Can ABA Fix The Problem?

– What’s up guys? Welcome to the vlog. Starting off in the afternoon. We’re in a hurry, had to
leave the house early. So Isaiah’s headed to
the doctor right now. He’s not feeling awesome. He’s got some issues going on in the side of head vicinity. That has been slowing
traffic for days now. – Yeah. – [Asa] We’re gonna have
to go a different route. This is holding us up, can’t be late. Get out of the road machine. Sick boy. – I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Can you put that? – I had to leave Isaiah and Priscilla at the doctors to come get Abbie, ’cause her school is out, they are done for the day. Isaiah actually has early
release on Wednesdays. One Wednesday a month they do that and they started a new
program where they’re doing mental health Wednesdays,
wellness Wednesdays, but they talk about mental
health and stuff like that. It’s a really good program. It’s actually state
mandated and this is the way that Duvall County, our county is implementing it in schools. So the teachers have like a video that they show and a script that they basically read and talk about, you know certain talking points, different aspects of mental health. They can answer questions or they can direct a student to speak
with one of the counselors at the school or within the district because they do have that
available to them as well. It’s pretty cool, we learned
about that yesterday. Yeah, picking up Ab. I’m waiting on results
from the doctor on Isaiah to find out what’s going on, what’s going on with his ears. He’s got some serious pain going on. Enough pain for him to like text us during the school day and say he needed to go to the doctor and the boy hate the doctor, so. Hey, Miss Thing. Hi. Did you have a great day? Your teacher said you did. Said you’re doing the token economy and you’re doing really, really good. So the token economy is basically they earn quarters by
doing a job, like a job. We all live in a token economy. If you have a job, you
live in a token economy. As they earn quarters and
they can use those quarters to buy treats. I asked her if she’s
grasping the concept of it and she said that she absolutely is, so that’s awesome, which makes sense because you know, she’s done this before, a token-type system modeled for learning based on behaviors and other things, so. So, the token economy is not new to her. It’s just the tokens that
are being used are new, you know, with it being actual money. Don’t pull out that
far, ’cause I can’t see. You see that’s how that works. Maximum prompting with the backpack today. Ab, I’m gonna help you out okay. (Abbie communicating) You are successful. Remember, it’s the goal. Here you go, you forgot some stuff. (Abbie communicating) Is that, your emoji
shirt matches your mood. Can you give Mama a kiss? – What, you’re supposed to be happy, hi. (Abbie laughing) – [Asa] Okay, go put your stuff up. (Abbie communicating) – Hey, and bathroom after that. Brandy’s here, fortunately,
’cause we’re gonna talk to her about what we
talked to you guys about. We told her about
yesterday’s vlog and trying to get this fixed. I’m not gonna have her
sit through the whole video, though, ’cause
it was like 11 minutes of figuring everything out. So, we’ll update you on
what Brandy has to say. Okay, we have a plan. Brandy got us set straight. Because Abigail’s– – It’s like she needs her own state bucks. – That’s right. Because Abigail’s having an issue with coming home, as well, like once she understands like what road we’re on, when we turn on that road
she starts to get upset and you know all these things and Brandy believes it’s the backpack, that whole scenario like leading up to it. It’s not a desirable
situation for her to come home to reinforce her is basically the backpack for her to come home to. Right, that’s the result of it and, you know, that whole process and how upset it’s making her. So, we’re skipping the backpack for now. – We’re like giving it a weekend to see if that helps her frustration. – Just like Priscilla or
I will grab the backpack, come inside, Abbie, you know she puts her shoes on anyways, so
she’ll take her shoes off when she gets in here. She’ll go to the bathroom and that’s it. And then she’s like,
you know, that way it’s a more positive experience
coming in the door, less getting upset on the way home, see how that works out
