CashBack Websites What is Ebates?

What is Ebates Ebates is a cashback website that gives you
cash back if you click through the links of the stores listed on their site. is a rewards cashback website. It allows its members to earn up to 25% cash
back on their online purchases from more than 1,200 online stores without asking them to
redeem their points, mail in forms, or pay any fee for joining as a member. The website gets a commission when a member
buys something from one of its associated stores. A part of the commission they earn is paid
to the members to prompt them to keep shopping through Ebates from their associated stores. As of now, the site is mainly associated with
three affiliate networks: Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, and Linkshare. It has more than one thousand online retailers,
offering internet coupons to buyers looking for bargains. Is Ebates a Scam Till date, the company has disbursed more
than fifty million dollars to its patrons in the form of cash back. The company is an affiliate to many online
stores. What�s an affiliate? An affiliate is a person (or company in this
case) that makes a small commission for referring people to businesses. Joining Ebates is always free – you’ll never
pay anything. And we’ll mail you a Big Fat Check, or transfer
the money to your PayPal account if you’d prefer. We can even send the money to your favorite
charity. All 100% free. How it Works 1. At the outset you have to sign up. It is free, without any charge whatsoever. Additionally, you get rewarded for signing
up. On signing as a new member you are offered
a gift card worth $10 for a store of your choice. 2. Using the search box, look for the store you
want to buy from. 3. Having found the store, just click �Shop
Now� button. 4. A tracking ticket gets created for you. Now, you are at liberty to complete your purchase
from the selected store within thirty days, and claim your cash back thereafter. How to Maximize Your Ebates Rewards? 1. Combine it with Coupons: You can enhance your
savings by combining coupon codes and cash back. Much to the benefit of users, cashback websites
like Ebates actually let you know if there are any current coupon codes offered by different
stores. On combining your cash back with coupon codes,
you can save additional money. Here�s an example to illustrate how it works: Let�s say at some time they were offering
cash back of 3.5 % for purchasing from CVSPhoto. Simultaneously, CVSPhoto were also offering
a discount of 50% on photo books. Let�s say you wanted to buy a photo book
having an original price of $29.99. After deducting 50% discount, it would cost
you $14.99. You also decided to order a couple of prints
and the total payable amount came to $18.86. You got 3.5% cash back from Ebates. So taking into account that cash back, you
would need to pay only $15.09, excluding taxes and shipping. 2. Use Rewards Credit Cards: When you have a
rewards credit card, you can further increase your cash back on using it for shopping at
Ebates cashback websites. That�s an excellent way to make the most
of your rewards without incurring any additional expense. But, ensure that your balance is paid every
month else your rewards may get wiped out due interest charges. 3. Refer People: On referring members of your
family and friends to the site, you also earn cash back on the first purchases made by them. 5. After you have completed your purchase, they
automatically credit your account with the correct amount of cash. Ebates Cashback Websites make shopping a little
more enjoyable knowing you can make money while spending money!

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