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Commission Meeting July 1, 2019

GENE MCKOWN: I hereby call this meeting to order. And let me introduce a few guests. Gary, you’re going to always be a guest when you show up, a special guest. Gary Ridley, former director, is here. Thanks for coming. John Cox, with the trust. Thanks, John. Greyson Ardies with the– he’s the director of

Affiliate Reseller Program

hey it’s Mike with the virtual services we’ve got some exciting news to share with you welcome to our affiliate reseller program here are the top five main benefits unlimited earning potential lucrative incentive plan you determine your paycheck and earn residuals on past customers you have total work freedom to work when you want

Colorado’s Most Breathtaking Canyons

Colorado may be home to beautiful towering mountains Colorado also has some pretty amazing canyons. here are Colorado’s most breathtaking canyons the Glenwood Canyon near Glenwood Springs Colorado this 12.5 mile long Canyon has walls that stretch upward of 1300 feet above the Colorado River the Glenwood Canyon provided the route for the Taylor State