Cajun Shrimp Boil in the Ninja Foodi

hi there and welcome to the salted
pepper where we cook for real life using real food and we keep it real simple and
today we are gonna make the easiest cajun shrimp oil ever and today I’m
gonna do things just a little bit differently
I’m gonna use my 8 quart ninja foodie now don’t worry about it though you can
make this in the six and a half quart without any problems I have done it
before but I wanted to try to make bread to go
with our dinner at the same time so we’re gonna do that together and I
needed the extra room in the 8 quart to be able to fit the bread pan on top
well at least I’m hoping it will fit so we’ll find out real soon all right so to
make a shrimp boil it’s basically a dump and pressure cook type of thing so what
I have here are some ingredients I have some andouille sausage this is about 14
ounces and I have just cut them in two halves so lengthwise so I just took a
knife and just cut them in half and I just think that makes them look pretty
you could leave them whole you cut them in chunks however you want to do it no
problems whatsoever usually I use two onions but guess what I only had one
today and that’s the beauty of a dish like this 1 onion 2 onions 3 onions
doesn’t matter so I’ve quartered up one Vidalia onion
and I’ve got a seasoning blend here that I’m not gonna go over the exact
measurements because I can’t remember but I will link to the written recipe
below so just click the see more and it will open up in the YouTube video and it
will show you the link to the recipe so you get the exact amount of each of the
seasonings that I’m using what I am using though is mustard seed cumin seed
coarse sea salt some bay leaves and some black peppercorns the reason why I want
to try to keep these spices whole is just because I think that that’s more
traditional way when you’re steaming shrimp I don’t want a lot of powder in
there so I’m going to use whole spices and in fact I almost always use a fine
grind sea salt but this time I am using coarse sea salt so the granules are just
a little bit bigger than then a fine grind ok so let’s get started with
dumping in ingredients and then I’ll kind of explain the rest of them as week
so the first thing I’m gonna put in is my onion I’m gonna put that down at the
bottom and then I’m gonna save my zucchini for a little bit later I’m
gonna cut up my potatoes in just a second but I wanted to get out the corn
so I have three ears of corn and I left the husk on and I did that on purpose
now you could take the husk off it’s no problem but the reason why I did it this
way is because normally when you serve a shrimp boil or a crab boil you usually
are gonna like dump it out on a big platter or on you know newspaper or you
know any kind of a surface that’s covered in you know something paper
whatever it is and so I wanted to keep the corn warm while you wait for your
friends to gather around and fix their plates and the husks do that so I
wanted to keep them in the husk but again you can take them out of the husk
no problems the other reason why I like cooking corn in the husk is because it
makes it so easy to peel that silk off those little strands so it makes it
super easy all right so I’m gonna just put these in the bottom of the ninja
foodie all right so the next thing I’m gonna put in is my potatoes now I would
usually use like 6 potatoes that are about this size but I had two big ones
that I wanted to use up so it’s no big deal we’re just gonna make sure we cut
them in the same size so for these I’m gonna take them and I’m gonna quarter
these now you want to keep your chunks fairly large because even though we’re
only gonna go under pressure for two minutes which seems like oh that’s no
time at all the pot it’s gonna be really full so it’s gonna take a while to come
to pressure and that time to pressure is cook time so we want to keep our chunks
on the large side so that they don’t overcook so I’m just gonna finish
cutting these up and these littler ones I’m just gonna cut them in half
and that way the sizes are about the same I’m trying to put the potatoes and
everything kind of around the edge in the center I want to have some room
because remember I want to try to make that bread at the same time that’ll be
so cool own it okay now I’m gonna go ahead and get my chicken stock in and my
seasoning blend so I’m gonna go ahead and just pour that in this is two cups
of chicken stock you could use water as well or a vegetable stock or I don’t
think these stock would be that great but if you wanted to use it you
certainly could and I’m gonna take one jalapeno pepper seeds and all but again
this is optional you don’t need to do it I’m not even gonna worry about chopping
it up I’m just gonna take the end off cut it in half and throw it in let’s see
what else seasoning blend so let’s get that
sprinkled in there perfect one bulb of garlic and this was kind of a small bulb
of garlic so I might have like eight or nine cloves here and alls I did was
remove the paper and smash them a little bit and in fact if you’re not gonna eat
the garlic you don’t even have to remove the paper you could just throw them in
there still gonna infuse that flavor into your boil now last couple of
ingredients we’re gonna put in is the andouille sausage I’m just gonna dump
that right on top there and again I’m moving things around so that I have a
