Can’t hear the TV? This Wireless Sony Speaker brings the sound to you

The sound quality from the built-in
speakers on most televisions nowadays is really pretty hopeless and to compensate
for this many people have bought themselves either a sound bar or like
myself they’ve got a full surround system. But what do you do if one person
in a house has significantly worse hearing than the other person? That’s the
situation that’s affecting my parents at the moment, and I hope with this, that I’ve
found a solution. Now in the past I had bought my parents a sound bar hoping that this would help in some way. But after a couple of weeks they stopped
using it, because like most sound bars it was geared up for people who have normal hearing, who just want to hear louder explosions, and a richer bassier sound,
but it didn’t really do anything to make it easier to hear the person reading the news. Also let’s say it’s the person sitting here that has difficulty hearing the television. But the person sitting here has perfectly good hearing. Turning the volume up loud enough so that this person can hear it Makes it too loud for this person Another problem with the sound from a television Whether you’re listening to it through the built-in speakers a sound bar or even a
surround sound system, the main dialogue comes from where the screen is, all the
way over there. Now the person I’m speaking about has no difficulty hearing
me when I’m talking to them on the phone right up to their ear ,but across the
room they would struggle a little bit more. So this particular product does a
couple of things. Rather than just making the audio louder, although it is capable
of that, it also has a dialogue enhancer to make the speech clearer and most
importantly rather leaving the audio over the other side of the room, you bring
this speaker with you and you put the audio where you’re sitting. So let’s get it out of the box and have a good look I first became aware of this
product when I was on the Sony Japan Website. It came up as one of those
associated things to the thing I was looking at I was actually looking at
tape recorders and it said if you’re interested in this, that you might also
be interested in this. that’s because they aim
tape recorders at the elderly market over in Japan and this falls into
that category. I thought wouldn’t it be good if they sold that in the UK, So I had a look, and they did. It’s just they don’t publicize it very well. These pictures on the side of the box show the intended demographic for this product
most of the people using it have gray hair. This chap watching his program
about kayaks or is a canoe? Someone will probably tell me. Grandma are sitting
here watching this programme and dogs and cats. I can recognize those two, using her Sony
speaker while everyone else is listening to the TV speakers from the couch and then this one, well no one’s got gray hair here, this chap just wants to listen to the football while he’s doing the dishes. The standout features are.
With this speaker you can clearly hear the voice. It’s got stable wireless
connectivity, easy charging and it will work with any TV as long as that TV has
a headphone or optical output. Okay let’s go through what’s inside the box . Now I bought mine from Amazon in the UK but this is the same package you get
throughout Europe because we’ve got a number of different languages in the
instruction booklet here we’ve got a euro plug and a UK plug power adapter
effectively a five volt USB charger which connects up to a USB A to Micro
B lead. Then we’ve got an optical lead which is the ideal way you
connect it up to your television but failing that you could always use the
3.5mm mini-jack lead Right so here’s what the speaker
looks like when it’s on it’s charging base and looking at the rear of it it
seems like there’s quite a lot of stuff going on but it isn’t that complicated
you don’t tend to have to mess around with any of this I’ll just separate it into its two halves=and then have a look at the base to start with.
So the pairing and reset button, I haven’t had to use those it’s all. In the
middle that’s where your power goes in and then on the right you can put your
inputs from your 3.5mm mini-jack and your digital optical output from your TV goes into there you can use them both and switch
between them but most people would probably just plug one thing into either
of those two sockets. Okay now moving to the rear of the speaker let’s go through the things on here. Ignoring the rather obvious reset button on the left hand side
behind the cover on the right hand side we’ve got a 3.5mm
mini-jack headphone output as well as a power input for a USB micro lead which
will charge the device while it’s away from its base and then we’ve got those
other controls in the middle. We’ll talk about Voice Zoom and Auto Volume. Voice Zoom brings the voice out from the background it makes it clearer and it
seems to be old as a default and you can switch off if you want
but the effect isn’t unpleasant, it just makes things clearer so I’ve left it
switched on on mine. But one thing I haven’t used is automatic volume control
this is for if you’ve got an environment that’s noisy then you switch this on to
two different levels of strength and depending upon what it hears it will
boost the sound to rise above it. Finally that remote setting button
that’s for setting the device up to work as a universal remote control with your
television. Now the codes are listed here seem just to be for TVs they don’t
include any set-top boxes so it’s of limited use to me because I use a
satellite receiver when watching television but my parents who watch
everything through the built-in Freeview on their TV it’ll work fine for them.
