Builderall Business Affiliate Program- Overview and Strategies

hey guys Rachel Leslie here and in this
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what is filter all why is it such a trending topic right now it’s super
training like on YouTube Facebook Google search ton of people signing up for it
and talking about it the software and the affiliate program so what is it
well it’s an all-in-one digital marketing software so I’ll show you guys
here I just have some different pages open from builder all and I like well
this one shows how you can get access to the drag-and-drop website builder you
unlimited pages you can use their templates that they already have created
to have create what to have websites up live for different niches you can do
client work there’s all these website templates for different markets and
industries and niches and you can get those in the hands of those businesses
to help the business maybe provide to them some marketing services or maybe
just even to make affiliate Commission’s from them using the software and it’s
not just brick-and-mortar businesses like dentists or gyms but also different
of online businesses like e-commerce or even your own agency or coaching
business or info product so they also have email marketing chat bot marketing
webinar graphic design presentation builders video editors a ton of really
cool things so what is the affiliate program what is builder all business
well Bill Darrell likes to say we’re not an affiliate program we’re different
than an affiliate program or even better than an affiliate program and there are
certain @ components to the Builder all business program that other affiliate
programs don’t have but it’s so an affiliate program where you make 100
percent commissions the first month on your tier one sign of us people that
sign up directly under you 30% recurring every single month after that and 30%
recurring for your tier two those are people that are that your tier one signs
up so there are affiliate programs that do
have that but what else does cool is that you own your book of business so
when you die or if you want to just give this to someone as inheritance your
entire book of business can be transferred to other people these are
your leaves your customers and you can grow your list by promoting builder role
and then even offer them other affiliate offers what also is great about builder
all is that it sells for sure like people are getting success with it I’m
getting sales there’s a lot of affiliate programs out there or like I get hit up
all the time Rachel will you be an affiliate for this or for that or help
me promote and I’m like okay maybe I’ll try and then I don’t make any sales and
it’s not because I didn’t drive traffic it’s because they’re fun all didn’t
convert or something just didn’t match up and with this their funnels totally
convert it’s a great niche everlasting solid niche that means people want this
type of software people want sales funnel software website building
software email marketing every day more and more businesses and just people or
aspiring entrepreneurs are realizing that to make more money online and all
right you need that online presence ready to go sales funnels you don’t have
to build anything from scratch I don’t build things from scratch I look and I
see what templates are already available and then just edit from their stable
monthly recurring income already shook with you guys that 30 percent recurring
commissions best client retention rates that’s really important to have high
stick rates some software’s people will sign up for or sign up for a trial and
then they cancel their trial they cancel their account and you did all this work
to get someone to sign up but then they’re not sticking that’s not good
so with Bill Darrell it’s a high stick rate people want to stick around because
the cost of using the software is also lower than a lot of the competitors
sales and income Speed leverage system that means the two-tiered the two-tier
so I’ll show you guys something really cool actually let’s see in the
calculator let’s say that you sold 10 builder account and for the business
program and two of those people are also going to sell to each you’re making more
money than you would because they’re taking action let’s say five of those
people wanted to take action it’s more and you don’t have to limit yourself I
don’t hope I’m not blocking the screen I’m not you don’t have to limit
yourself like for me I’m for sure on my way to 100 and then when you hit a
hundred you also get $500 a month bonus that you could use for your dream car
but you don’t have to use it for that and let’s say these are more realistic
numbers it’s great immediate 100 percent up for earnings and monthly income when
you plus the $500 and then when you hit 200 affiliates you get $1,000 bonus plus
you’re making more money plus more people would probably be taking action
on the affiliate program so I’m loving it let’s see what else
ton of training so and this is what my back-office
of my builder all account looks like my site’s my email list all the apps all
the tutorials and trainings they have so many courses about Facebook dives
webinars funnels traffic online business in there and it’s included in your
account and then there’s a bunch of resources for your builder or business
to like email swipes social media posts daily tests that you should be doing
every day highly converting funnel templates to promote a lot of cool stuff
in there a bunch of trainings and it’s not just the trainings that are in there
but the community so people help each other I have a private group of my own
trainings that I create for builder all and also how to I succeed with the
affiliate program and email swipes and coaching calls and everyone’s here to
support everyone to help people succeed to increase their stick rates and to
also use that leverage system to make more tier two commissions let’s go back
to my Q&A how do you make money with it well I
shared with you guys the comp plan but it’s if people are signing up for the
plans and you saw the different plans here but you will make more Commission’s
if people are on the unlimited Pro builder business plan they get more