little bit of room for this bread that I hope gets I hope we can get it done now
I’m gonna add in a couple of these little dried peppers and I did this in
the ninja foodi so I have a lot of pepper plants outside so when they were
you know ready to be picked obviously I can’t use that many of them
I went ahead and use the dehydration function and dehydrated them so now I
can use them you know all throughout the winter all right we’ve got about four
sprigs of thyme I’m just gonna throw that in right on top no need to take the
leaves off at all and I’m gonna take a lemon and I’m just gonna add that on top
now you want to add your lemon top and I’m gonna tell you about because
if you put it at the bottom what happens as the water’s boiling is it releases
the bitterness from the rind of the lemon so we want to make sure it’s on
top so it’s just kind of gently steaming and not boiling away or you will taste
some bitterness in the sauce and I don’t know if it would transfer to the food
necessarily but in the liquid it would be pretty bitter and so we don’t want
that or maybe it might transfer to the corn I’m not sure just put it on top and
it will be fine all right so now let’s get the last few ingredients in and
we’re gonna use some shrimp here which I have frozen because I want to make sure
that they don’t overcook in the two minutes of cooking time so get out pull
my shrimp up here that are frozen and I’m gonna add a little bit of water to
them just a little bit just about 3/4 of a cup and just gonna kind of sprinkle it
around and I didn’t want to use it all and then I’ve got my shrimp seasoning so
I’m gonna go ahead and mix this up a little bit and again I’m not gonna put
out the exact measurements but I will have them in the written description
some mustard seed cumin salt fine grind this time pepper a little bit of smoked
pepper again a little bit of garlic and that’s garlic powder not salt and these
are large shrimp they’re 35 to 44 pound and they are they’re already deveined but
they have the shell on and the tail on you can put in raw shrimp but if you do
definitely don’t put them in at this point so if they’re not frozen and they
don’t have the shell on them don’t do it at this point what you’re gonna do is
after the two minutes of pressure cooking is up then you’re gonna put them
in over top and just either close the lid or do a little steam action for a
few minutes until they get completely steamed because otherwise they’re just
gonna overcook all right so now I’m gonna put my shrimp in here I’m not
gonna grab the extra water I just wanted that to kind of coat the shrimp a little
bit so that the seasonings as to it now I’m trying to go around the
edge now this is one big blob that I’ll see if we can get that in okay because I
really want to put that bread pan on top and I’m hoping I have room so I want to
try to keep the center open now if i pressure cook the bread it’s not gonna
brown up but that’s okay because afterwards we can always just put the
tender crisp lid down uncover it and go ahead and brown up the top of the bread
and I’m cheating this time guys I’m using already made store-bought bread I
didn’t make my own it’s unusual for me but I figure this would be a quick a
quick way to go about it if you didn’t want to make your own bread alright so
that’s it again I’m not gonna put the liquid it you could it’s not gonna hurt
anything but the more liquid in the pot the longer it’s gonna take to come to
pressure alright so I have to I also have a zucchini that I’m gonna get in if
I can but the zucchini is not as important to me is as the bread is so
I’m gonna go ahead and see now I think this is gonna be a little bit too big
this is an 8 inch fat daddy oh can i mmm probably just a little bit too big now
you can go above the pot when you go under pressure but I think that’s gonna
be too big so let’s stick with the smaller one that way I can make a little
bit more room in the center and it can nestle down in there a little bit more
again this is completely optional alright I think that’ll be good so what
I have here is just a French bread from Pillsbury that you get in the
refrigerated section of your grocery store and I’m gonna open that up and I’m
gonna make little rolls with it I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to use the
whole loaf and make 6 little rolls paper here and then give it a little I always
I always hate this I don’t know why that scares me but it does
all right so let’s take this out but I’ve just dumped it right here oh it
smells good perfect all right so let’s see I want to take
off about maybe two inches I’m just gonna pinch it off then I’m gonna do I’m
gonna play with it a little bit and I’m gonna do what we do whoops and I’m gonna
I’m gonna do what we do when I make my homemade rolls so I’m just gonna stretch
it out into a little disc and then I’m gonna pop it through and twist it off
that way you’ve got a nice little round there that can go right in here
and that looks like it’s a perfect size because it’s giving enough room when it
starts to rise let me get all these in you can but them right up against each
other that’s not gonna be any problem and we’re gonna of course go under
pressure and hopefully they’ll cook in the two minute pressure cook time which
I think they will because it’s gonna take a little while to come up to
