Canning From Trash Heap To Pantry Shelf,No Peel Tomato Sauce

I still got all these Tomatoes and I’m
gonna see what I can do with them I bet you’re wondering what in the world
Tessie are you doing this is a new way that I make pizza sauce it’s using the
whole tomato the skins and everything it’s so simple and so easy I’ve been
doing this now for a couple years I’m gonna share with you how we can go from
Tomatoes like this to beautiful pizza sauce and just about half of a day it’s
long roasting and then we’re going to blend them up and you’ll never know that
we’re using the whole tomato the tomato skin has a lot of properties in it that
are really good for fighting cancer the skins of produce like carrots are really
good for you and potatoes since I know that this is verified that it is not
sprayed tomatoes these organic Tomatoes GMO free I’m going to go ahead and we’re
going to use these skins I want to get this tomato paste for three dollars back
in the winter time and I had just the idea of how to use it so I’m going to go
ahead and this is a number ten can so we’re going to use half of the can in
this batch every single counter space I have is full Tomatoes so we can’t use
all of the paste in here but we’ll use some of it and then the rest of the
tomato paste is going to go in all of my other kettles and crock pots full of
tomatoes so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re just gonna let this all marinade now I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna use
some spices they use up a bunch of stuff that I have I had just a little bit of
sugar left in this jar so we’re gonna put that in my homemade seasonings we’re
gonna put that in which I have lots of videos on now we’re gonna put pretty
much in it because this is a lot of spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce I use it
interchangeably now of course this is going to cook for another two hours so
it will cook down and it will thicken as it cooks I found one of these pizza
sauce mixes we’re just gonna throw this in because I don’t know the acidity of
these Tomatoes I will be pressure canning these Tomatoes so now we’re gonna turn it up I’m gonna
let this cook for a while and I’ll show you what it looks like alright so this
is what it looks like now they’re all wondering well I’ve blended up all of
these tomatoes and the skins aren’t they’re little pieces of skins if you
pressure can it the skins will disintegrate and you won’t have any
skins you won’t even know there was skins in here this is about done I did
add some fresh peppers it will thicken when it is pressure canned it will
thicken up more Plus get a very dark red color I say this is pretty good I’m
gonna start charring it all up about half of them
I gave one of the courts away so that’s what dried bananas look like let me turn
the light on so you can see better these are my dried bananas I don’t treat them
with lemon juice or anything they do get a little dark but they’re very very
delicious this will ask me a couple years in a
container like this I did put some oxygen absorbers in it just to give it
extra safety and absorbing any moisture this would last me much longer than what
I need it to because we will have these already consumed before he would ever
ever get stale I have to Canter’s running and as soon
as these Cantor’s are finished I’m going to set them on a hot pad so they can
totally cool and so I don’t waste any time these two cannons ready to go I’m
using all four Cantor’s of mine today plus my water bath canner is out in the
candy garage and that is processing all of my relish tomatoes are done my relish
is done and I could say that food harvest is finally done but guess what
tomorrow it starts all over again because I have my garden that I got to
work on well it’s the very next morning and the aftermath of all of that canning
from the food bank so that is produce I picked in the garden last night and all
of those jars of pizza sauce whoo-hoo we’re finally finished oh I thought it
would never end but I am so excited to be able to watch these jars pack them up
and put them away so today is cleaning day and that is
Friday so I’m gonna get cleaning today just getting read up what my mama would
say in other words put everything back in its place and get my house back in
order it’s been a chaotic week with food everywhere but it’s such a blessing so
come along follow me through the day and let’s get this stuff done well everybody
I think my pantry is complete so I am NOT going to buy any more food to put in
the pantry even if it’s really cheap I am going to use the food that was going
to be thrown away and I’m going to continue to use that to stock up my
pantry but this room is completely full and it’s all things I can use and all
things I can help other people with so I think I think we’re good sometimes you
just have to is enough is enough and I’m gonna really
not focus on not spending money not spending any money and just using stuff
that is going to be thrown away and so I think you’ll be excited once a month I’m
gonna have an update on what I get at the food pantry and I’m going to share
with you what I’m working on with it but I still have my garden to do and that’s
a lot of work and I’m going to continue to garden and I continue to put dates on
things and rotate things this room is a lot bigger than it appears and of course over here is a cup or two
so all of my cupboard space is full everything is really really full and
when I have time and I use up some things and I’ll be able to put the
spaghetti sauce up here but I think it’s good I think it’s great saving food from
the landfill and I can’t wait to share with you next month on my food pantry
hauls because it sure is fun


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