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I Wedge & Hang My Narrowboat in a Lock

Good morning. It’s still quite early so I’m making sure I’m going lovely and slow past any moored boats because they’ll be fast asleep, but it’s lovely and fresh this morning. And hopefully, it’s going to be a nice day, and my objective is to get through Wolverhampton and out the other side. [Birds singing]

If Kids Were In Charge!

– If kids ruled the world, I’d have cupcake hair every day. Wa-bow! – If kids ruled the world, I’d wear my pajamas every single day. – Say what. – Today’s going to be interesting. (soft music) – In today’s vlog, Mom and Dad say yes to everything but before we get started give us

Shakira gets her Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Hola Amigos y Amigas Hola Amigos y Amigas Bienvenidos al Paseo de la Fama En una ceremonia organizada por la Camara de Comercio y el Hollywood Historic Trust. Nos complace mucho hoy Nos complace mucho poder honrar una de las mejores exportaciones de Colombia, una superestrella musical. Hoy (estén atentos) vamos a rendir homenaje a

Post Affiliate Pro Review

Welcome to an overview of affiliate marketing and the best affiliate marketing software available – Post Affiliate Pro. In the next two and a half minutes we’ll explain how affiliate marketing programs work to increase your traffic and sales. And why Post Affiliate Pro is the most effective solution for creating and managing your very