pressure I would say probably 15 to 20 minutes is what I’m gonna guess and when
I made this recipe before because I made it on tasty Tuesday as a as a test run
and if you haven’t checked that out I will link to my facebook group simply
cooking with Louise below in the video description you can certainly come on
over to Facebook and join that group I cook live every other Tuesday and it’s a
lot of fun so during that live cooking demo for the occasion shrimp boil I use
4 cups of chicken stock and today we’re gonna use 2 because it took a really
long time to come to pressure and I’m hoping decreasing to two cups is going
to speed that process up all right so they’re about the same size not exact
but about all right perfect okay so if this works out this is gonna
be super cool now we do need to cover it because we have to prevent it from
getting water in there so you could use um any kind of a covering I’m gonna use
foil this time although I do have I do have these silicone lids that I love
to use but because I’m looking at you know the room that I have in here I’m
thinking if I put the silicone on I’m thinking it’s just gonna the
term is gonna prevent it from really sealing and you really want this to be
sealed so I’m gonna go ahead and a little bit and wrap it around and I’m
gonna wrap it around the underside pretty tightly now let’s nestle this in the one thing
when you’re adding in any kind of container that’s gonna sort of sit a
little bit above the pot because because of the shape of the pressure lid you can
get away with going a little bit higher than the pot edge but make sure it’s to
the front not to the back so it doesn’t interfere with the sealing okay alright
it looks like we could probably get the zucchini in now the zucchini when I did
this for tasty Tuesday I cut them in large wheels and they ended up
overcooking a little bit so I’m not gonna do that I’m gonna try I won’t be
able to fit it in hole I don’t think so I’m trying to think of how let me see if
I can make it let me try it if I can do it in half let’s say I get one in there
you know what that’s gonna work out fine alright everything is in and now we can
get our pressure lid on and set the pressure to two minutes line up your
arrows go ahead and make sure it’s on seal in the back that’s very important
turn the ninja foody on go to pressure high is what we want and we’re gonna go
to two minutes and hit the start button now again
I’m expecting this to take 15 to 20 minutes to come up to pressure I did
decrease the liquid to two cups versus four cups that I did in the tasty
Tuesday demo because it took forever to come to pressure so hoping that that’s
gonna help but it’s still going to take some time so be patient with it and
meanwhile we will make up some Cajun butter so to make cajun butter it’s
super easy you want to get a bowl one stick or
two sticks just depending on how much you want to make of salted butter I
don’t have salt in the seasoning mix so if you’re not using salted butter you
might add just you know maybe a quarter teaspoon or so of salt to this so we’re
gonna open up the butter don’t let this come to room temperature
for about an hour or so and we’re gonna put it right into the bowl here and then
I have my seasoning blend and I again can’t remember the exact amount because
they used quite a few seasonings here so I’m not gonna go over that but it will
be in the description and or it will be in the recipe for short so well what I
have here is some brown sugar very little bit that’s just to kind of
balance out the heat I’ve got a little bit of smoked paprika a little bit of
cumin a little bit of onion powder a little bit of garlic powder and a tiny
bit of chipotle powder which is optional if you don’t want to kick you certainly
don’t have to use it but I happen to love it so I’m gonna go ahead and stir
this up a little bit just to get everything incorporated now you can
start out with half of this amount if you wanted to just to see how it blends
in with the butter so it doesn’t become you know too overpowering for you but I
happen to love a really well seasoned butter and it’s gonna taste delicious on
our rolls and it’s also gonna taste delicious over our corn and the shrimp I
could melt it and dip the shrimp in oh it’s gonna be so good just breaking up some of that brown
sugar it’s been sitting here so it’s got a little bit clunky but that’s okay
all right so let’s start out just add in half of it then you could use a spoon or
spatula or anything just to kind of incorporate it all in I’m using my scoop
and spread which I’ve just love I use it all the time mmm that smells so good I wish I had a piece of bread here to
taste it now I could just tell by the way it looks that I can add in the whole
amount but if you wanted to give it a try without putting in the other half
please do if you wanted to skip this all together
you certainly can you don’t need Cajun butter but with occasion shrimp oil it
sure is delicious Wow the smell is just mmm out-of-this-world
oh my gosh it’s so good so guess what we just made we just made a compound butter
so when you hear people say oh and I’m gonna serve it with a compound butter
that’s all it is mix in some ingredients into a stick of butter and you’re good
to go you have made a compound of butter so now we’ve made Asian compound butter
and it’s gonna be delicious with our shrimp boil so now we just have to wait
