hi everyone welcome back to my channel
if you’re new welcome my name is Christine so today I’m bringing to you
guys a casual office where look but I got a few comments on my last office
wear lookbook video that it was a little bit too casual so this time I tried to
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this outfit is a little bit more formal if you want to make a statement or make
a really great first impression or even just like a Monday outfit this top is
from Zara and it is kind of like a silky blouse it has tiny little polka dots in
it and I’m obsessed with it the skirt I picked up in Japan you can find similar
skirts like this at Uniqlo but I love the skirt I love that it’s a little bit
of a longer length and it has pockets as well the slit in the back is also very
flattering these shoes I got from a company called 2020AVE years ago and I
still I don’t know if they’re around but I will link down below similar options I
just find that the shoes kind of lengthen my legs because the skirt is
kind of a longer length so I don’t want to wear shoes that kind of make my legs
look choppy is whenever I wear something this length I like to have a lace-up
shoe and I also love that these have a pointed toe as well this outfit is
really chic put together and sophisticated and then if it’s a little
bit colder I like layering a cardigan this cardigan is from Zara I think they
make like the best cardigans ever it’s so soft and affordable I feel like
layered on top kind of a little bit more casual and comfortable
but it still is really work appropriate so I love the way that this outfit looks
together next we have this sweater it’s a really thin almost t-shirt sweater
it’s from a ritzy yeah it’s from a brand called babbitt on i got it in a size
extra small but i paired it with the same skirt and lace-up shoes that we
were earlier but i just think this is more of a casual option if you don’t
want to go all out with the button-up blouse my next outfit is this black and
olive combo i love pairing black with olive and this top is from a brand
called project 925 they are an la-based female founded company and I’m obsessed
with their pieces I think they have really high quality work wear stuff the
top is really pretty and I love how the sleeves kind of have like a feminine
detail and then these pants fit me great they’re really soft and really
comfortable but they are a little bit big around the waist so I just have the
skinny belt from Zara to kind of tie everything in and then I wanted the
proportions to work right so I also tuck the top into the bottoms as well and
then for the shoes I have these shoes from Madewell
us have seen these in so many of my other office wear look books I’m
obsessed with these I feel like these really help lengthen up the outfit and
kind of bring the outfit up a notch so it’s not super casual I love how all the
proportions look together my legs just looks super long and I look really
professional my necks out Freya I am obsessed with
these pants but this top is also really really
striking this top is from Zara I bought it I think two seasons ago and these
striped pants are also from Project 95 I’m obsessed with them I love the way
that they look they remind me a lot of these pants that we had at RIT SIA and
they have a little bit of an elastic in the back so these fit me really great
these are drsa flats from Target I’ve had these were so long and I used to
have black ones as well that I completely wore down had to toss
especially when I’m wearing all black and white outfits I really like to pair
a nude shoe with it so I love the way that all this looks together my legs
look really long and all the proportions fit really great this next outfit we paired this kind of
muscle tank from every lane I styled this in a casual look book recently and
I’m still obsessed with this tee I love how opaque it is so these pants are the
conan pants even though the Kohan or the conan i forgot but they’re from a ritzy
a– if you guys haven’t seen yet i just did a video on my favorites from maritza
and I am obsessed with these pants they are so comfortable and I feel like they
can kind of take a plane outfit up a notch and I paired it with these shoes
that I got from Target you guys have seen these in so many look books but I
am obsessed with these clip-on loafers there’s just so many different ways that
you can wear them so I will link similar options down below and then I paired it
with this hmmm blazer that I got a couple months ago I’m obsessed with that
I love the way how it just helps pull together the outfit really nicely this
blazer is also really soft and comfortable and I just love how
structured it is but this outfit is just really put together and professional but
you don’t look like you’re trying too hard for this next outfit is super put
together I feel like I’m the boss when I wear an outfit like this this top is
also from Project nine to five it is one piece but it looks like there’s two
different shirts layered underneath it I’m obsessed with this it
is so comfortable and the white piping on it is just so flattering it is a
little bit of a longer length which I actually like because you can pair it
with so many different pairs of pants today I paired it with these babbit on
Cowen’s from Orencia I love these pants I mentioned them in my favorites video
the length of these pants are perfect they’re so comfortable and they just
look like a really expensive pant then I paired it with these target flats that I
wore earlier like I said when I wearing all black and white outfit I think it’s
really fun to throw in a nude pair of shoes and everything together just looks
really really refined you look very expensive and you are here on business
so I am obsessed with this outfit so anyways that is the end of the lookbook
I hope you guys enjoyed those looks let me know down below what your favorite
look is if you guys like more formal business looks like this I am planning
to do a styling video I’m like how to style leather leggings from would you
guys rather see like going out lookbook or a summer lookbook let me know down
below I recently just filmed a chatty get ready with me so I kind of updated
you guys on how it is living in LA how Brenda and I are settling in how I’m
making friends so that was kind of just like a fun chill get ready with me video
I haven’t done wear those in a really long time so make sure you check that
video out if you haven’t already and anyways thank you guys so much for
watching I hope you enjoyed make sure you give the video a thumbs up and let
me know down in the comments what type of styling videos you would like to see
next for me and thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next
time bye guys sleeves make me feel like I should be England with my cup of tea
and cookies I just feel like I need to be doing this all the time


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