features and they get access to the affiliate program and you also make more
Commission’s and you also so who’s the target market who could who would sign
up for this well there’s business owners who need websites so offline and online
or just funnels maybe they need lead generation maybe there’s coaches
consultants that want to have an online course and they have membership site
funnels on there too you can even just give these templates to people already
done but attach it to your affiliate link and make the recurring commissions agencies people that want to do lead gen
social media managers virtual assistants affiliate marketers who want to you
squeeze pages or even just promote work from home parents maybe people who are
into different MLMs I’ve noticed are oftentimes a good target market to using
builder all and promoting builder all because they see the power and leverage
I would not consider builder all and MLM I mean I know two-tiered is multi but
it’s pretty simple it’s not like confusing comp plan it’s not like just
the people at the top can succeed anyone can get one sign up and make your $49
back because you get that 100% Commission’s so who succeeds with it let
me tell you right now people who are consistent people who get
started take momentum and produce content so many people like don’t
produce content or they sign up and then they don’t send out emails or spread the
word and they wonder why they don’t get results because you’re not spreading the
word enough and you’re not putting up valuable content to let people know
about the software how it works what it does what it can do and I teach a lot of
advanced strategies on how to get the word out a lot of these strategies are
on my youtube but a lot of them are in the private group I have for my builder
all affiliates for people signed up under my team and I have like other
online courses too but we’ll stay focused
so who succeeds with it the consistent people who create content take massive
action it’s I’ve seen there’s some look at these people you guys these people
from all over the world different ages and different countries and different
languages and they all have little video testimonials too and people who are new
to online marketing and experienced people in online marketing are seeing
massive results with this system bunch of cool templates that they have – let’s
go back to my notes so what is leverage leverage is being smart and creating
content to get your to get people to sign up and to get businesses to sign up
and start using the software and downloading websites and succeeding with
their affiliate marketing but leverage is also empowering your people to also
promote and to make that easier everyone who is on my builder or business team I
let them give out my bonuses to their sign-ups so all my trainings all my
bonuses can be given away to your sign ups so I have a very active Facebook
group extra trainings email swipes funnels strategies step-by-step
blueprint process to succeed with this in addition to what builder all gives
you and let’s go over some of the strategies right now like I said before
content and content is a huge one what kind of content YouTube YouTube videos I
hope you guys do that blog post teach you guys how to do that Facebook there’s
your personal page likeable page groups I do all that stuff Instagram and then
you can do personal or maybe a motivational quote page Pinterest
similar things about sharing vlog content Twitter I don’t use it too much
but it’s just a way to get the word out actually that’s what it means it’s a
great opportunity if not too many people are saying mentioning much about these
funnels and free trial to use the funnels and try it out there’s probably
a lot of room for eyeballs on Twitter and even on YouTube it’s such like trend
like people are searching for it right now and there’s more and more videos
being created there’s also more and more people searching so massive opportunity
massive number of people that could be using this software email your email
marketing and we can do sequences and broadcasts like if you have a new video
chat box too I use many chat but builder all now is having a chat bot surface
built in so I’ll be experimenting with that and making like tutorial videos and
reviews on it live streams is a great way to communicate with
audience or growing audience and then paid strategy Facebook Ads
you could even just do five dollars a day boosting a video that you already
did maybe five dollars day boosting your livestream YouTube ads playing your
videos in front of maybe other videos that are about sales funnels Google Ads
for when people are searching or being ads display ads there’s different kinds
of ads you don’t have to start with paid ads strategy at all you can get lots of
results all organically and all just from putting in the work and creating
the content and getting it out there and taking massive action and learning and
building funnels and getting better and better at it so you can keep teaching
people about it and helping them to succeed with not only using the software
to make money online with all the ways you can make money online with a website
or sales funnels but also with the affiliate program and the two tiered
leverage system see you guys in the description below I’m gonna put some
links I’m gonna put you’ll see all the links but I’ll put this link partner
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domain to promote this I got a ton of signups without even using a custom
domain at first but I made this domain and it’s like a bonus page where you can
see the bonuses that I give away a lot of the bonuses and it’s attached to the
link which is attached to my affiliate link so you can be on my team
after you get on my team I you will get an email that will get give you access
into the Facebook group and it will give you access to all my bonus content but
just in case you don’t get in because I want to verify it you could also email
me or comment below what email that you use
sign up with her email me Rachel at Rachel Lesley dot-com so my VA s can
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lives how we want to live them

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