Those infrared commands are transmitted from this dark window which runs along
the rear of the device and of course that’s pointing towards the television while the
speaker is pointed towards you. On the bottom of both the base unit and the
speaker you’ve got rubber feet at either end which stop them from moving around
and when it comes to charging it up it’s a very simple matter of just
putting one thing on top of the other. If you can use a cordless kettle then you
can charge one of these up. Now as far as connecting it up to your TV goes if
possible you want to use the optical lead for the best quality of sound.
That’s what I’ve used here and then you might need to go into the menus on your
television to make sure that it’s outputting sound both over the TV’s
built-in speaker as well as that digital optical output and switching it on is
just a simple matter of popping up the volume control. and whilst you can use it
when it’s on the base unit ideally you’re going to take it over to where
you’re sitting and use it from there so that’s what I’m going to do here but I’m
also going to turn the TV’s built-in speakers up to maximum so you can hear
the difference between those and this small Sony speaker TV AUDIO Now there was one thing I was concerned
about with this scenario. If grandma’s listening to her Sony speaker and
everyone else is listening to the televisions built-in speakers and
there’s any slight delay transmitting that audio across to the Sony speaker
then there’s going to be a weird echoing effect. Well I needn’t have been
concerned because as far as I can determine, there’s no noticeable delay whatsoever. TV AUDIO Now you could just use this as a way of getting sound to a set of headphones you don’t
have to have the TV speaker or the speaker on this unit activated, and the
speaker on the front has got stereo drivers in there and that headphone
output is a stereo mini jack as well In fact looking at the specs here at the
top left you can see the power output it varies depending upon whether using it
through the AC adapter or off the battery and by the way that battery
lasts for 16 hours approximately on one charge and if you’re wondering about the
transmission standard it’s at the top right, it uses 2.4Ghz Now while
the audio that comes out of this is clearer and louder and more well rounded
than using the TV’s built-in speakers I would still say that it’s not the kind
of thing you’d buy if you were looking for a really bassy sound Now while you don’t have to use this as
a universal remote control, I think if you do have a compatible television it’s
definitely worth setting up. After all, another remote control in a place where
you can find it is always a useful thing and this one works well it’s nice and
clearly laid out with well labelled buttons. At the end of each day when
you’re going off to bed you can just put the speaker back on it’s charging
station it does only take three hours to fully charge to give you that 16 hours
worth of continuous usage but you might as well just leave it there overnight
you know where to find it in the morning I’ve got to say I’m incredibly impressed
with this. The clarity of the sound that comes out of here especially the dialog
is second to none really and it’s so easy to use as well with its large
on/off button, big volume control, it’s going to be perfect for my parents. I’ll
be going over there in a couple of weeks so I won’t be able to tell you exactly what
they think about it until after then but I’d say if you can’t hear the audio
that’s coming out of here you’ve got no hope of hearing it through anything else
this is as clear as I’ve ever heard spoken dialogue from a television.
Now I’ve actually grown quite attached to this. I’ve had it about a week or so now
and I’ve been using it myself even though it’s not really designed I think
for someone like me but late at night when the missus is in bed and I’m
watching a television rather than disturb her by turning the volume up so I
can hear the dialogue on all these mumbly TV shows, I sound like an old
person myself now, but I’ve been erm, using this. It’s perfect for that as well.
I will say that if you walk away from the TV with it just over to the other side
of the room you’ll start to get dropouts on the audio you do really want to be
line-of-sight even though it’s using RF you don’t want to be taking it like in
the garden or anything it wouldn’t work for that but I’m kind of almost
considering getting one of these for myself I’ve grown so attached to it
so that’s something. If you want to look for one of these, well I’ll put a link to
the Sony website in the video description text box because it’s not
immediately obvious on there. They’ll also be links in the text box to Amazon
as well. It isn’t cheap, it’s a hundred and fifty pounds but for someone like my
parents that this will make the difference
between being able to hear the TV and not hear the TV then that’s money I
think well spent anyway that’s it for the moment as
always thanks for watching


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