for the ninja foodie to do its thing and I’m starting to hear it working down
there so I’m thinking maybe another 15 minutes before we come to pressure then
we’ll go under pressure for two and we will do an immediate release and we’ll
see what happened with that bread and the rest of our dinner alright so we just finished the two
minutes of pressure cooking now it did take probably about 20 minutes to come
up to pressure 15 to 20 minutes to come up to pressure for the red button to pop
up and then it took an additional like five minutes or so to actually start the
countdown so just keep that in mind don’t worry about that it does take a
little bit of time because it is a super full pot immediately release the
pressure alright the smell in here is amazing
right now you can see it took quite a bit of time
for all the pressure to release that is to be expected it’s again a super or
full pot so there was a lot of steam to be released now the red button has to
pressed so we can go ahead and open up the lid make sure you do this away from
you there we go perfect actually let me move this for a second make sure you
have some good gloves on when you reach in here or use tongs but for now I’m
just gonna lift that bread out so to make sure that my fingers are protected
from the steam and everything okay you know what I don’t like working on this
rack I have dropped things so many times slips off I’m gonna put this on hold for
a second oh the moment of truth the moment of truth did this work
now I know we’re gonna have to it’s really tight down there
I know we’re gonna have to go and broil it a little bit but I’m gonna brush it
with some of the occasion butter I think and put it back in
I can also I’m looking over there at the shrimp and you know they’re probably
gonna be okay but they look like they might have overcooked just a little bit
all right these did work they did work now will they be good I don’t know yet
so we’ll find that out in just a minute but they they look pretty good
so let’s say so let’s go ahead and brush them with a little bit of this occasion
butter all over the top yummy oh my gosh they did cook and they rose up a little
bit not a whole lot so they might be a little dense but we’ll find out all right that looks perfect
so now let me set this over to the side just so we can get out our dinner and
then we’ll throw in the rack and we’ll broil those up all right so let me bring
this up here and get some tongs and let’s see what we have here so we’ve got
our zucchini so we’re just gonna put that up like that now that feels pretty
good so it didn’t really fall apart it split a little bit it’s soft I’ve got
some shrimp cling in there that’s fine and you know what let’s go ahead well
actually it’s pretty hot oh hold on to that I’ll taste that in just a minute
we’ve got our sausage which looks great I’m gonna put this lemon to the side
here and our potato that seems good so let’s get this shrimp out kind of pile
it all up now you could always just pile it up on you know like I said newspapers
or something but I’m gonna use this little container this little dish here
to put them in that hot pepper I’m gonna take that out now so nobody accidentally
grabs that because that would be super hot this is looking great though I mean
I I’m a little concerned about the shrimpy and a little overcooked so what
you can do if you want to not have that happen at all you can put them in like
right after you release the pressure throw the shrimp
and either close the lid and let them just steam in you know what the
remaining steam that’s in there or you can even put the steam function on and
do that for about three to four minutes and they’ll steam up that’s what I did
when I tested the recipe during tasty Tuesday but this time I thought you know
what it’s this is supposed to be a dump and go so I wanted to just dump
everything in and we’ll see how they taste it might be fine this looks
beautiful though I mean absolutely beautiful okay let’s get out that corn and you know what I’m not really using
the right tool here so I’m gonna grab something else that’s gonna make this a
lot quicker and it’s called this scoop and drain and I’ll show it to you in
just one second the scoop and drain okay another pampered chef product that I
happen to love because you scoop things out and you can drain the juice makes it
super easy and a lot quicker than tongs especially when you’ve got a bunch of
different things in here like I do all right
just gonna pile this on I’m not gonna worry about dumping the liquid if you
wanted to you could dump the liquid over top of your shrimp oil or you could you
could dump it now but I’m gonna go ahead and just leave it in even though that
will create some steam when I’m broiling the rolls on top it’s not gonna matter
enough for me to worry about it this looks so good it smells amazing what an
easy easy dinner and this would easily feed six to eight people for sure all
right that looks good last little shrimp out of there all right it’s perfect
perfect now this is a little hot but I’m gonna go ahead and move this here and
we’re gonna get that rack get our pan here just put it yep let’s put it down
like this even though I’m going under broil I’m gonna go ahead and put it down
like that now that rack is actually for the six and a half quart so it’s it’s a
little lower but okay all right so we’re gonna go broil
