Builderall 2019 – Perfect Builderall Affiliate Audiences 2019

you ready to learn how to build an
audience out of some customer files let’s go be sure to stick around and hit
the subscribe button down below hit the little bell up in the corner get
notified every time that we put out a new video. We’re gonna go over uploading
a customer file as a custom audience so this allows you to take the customer
data that you’ve gotten based off of sales people coming into your store
things like that and upload it to ensure that you can either re target people who
are your past customers or re-market to them or create look-alike audiences
based off of those people so what you’re going to want to do is get into ads
manager go to this menu go to all tools under the assets column you’ll see the
audiences option is the first one you’re gonna click that once this loads you’re
gonna be able to see all of the saved custom and look-alike audiences that
you’ve created in the past so you’re gonna want to click that blue create
audience button and like I said we’re gonna create a custom audience as you
can see there are quite a few different options as far as creating a custom
audience for now we’re just gonna upload a customer file by clicking this first
option so there are a couple different options you have when you create a
custom audience based off of a customer file first you can do it with a CSV or
txt file by selecting this first option you can also just copy and paste data
second you can import directly from MailChimp if that’s a service that you
use and finally you can upload a customer file with lifetime value now
that’s something for a different video that’s a little bit more in-depth
that’ll allow you to create really really high-quality
look-alike audiences for acquisition campaigns that can really help you get
new custom and drive those sales so we’re gonna
select this first option in here you can see the different identifiers that you
have available to use the most common are gonna be email and phone number just
because that’s what people use to log into Facebook and so those are for sure
information that’s given and gives you the highest met rate you can also use
their first last name where they live when they were born gender age and user
ID if all of that is information you have the more info you give us to you
know create your audience off of the higher Matt rate you’re going to have so
like I said we’re gonna create one based off of a customer file that I created
I’ve got one with a hundred email addresses just a note as a best practice
well first off its best to have you need to have at least 100 people in your
audience in order for Facebook to create that custom audience for you and there
needs to be at least 20 matches out of that hundred people for the audience to
be created it is a best practice to have at least 1,000 matches in order to
effectively use that audience for either a retargeting campaign or a look-alike
audience so that means you need to have a list of over 1,000 people in order to
upload a useful customer custom audience based off of a customer file now back to
the lifetime value custom audience it’s okay if you have about 500 but I would
not go any lower than that so what we’re gonna do is I’m going to go ahead and
upload this file that I have created I’m gonna give it a name and once I’ve
done that I’ll click the next button so as you can see the emails right here
have matched up correctly for some reason the phone number isn’t being
formatted correctly it’s probably because I did not put the country code
in front of those so that’s something to note you want to ensure that you’ve put
the country code depending on what country these phone numbers are for in
order for this to be formatted properly since I do have the emails they have
been formatted correctly I can go ahead and upload and create so it says a
hundred rows have been uploaded which is a hundred percent because I only had 100
people in there it can take about thirty minutes for that audience to be created
and up to 24 hours it usually does not take that long and it’s usually done
within a couple hours it kind of depends on how large your audience is just
because Facebook has to take all the information you gave them and match it
up to a personal profile to ensure you’re getting people within that


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