I
don’t have it on anything but we want to turn on our Facebook pixel because we
want to gather information also at the ad level so what this is doing this is
actually gathering information at the ad level so when we turn that on
now I’m gathering the information of the people who watch it the people click on
it the people who watch the video so we can we can be sure to gather as much
data as possible from that and then all we have to do everyone is click confirm
and just put in your billing information as far as that goes again everybody
that’s a real simple real quick easy build a highly targeted Facebook
audience from scratch other than that
my name’s Joe Barnes and we will see you on video number two part two later


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