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I want to talk to you about the Builderall affiliate program and some of the biggest mistakes that I’ve made in my
journey in this builderall affiliate program be sure to stick around and hit
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laptop life and you’ll never find me too far from the beaches so let’s take a
look real quick alright there we go definitely something that I can enjoy in my
life but I can promise you I’ve made plenty
of mistakes along the way in the builderall affiliate program and I’m here today
to talk about as a high-level marketer these biggest mistakes that I’ve made
mistake number one trying to lure people with money now it’s all great and at the
end of the day really looks good that I can make money with it but the biggest
question that we really need to be asking ourselves is that person who’s
making money with it able to teach other people to make money with the Builderall affiliate program and I’ve seen a time and time again these people that’ll
or people with money right they’re living in a fantasy and that fantasy is
usually uh if he can do it and he’s making a load of money with it I can do
it too well unless you have a strategy unless you’re able to really hone in on
the audience that you’re looking for chances are you’re not going to be able
to do it that’s not a replicatable process that only happens for a few
people now the big thing with these people who lure people with the money
they really can’t teach the program they may be able to teach the people get one
or two people on but at the end of the day they’re not going to be able to
teach somebody to be able to get the hundreds of people on like they’re
getting because the biggest thing that they have is testimonial and testimonial
goes a long way in the industry and any online marketing now with that being
said you have to build your own testimonials now that might be with a
case study maybe getting a YouTube video to number one maybe showing how you’re
actually converting something with facebook traffic maybe you’re able to
build an affinity group on Facebook these are some of the things that I look
at when I start to follow somebody online I don’t just look at how much
money they make they’ve done it and that’s great but at the end of the day I
got to be sure that they’re able to teach how I can make money biggest
mistake number two that I’ve made thinking I’m going to get rich overnight
now the five minutes you may see me on video doesn’t facilitate the hours upon
hours of work that I put into my online business when I boiled this down what
this means is there’s no get-rich-quick overnight process
it takes time you need to build affinity you need to get to number one in places
and when we all boil this down I’d really love to really love to find out
what I could do to get rich quick overnight but I can promise you I
haven’t I’ve slept in plenty of couches I’ve gone nights nights without sleeping
because I was trying to build my business build it to the point to where
it would be able to create a suitable income and income to be able to pay my
bills and let’s talk about paying your bills the biggest thing that I found out
with the Builder all affiliate program is that it actually paid the bills for
my other business and when I looked at it I said to myself I said this is
amazing because I run an online business that
cost me money every month but then at the end of the day there’s no
out-of-pocket expense for me because what I’ve done with the Builder all
affiliate program is put something on to a passive income that enabled me to pay
for my bigger business now over the course of a year I’ve made over $42,000
with the Builder all affiliate program what did that mean that meant that my
business cost me forty some thousand dollars a year just to be online I know
it sounds crazy because you see all these people going oh look at all the
money I make but you never see how much they’re spending so be careful of those
mistakes in this program big mistake number three that I made in the Builder
all affiliate program not helping the people that I put on to build or all
right you think somebody like me would do something like that but I didn’t look
at builder all as of means or a source of income I looked at builder all as
something that was paying my bills for my online business so I really didn’t
care because I was making money someplace else but then it dawned on me
one day this is something that I promoted one time that’s right one time
and then it made me over forty thousand dollars inside of a year I couldn’t
believe it I said to myself why am i ignoring something that’s making me
money and it on a system that I don’t even have to
deal with and that’s when I said to myself I must be pretty foolish right as
a high-level online marketer I’m looking at something that’s generating me a
passive income and at the end of the day I’m ignoring it and nor in ignoring the
people who are actually paying me so be careful of these mistakes when you get
on to the Builderall affiliate program right be careful of number one who you
follow that’s right even though they may look great at the end of the day be
careful be sure that they’re gonna teach you exact strategies on how to build
your business online because a lot of people are using builder all as a means
or a source of the income so when you get onto the Builderall affiliate
program just be sure to avoid those mistakes that I just talked about
everybody wants to make money online but at the end of the day not everybody will
make money online the biggest thing that we’re able to do is we’re able to teach
strategy that’s right we’re teaching YouTube strategy Facebook strategy SEO
strategy copywriting strategy we’re teaching you how to target an audience
now what I’ve seen everybody doing the builderall affiliate programs so far
is they’re really focusing in on the Builderall affiliates so what they’re
doing is they’re trying to get people within the group and that’s not the way
to do it you need to bring in people from the outside people who want to make
money online home-based businesses people who are in MLM s get them to see
the value in the Builder all affiliate program and get outside of the box so
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