Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019)

Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) This is Mark Z of Empire digital resources and the nuclear inbox make money online channel I turned off my camera because I don’t think a lot of you just want to watch me my cutoff shirt, but That’s what I do So actually I’ll cut my camera off for just a second here just so you can see that I am a real person this Wrong one. There we go. There I am. It is summertime in st. Louis. I like to wear the black cutoff shirt It’s not my story. Okay. Well, maybe it is my story. Maybe this is the way that I’ve Chosen to appear in public. Well not actually in public because I’m actually in private So anyways enough of that. I don’t want to have my Face up here all the time, but Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) I guess we’ll just go ahead and leave it up there for now You don’t want to flip back and forth and waste a lot of your time. So let’s get straight into this Little training snippet now out here today. You see a lot of people Talking about A buyer’s list and some of you know how to build one others do not know how to build one so we’re gonna go ahead and I’m gonna walk you through one that I’ve built recently as in within the last hour and This is how I do my buyers list now some of the components of this buyers list have been around so I’ve done this before and Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) Didn’t have a lot of success with it I’ll be quite honest with you, but it does seem to be the way to actually get buyers on your list now I’ve done solo ads which yeah, most of those people just don’t buy half the time I Haven’t using another method right now. That seems to be working really really well. It was a course a bout a month ago that I picked up two brothers put out the code, of course the Rhodes brothers and probably know who they are and In fact Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) It’s a very good course. I don’t remember if I even applied to be an affiliate or not But I did I’ll include the information below. I do apologize for that but so with the buyers list, you need to have something to sell and You bring them in with the front end. That’s really low And I do that with a course. I put out Oh a little bit ago How to make money on YouTube without having a monetize channel and there are ways to do it and I’m surprised more people don’t actually do it, but there are ways to do it so Interestingly enough. I had to update the course because I was fortunate enough to get another monetized channel Recently one of my channels. I went back through the review process of on YouTube and I got another monetize channel and What happened is I actually ended up using that channel to sort of Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) Test this theory and it does work. So it’s great. Anyways, let’s get straight into this course This would be a really quick crash course on How to build a buyer’s list now this is add a messenger bot list This is a strictly email list email is still around don’t look do you naysayers at all? Even those never know the email is gonna be around for a long time First things first, you’ll need an a weber account. Okay, I Have an a weber account right here. And the first thing you’ll do and you’ll have an a weber account This is the document that’s going to be below in the video Scroll down to the document. What do I have? Right here. So there’s some things we’re gonna need you need a weber account It’s very very highly recommended that you go ahead and purchase traffic victory If you do not know how to set up a wordpress site properly I’ve seen a lot of click throughs of traffic victory and people are like probably they’re not buying it I think it’s in its full price right now Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) But I highly highly suggest you get traffic victory because this will tell you how to set up a wordpress site correctly Believe me WordPress is very easy to set up most of the hosting services out there. It’s one click button. That’s installed Easy peasy, but if you set it up Inc incorrectly guess what nobody’s ever check out your site because it’ll be slow as dirt As well as not secure Trust me that there’s stuff on this video that tells you how to protect your site and in fact if I had known about this I could tell you right now that somebody’s trying to do their try brute force and get into my site every day Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) pretty well protected passwords, you know, it would take 580 million years to brute force the past what I have So I think what happened was read quite honest as I put out a lot of these little mini training videos And I think my login was up one time and they’re trying to break my site. Whatever They won’t get in. I’m pretty confident The security measures that are deployed will keep them out and even they got in there’s nothing really there There’s a bunch of blog posts pages which is why you want to have this up because you don’t need to have a clickfunnels It is a nice system. I’ve used clickfunnels before but you can build a basic funnel. You can do all this So you need a weber? Right, you can use get response. I had a problem to get response and I don’t use it anymore I don’t promote them at all, but If you don’t have a weber get a weber Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) You want to definitely get traffic victory then you want to get a hosting account? One of the best ones out there today in the world is psych round All three of these links are right down here If you want to know about youtube training definitely get Jordans complete youtube training from class The master class is only like $20 more than the basic and the master tells you a lot More so I’m just going to suggest those links, but let’s get back into the training of this so What’s your a weber? What you do is you make a simple sign up for me and you don’t even need to host it That’s the beauty of this. Okay? So the signup form is right here the one I mean, all right back in the sign up form Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) There we go, I always get the standard one just collect