and then we’ll slowly add things back. – Yeah, so that’s what we did. I think I was the beginning of last school year if I’m not mistaken, she did the same thing whenever she saw me or the other therapist
pull up to the house. It was the same thing, it was a big tantrum because she knew extra demands
were about to be placed. So we took a week or two of just coming in and like hanging and doing
her preferred things, not doing any demands with her and after that it was
like a totally new kid. Like she was able to, we
slowly introduced one picture at a time around her schedule. So I think you could startwith that. So take a week off from the backpack. If she’s still getting frustrated, we’ll look in to see if there’s something else going on. But then we’ll slowly start introducing just hanging the backpack on a hook, not the whole unloading. – Yeah, yeah, so it’ll be
like one step at a time. Like the next thing will be just carrying her backpack in, maybe putting in on the hook, but carrying it in,
putting it on the hook, taking shoes off, going
on and doing her thing. So, one step at a time. – Yep. Sounds like a plan. – Yep. – [Asa] I feel like we should
high five or something. (laughing) – I just want you to see options. You’re not getting all of them. Which one would you like. All right, relax a second. I know you’re excited. We’re gonna pick one or maybe two if you wanna mix two,
I’ll let you do that. Popcorn. Do you want another one also? (Abby communicating) Popcorn, good. Do you also want one more. You want to mix these two? Okay. A mix sounds fun, doesn’t it. Can you help? Help me get a bowl. – [Asa] Ab, you gotta get a bowl. – So I talked to Becca and Mandy about when she does this. I think it’s just let her. If she comes back, she
comes back to get the snack, but I don’t want it to become like a. – We’ve called it her victory lap. It’s like, she’s like
okay, I got what I want. – I think it’s a combo victory lap and also if you follow me, you also like six packs
of chips on the counter so if I beat you back to the kitchen, I’m gonna have a split second to like rest into all of it. – [Asa] You gonna go back. – [Brandy] You chips are in here. (Abby communicating) – Hey, Isaiah, doctor. – Yes, he has swimmer’s ear, which is also like an ear infection, so we have to get ear drops. – He went to football practice. – He did. – That’s where he went after
the doctor’s appointment. – He dropped me off and then
went to football practice. – We only have one car, one adult car. Isaiah has no car. That’s why we did like the
car shuffle when I left. – So I go to get in his car, he’s like, “You have a hair tie?” I’m like, “Yeah.” He’s like, “‘Cause we
don’t have AC in this car, “so girls have to wear hair ties.” I’m like, “How many girls
have you had in this car?” He’s like, “Only Ashley.” She keeps a scrunchie
in here just in case. – So we fixed his AC a while back, we’ve been here for a little while, a couple months you remember. – You’re chopping my head off. – Oh, sorry. We fixed his AC a little while back and the reason why it went out previously is because it had a leak that he kept recharging it, blah, blah, blah. Apparently that leak if far worse now than it was then. He put Freon in it and it’s
gone like the next day. – But we offered to get
him a different car. – Yes we did. – And he said, no, he
was fine with this one because he’s getting mine. – I feel like he
immediately regretted that. – I know, he’s getting mine when he goes off to college, so he was like, “No, I’m fine, I’m fine.” Now it’s like August, the end of August and it’s still 92 degrees. – We’re like, you know, we’ll buy you another teenage car with AC. He really likes that car. – He loves that car. And it’s so funny, like
he’s got his little change of clothes in the back. I was like, “Why do you
have clothes in the back?” He’s like, “‘Cause it’s really hot. “Like I wear khakis to school.” – I feel like he would
do that anyway, though. – I think he would, he’s that kind of guy. – He’s just one of those kids. Oh, yeah, and there’s a hurricane coming. – There is, yeah. – It supposed to be category 3 by the time it makes landfall. The U.S. projection whatever, map, has it hitting Jacksonville
pretty much dead on, so. – No, it’s a little bit south right now. – Oh. – Like Daytona. – So we get the north band. – Yeah.
