Builderall Tutorial 52 – How to start your blog – General configurations

all right so this is where we set up our blog before we start to edit so here’s the first paint the basic page this is.. where you choose your keywords in your blog title so your keywords would be the same as your blog title so let’s say we have on marketing okay so the marketing agency in Orlando Florida we’re gonna copy this and we’re gonna come down we’re gonna use that in our description here all right now first we have our URL now our URL could be whatever you want to be can be a subdomain of your of your website or you can link another custom domain of yours and we’ll go over that in another tutorial now the description what we’re going to do at first is we’re going to paste our keywords in our description and then what we’re gonna do is write a short description of our blog so let’s say we are you’re complete so are you complete digital marketing solution in Orlando Florida okay now also what you can do for a URL you can type your keywords in there as well now because of this URL you want to take out all special characters and all capitals as well in all spaces now if you do want to use the space you can use a dash instead and it work just the same way okay in Florida alright so we got that done now right here is where we select a status of our blog you can be active I can be inactive we have an inactive now code we’re still working on it now you here you can go to the language without portuguese english or spanish you can choose which one that’s your preference and then this is where we activate our and activate our back to top button which we’ll see here as we scroll down the bottom okay now next won’t go here to our van settings this is a space where you can put your Google Analytics code if you have one and this space is where you put your meta tags or your scripts so for example let’s say you have a picture from your blog and every time you share your blog to social media you want to show that that same picture okay there’s a Cody can use for that it’s called a meta tag and we do have the additional tutorials on that and you’ll be able to look up later in your virtual office now as far as the scripts that’s something different so for another example we have a tool called heat maps and this allows you to see where people are clicking on your page you can copy and paste that code and script here as well and we’ll go to that in another tutorial okay now in this page is where we see our appearance this is where we change the color such as the text color the background color where a blog we can also change the title color the font we can change that here we can go to the font family and we have all the fonts here you can choose from the size the weight the the the width as well and we can go ahead and change the body we can add an image to the background as well and we can also change the scroll accessories or we can have everything fixed and this is where you change the color on your back to top button you can also change the border radius and you can also change the size of it alright and that is a basic overview of the general configurations we’ll go more into editing the blog and further tutorials thank you you

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