email I thought you got to do I’m not gonna really go through this really I’m gonna go if there’s really quick and so basically you’ll send to a Custom page now this custom page. There’s another thing I’ve got to bring out Let me do that right now. I Use quick magic and you should always use sort of click tracking servers. You can see any discrepancies in your links and stuff so click magic really easy you Just come in here and boom bang Done, you know you set it up One you need click. It’s fighting me So click badger is really cool because I’m testing you go ahead and clear that out so clear my IP address out of there Alright so You set up click magic. I’m not gonna go and go all this click magic stuff. I do need to in my document I’ll put down an affiliate link down there which was clicking sighs because it may have a a little bit of money for whatever so You don’t even need to use warrior plus. Okay, these other courses out. There’s they use warrior plus to do this You don’t need to use worth less. Thank you. Don’t like where Plus don’t use them at all But you will need a PayPal account Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) Or some sort of account where you can collect money online such as stripe account. I have a stripe account also PayPal I like it’s easy. They can’t charge you like three percent. Whatever Not really a hundred percent worried about all bad It just PayPal has been around while stripe has been around any of those like has been around a while and they’re easy to get your money from then you’ll want to use that so This is actually a click magic link remember that’s why we would the click magic. This is a click magic link and it’s going to Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) Send a person to that link step 3 so at this point in time You just grab this all you need that’s a self-hosted form on a Weber of it. I mean Once you do your little sales pitch, which I’m gonna show you in a second You’re taking them here. Ok They fill out their email address and from here. They’re going to go to that PayPal link to pay you money That’s the whole point of this, right? Anyway, so here is my little spiel how to make remixes on there monetize YouTube videos I go through and sell it You know, I tell them what’s going on here and they say hey the rest this information is not free, you know, click that PayPal $2 and You know, I tell me it’s so simple what you do what you want it again And you kind of make sure you try to get that click. That’s all you’re trying to do. So they’ll purchase your product which is Delivered Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) So so what happens is they go here they saw the form they come here They come to your PayPal than eighty two dollars and from PayPal then I see my PayPal is you send them directly to that form? It’s like drop shipping in a way. You’re not touching anything at this point So let’s go into PayPal real quick if you’ve never done this before This is probably the part you really want to know about how to do this So you want to come in to tools? And go to all tools and then you’ll get a menu like this and you will say integrate PayPal And you’ll come over here to PayPal buttons and you’ll say open alright Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) Now I have a bunch of saved buttons you if you haven’t used PayPal to do this before you will not have to start over It’s pretty much the same thing by the time of save buttons in here You see that comes up here so in my save buttons what you’re gonna see is I have these Buttons right here. So this is my first my $2.00 It’s two dollars to get the documents associated with this. Alright great, so when they buy when they buy the product two dollars They pay a paypal, right? They’re gonna be taking inside of PayPal I can’t really edit this button right now because if you guys would get stuff for free, um and that’s bad on me inside of PayPal what’s gonna happen now is they’re going to go to The other document that tells them how to do this like a seven page cheat sheet I wrote up okay now When they are successful, we’ll go there But let’s say they cancel on saying you know Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) I got two dollars, then you try to get them on the five dollar upsell, which is right here Okay and that $5.00 up so is just it’s a PLR for the Marketing blueprint now within this you kind of got a back and forth little funnel here So like if they say no to that and it’s kind of click off they’re gonna end up Here if you go to a seven dollar upsell. Alright, so How do you dress the? Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) Gift in those five dollars. Well within the document that they purchased for two This will be linked at the top as hey if you want to know more about affiliate marketing Here’s a blueprint document only five dollars. All right Same goes for once they get that into that document They’re going to also have an upsell to here which is going to take or to here It’s going to take them to here so And if they say cancel on here, they go here. They say cancel on here. They go here. They’re kind of Close the tab at that point. So there it is This is how you start your buyers list two bucks If they can’t afford two bucks that are probably not worth your time to have on your list, right? Um, that is about it. I’m going to make sure I look to see if I have an affiliate link for That method that I’m using currently to kind of build out a list that’s pretty responsive actually I’ve sent them all kinds of stuff just to see if they would respond how they would respond and I’m getting like a twenty to thirty percent open rate and I click rates are starting to go up now So that’s all good. Anyways, that’s how you build a buyer’s list. If you have any questions drop me a line Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019) You know shoot me a comment below would be better and that’s it I hope you enjoyed this video Really It’s pretty simple to build a buyer’s list. Now if you can execute it and actually start getting buyers on that’s even better Alright, then. Peace out Buyers List [Affiliate Marketing] Step By Step (2019)

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