CartSMS – SMS module for OpenCart | SMS notifications & target marketing

hi this is a walk-through video of the new
generation cartSMS module for open cart and its important features let’s start
with customer and admin SMS notifications you can simply notify your
customers about their order status via personalized and automated customer SMS
notifications activate templates for any events you want so your customers can
receive notifications let’s activate the new order template type the message and
include any variable you want activate the template so it automatically sends
the message whenever there is a new order select appropriate sender type
activate the Unicode or flash SMS and click Save you and other admins can
receive automated SMS notifications during various events as well
simply open SMS template you want to activate adjust the message you can
include many variables in all of your templates as well
select sender type and select who of the admins will be receiving the messages
when there is a new order click Save when you are done you can also create a
targeted and personalized bulk SMS campaign with cart SMS module to reach
thousands of people just enter the name of your campaign SMS campaign has three
steps in the first one you sell your contacts via multiple methods choose the
address book to import contacts from bulkgate if you have any saved contacts
there choose various filter to select customers from your store database you
can for example select those customers who bought a certain product and send
them a targeted campaign to offer a complementary product with the CSV or
Excel method you upload your file with contacts and assign functions to any
column you want this can be used for message personalization you can also
upload your contacts via vcard or enter numbers manually in the second
step you type the message of your campaign you can choose variables to
personalize your message the more data you have for your contacts the more
variables you can use you can use our URL shortener to get important
statistics and save precious characters to make your message better set up sender type and other things set up sending
restrictions send campaign now or schedule it and press next in the third
step you simply review your campaign the most important thing is to test your
campaign before you send it as you may find some mistakes that could jeopardize
your business after you test the campaign you can simply send it out
cartSMS module provides you with a great number of valuable statistics
you can look at that can help you see what impact your messaging campaigns
have you can see the delivery rate of your campaigns the cost of your
campaigns where you send campaigns the most and others in campaigns you can see
your sent and unfinished campaigns if a campaign was sent you can click on the
dashboard icon to see statistics of the campaign or click on the campaign
history to see who received the message what was the message and other valuable
data to send SMS messages you need credits and to purchase credits you can
choose from different payment methods your dashboard is the first thing you
see when you log in it gives you an overview of your former messaging
activity it also shows you last received messages from your customers that go
directly to your inbox if you need to customize CartSMS module check our help
desk for adding additional functions use simple API CartSMS module has many
other great functions just see it for yourself

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