Burgers, Fries, & Everything Nice

Good afternoon everyone Today is Saturday, October 28th, Joanday number right here, and where are we? We’re in Hongdae, at Off To. Yes, we’re gonna get lunch with Jre Justin and Christine, let’s go Hi guys Scared me. *laughs* The fact that the dressing comes in this ceramic jar. – Yeah, like we know… You know they care, yeah Wait, have you been here?
C- No, I haven’t been here before. This is the first time. You’re doing a great job You’re doing a great job sweetie. J: Is that enough? Yeah, that should be good enough. *pours like a boss* Justin just put the entire thing. Omg, look at this plate, it’s so pretty. I made this. This cafe cares. You did? I used to do ceramics. *shocked* What? C: I do ceramics too. She loves ceramic.
C: I love ceramics. J: Were you good?
C: I was pretty good. I made a teapot. Really?
C: Like on the wheel? J: Yeah on the wheel.
Justin: Did you take it as a college class? J: No, that was high school like senior class.
C: High school. Me too. J: I took that as my senior class.
C: I took that as my senior class too. I had to fill it like one elective. I didn’t take ceramics, that wasn’t available. I’m talking about college. – College? I had like one credit… – You have to pay for it. Truffle fries, we got two- two orders of it. *jamming* What Jre? He’s standing up, EatsbyJRE. Omg Christine. – We’re doing this guys? – Yes we’re all doing it except for Angela That was really good, thank you Christine *making weird sounds* *JOAN SHOOK* *more weird sounds* *breaks down* Angela come up here. *joins in* Ready? But there’s an exhibition downstairs. *Joan questioning life* We’re gonna do downstairs for the exhibition now.
– Yeah. Let’s go. Raaaawwwwrrrrrrr Exhibition, ooh I’m so excited What is this place? Ohhhhhh *gasps* Pretty. – Wow, pretty~ This is nice! Oh, Angela. How cute is this? What? She’s like, this is cute~ *laughs* I know, obviously I’m 졸려 (sleepy)~ Because of the food right?
A: And I slept at 5 But it’s just pink. He likes this Hi guys Can we get a thumbnail guys? *poses* *one more pose* *another pose* Okay we’re good. Here we are at Ader Error~
– Omg~ No, it’s like a museum.
C: I like it You’re so cute.
– Uwahhh Yesssss Enjoy y’all this is their first time Me too. We came last time So we’re gonna let them enjoy it while we look at the clothes upstairs. Yeah, so have fun guys Oh but Don’t go in there yet because we’re gonna go down there later. Okay, so anything else you guys can look at here. Yeah, but we’re gonna look at clothes. Check out these scarves, the packaging is so cute. But They changed it since the last time we got here and Christina’s out there. *body waves* They’re having a photo shoot outside Get Christine such a pro. How do I open this? *lost and confused* Oops, this way. It’s so nice I love it. Whoa cute right? Yeah, I love it The fact that this is a clothing store. Goals. *all frowning* Oh, 햇빛 (sunlight) This is cute. You like it?
C: Yeah. 왜 (Why?) Cute. Cuuuute~ Alright, let’s go downstairs for the soap. It smells so good. Cute right? 왜 (Why?) Smells so good *sniffs* *jamming* *waving* They’re the same people. *full body waves* *regrets* So cool I know right. And then that little moving supermarket Modern friendship. Modern friends- *gapes* *laughs* So JRE left us, he’s going to Namsan with Whitney and Other people Yeah, Kenny, so where are we going now? C: We’re going to find this bag, cos apparently she wants it now. I do, cos Crush was wearing it. *laughs* It’s whatever~ Where? Oh I’ve been here before J: Cute I’m gonna get it, I’m gonna get it
A: I have to wait for my paycheck check check check I’m gonna buy this bag match with Angela, but get the black version. I’ll be matching soon. It will be trio. We got our bags.
– Whoooo Christine got hers for half the price cos hers was used.
C: Yo~ Yo~ Yo~ *laughs* Oh well, it’s okay. Original~ But it’s good C: Original~ I know, it’s because of her. J: But I was convinced after Crush.
A: Yeah.
J: Yeah. We’re at ___, I used to come here all the time during the summer when I studied abroad at Yonsei. And then on the wall Yonsei sucks and then yes. I actually had a good time though. Yonsei was fun though for me, I had a good time at Yonsei.
J: I did too. Yeah, you did it too Kids who go to Yonsei are all drinking, we don’t actually ‘study’. It’s like party abroad.
Yeah. Big Bang. Yesss yessss It’s 동방신기 (TVXQ)
동방신기 (TVXQ) Oh last time I came there was alot of TVXQ I want Chipotle *cracks up* I feel sad Photo came out so good. It’s like actually a girl group Ooohhhhhh
Whoaaaaaa I look scary Yo, I look scary too
You guys are like- You guys are like Mean Girls. It’s like “you can’t sit with us” Here we are~ Here we are~ I love how they separate the 팥 (red bean) Ohhhhh But green tea, milk and… I love the 떡 (rice cake) too One for each of us~ We’re leaving nows~
Bye bye~ Yeah I’m just looking for my bus stop-
*Justin waving behind* Come in come in come in *laugh* Why? Yeah But it’s been a good day It was a good day~
Yeah Here’s to all the people who sub- tr- uhm translated today Who subs today right here
Sorry sorry Here’s to everybody who translated today Thank you
Thank you Shoutout
Whooo Woohoo
*laugh* That was such a mess Sorry~ Sorry~ 완전 (Total) mess It’s everyday bro
It’s Here’s the shoutout of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed my vlogs And I’ll see you in tomorrow’s~


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