ten minutes and let’s see what happens with that bread meanwhile let’s see what
the shrimp is like actually you know what I think it’s fine
oh my goodness Wow
okay skip everything I said about it being overcooked because it’s like
butter oh my goodness hands down that’s the best shrimp I’ve
ever had in my life I could not wait for my husband Jeff to
try this because he’s not a huge fan of shrimp but I’ll guarantee he’s gonna
love this Wow amazing flavors are really good too I can’t stop eating them
alright so we’re just gonna broil that just for a few minutes and I’m gonna go
ahead and plate up the rest mmm of my cajun shrimp oil and I’m gonna use paper
plates I don’t often use paper plates but I’m gonna use paper plates because
that’s the kind of meal it is right all right so let me take a potato an
andouille sausage piece of corn here that’s awful big one I think I could use
a little or one piece of corn what else do we have
oh okay so the zucchini I’m gonna have to cut that I certainly wouldn’t eat
that whole thing so let me grab a knife here oh the textures nice oh wow oh this just
screams summer meal to me oh I’m so excited little onion I love onion I’m
like looking around did I forget something I think that’s I think that’s
all that we put in there right potatoes and onions and there’s some garlic in
there I’m not gonna worry about that I know what garlic tastes like
so yeah so I think we’re good so let’s just wait for our rolls to just brown up
a little bit and then I’ll get this this will cool down just a little bit not be
able to handle it and remove the husk we’ll put on some Cajun butter and we’ll
get to taste it oops you caught me another one I can’t stop these shrimp
are so good it’s unbelievable all right let’s check on the bread all right so
I’m seeing some of them in the back here getting pretty brown and the ones in the
front not as much and not sure why that’s kind of odd but I think they’re
ready to come out anyway so let’s go ahead and take them out I’m just gonna
grab the pan here close it back up and turn that into fruity off cuz we are
done all right now let’s see if I can get one of these out easily take my fork
here oh my gosh the top is nice and crunchy now I can’t touch the pan though
cuz it’s hot smells really good stuck to the bottom just a little bit
anyway look at that we made bread with our Cajun shrimp oil so I’m super
excited to give it a try so let’s husk this corn
and if it worked out right all of the silk will just come right off with that
husk and it looks like it is these probably aren’t the best ears of corn so
hopefully where you are you can find a little bit better ears of corn it’s
funny because we have cornfields everywhere you go but finding corn in
the grocery stores is difficult seems funny and we grew our own corn to
but you didn’t really do that well so that’ll be another thing for next year
I’ll learn how to make corn better so basically almost all the silk just came
right off so that’s good and that’s one of the advantages to doing it in the
husk alright so let’s get some of this Cajun butter brushed on I’m gonna brush
a little bit on the corn oh gosh it smells amazing brush a little bit on the
potato mmm Oh what the hey a little bit on there and then save a little bit let
me go ahead and cut this roll open well it’s a little dense on the inside see
what it tastes like I might not do that again but I say let’s give it a taste good Wow it’s not super light and fluffy
when I made my own homemade bread it um it was a lot fluffier and you know what
I didn’t read the instructions on that package cuz I don’t ever really make
package bread products maybe I was supposed to let it rise first that could
have been the problem I’ll have to check on that I’m sure what do you guys know
you can leave me a comment let me know that could have been my mistake alright
let’s go ahead and taste the andouille sausage mm very good
mm hmm I love andouille sausage now let’s see if the potato picked up some
of the seasoning it’s cooked perfectly so I’m really happy with that in my test
recipe it overcooked a little bit so I like using the two cups of chicken stock
versus the four I think that’s what did it came up to pressure a little bit
faster too that’s good
very good hmm YUM so I’m loving the texture of the
zucchini it is not that mushy so it’s cooked perfectly but it’s not like super
super soft mmm hmm very good
all right I love onions mm-hmm oh that’s delicious all right
guys I’ve already tried the shrimp you know that’s perfect so let’s do one last
thing and then we’ll know it was this a total success
which I think it’s going to be mm-hmm oh my gosh don’t skip this Cajun butter it
is absolutely perfect mmm all right this one is a home run for
sure super easy to do it’s gonna feed the whole family if you don’t have the 8
quart don’t worry you can do the same meal in the six and a half quart just
skip the bread I want to thank you so much whether you’re a Youtube subscriber
or a part of ninja foodie 101 on Facebook or ninja foodie fresh and
healthy or you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest or wherever you follow me
thank you so much from the bottom of my heart your support is amazing and I
appreciate it so much if you haven’t subscribed yet and you’re interested you
can do that right over there

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