– Fun. – Hey, so. – We have a hurricane coming. – [Asa] A hurricane’s a-coming. Do you remember our hurricane
prep videos we’ve done. Oh, no, what was that emoji. She looks at it. Do you remember our hurricane prep video? Do you want me to post that up above? Go like this. Wants them up. – Oh, that was a good point. – [Asa] Good job, yeah. What’s up. – You wanna go to the swing? – You wanna go where? Where do you want to go? – There’s a swing outside. You’ll look at the swing
thing, but you won’t touch. (Abby communicating) Hey, do you want to swing? – Are you gonna swing? No, you’re not? Didn’t think so. She’s been using the
swing sign incorrectly for a little while now. We don’t really know what she means. I think she’s like, she pairing it with goes, maybe car or just go anywhere, I don’t know. Oh, and just so you know, it’s Wednesday for us right now. You’re watching this like
Friday, maybe Saturday, I don’t remember how many days out I am, but it’s Wednesday right now, so as of the forecast right now, category 3 hitting this area. Just, ’cause people like always correct us in the comments. People are always like
no, no, this is happening. But like this isn’t current day, so you gotta keep that in mind. (Abby communicating) Things you don’t think about unless you have a child that
requires this line of thinking is I’m taping off the bottom of the room and the half of the bottom of the room, so just this half behind you there. And I’m gonna do that first and then I’m going to prime it. So I’ll do half the room on the bottom and the other half of
the room on the bottom and then I’ll do the top all in one shot. The reason being sticky
stuff stuck to the wall is way too enticing for Abigail. By in time I got it taped
off and prepped and paint and all that stuff, and
I did it all at once, you’d be a constant
battle for peeling tape off the wall, you know,
go to the bathroom. You’re gonna come back and I can retape. Stop for dinner, you’re gonna come back and have to redo tape. So by doing the small portions, and of course once I get to the top, she won’t be able to reach the top. So it’ll be all ladder work, so, and extended rollers. She really makes us have to plan ahead. Hey, Silla, do you want to witness the beginning of the
end for the butterflies? – Yay. – [Asa] One down, 4,000 to go. – Oh, they’re so terrible. – [Asa] This is just the primer. We’re not painting it white,
but this is just the Kilz to go over the top. We decided to paint over the wallpaper, because it is a smooth wallpaper and the amount of work required to remove the wallpaper ridiculous, even with all of the
internet hacks and tricks. – Right, and we don’t
know what’s behind it and so basically this
is the safest way to go. – [Asa] So we’re gonna try it. – Yep. – [Asa] Hope it works. She’s very interested in what I’m doing. You’re very interested, aren’t you? What? Food. – [Isaiah] She wants to have snacks while she’s watching you. – Spectator sport, we’re getting there. It’s getting some coverage here. These butterflies, though,
they are tenacious. Here, be gentle with that. How would you describe that event? Bathroom, like we got a bathroom situation and she walked out of the bathroom. – Yeah, I was in the laundry room. – She walked out of the
bathroom right before me and as I was, you know, finishing up and I was like wiping the counter off to get the drops of water off the counter and both hands in the tub of paint. It’s not getting the Kilz stuff, which is apparently pretty tough stuff to get off. Even now for hardwood. I forgot to vlog. We were sitting right there. We just finished up a live stream with Nova Southeast
University on Facebook. – I love that. – [Asa] And they always have
such banger topics, too. – I know. They’re like, “Do you guys have a topic?” I’m like, “Y’all come up with it, “you’re much better than us.” – They’re so good. We talked about transitions and just all the challenges, which you guys know, all the challenges we’re facing right now with transitions with Abbie, but tools for navigating
those transitions, which we can speak to, I think. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – We’ve tried it all. Hello kids. – [Isaiah] Hi. – Ab, how you doing? What are you doing. Why is your head down inside the couch? Did you see your sister? – Yeah, I wasn’t gonna fight. – [Priscilla] What you doing sweet girl? – [Isaiah] Oh, now she moved. – After completely dismantling the couch, Abbie is in bed. Priscilla made a coffee run, God bless her at 10:30 at night, don’t judge, okay. I gotta lot of work to do still. Priscilla just got off
the phone with Summer, a little FaceTime with Sum. – Yeah. – How’s she doing.
– That’s my girl. – [Asa] She seems like she’s doing well. – She is. – [Asa] She’s happy. – Yeah. Her classes are super
tough, but she’s doing well. – [Asa] Doing good in New York? – Yep, and she has her first
volleyball game next week and they’ll livestream it. – [Asa] Nice. – So maybe we could post a
link if anybody’s interested. – [Asa] Yeah, I’ll put the up link down in the video description down below. – But you guys can also
go to their Instagram page for all of them. – And you can also go to
Summer’s YouTube Channel and subscribe to her
channel and watch her vlogs, ’cause she is vlogging. It’s like a proud dad moment. It’s so good, I love it. She’s gonna be vlogging game day she said. So, stay tuned for that. She’ll be putting that video up. Okay, I have, I told Priscilla I could finish the entire dining
room in three hours. – I don’t think you can
do it in three hours. – Challenge accepted. See you in the morning. Three hours later. You know the Spongebob card that comes up? Yeah. Butterflies are a tenacious little insect, let me tell you. You know they seem delicate, but, man, they are resilient little creatures. I had to do three coats of primer instead of the two I planned on. I think I beat them. I’ll have to wait for
it to drive completely in the morning and find
out what it’s gonna look like, if one coat of
paint is gonna cover it or not. Priscilla was right and
I was wrong, tomorrow.


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