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today I’m going to be re potting some of
my babies hey everyone its Alesha with Graceful
Plants and today I’m going to be re potting some of my babies that I have
acquired in the past few days here so I’m going to be repotting my little cebu
blue he actually had gotten tipped over and
most of his dirt spilled out when he was packing or when I unpacked him so I
don’t want to wait too long to repack him because not all of his roots are in
soil so we’re going to repot him right away
and I’m also going to be re potting this aloe I’m gonna get the aloe re potted
into some clean soil especially being from a big back store I’m not quite sure
what kind of soil he’s in so we’re gonna get him repotted and I think I might
take a few of the babies that are coming off of him off and replant those so oh
yeah so when I was first looking at this when all the soil had fallen out of the
pot it didn’t look like the root system was that substantial but once I got it
out of the pot I realized is that it does have a decent root system to it and I
don’t feel like it’s going to fit so change plans since the root system on
the cebu blue was a little bit more substantial than I was planning on
instead of putting it in this little guy I am going to bump him up to this which
is still a little bit too big then I’d really like to plant him in but it’s the
smallest pot that I’ve got that he would fit in that’s not this size so what is
your guys’s favorite house plant I am partial to calatheas just cause they’re so pretty I mean
everyone I feel like when I see calatheas they’re just like oh that’s so
pretty that’s so beautiful and I am no exception so we’re just
going to put him in here like that you’re like that I’m gonna put the soil
from that planter into this guy. Do you guys have any tips or tricks for the cebu blue? is it like a pothos or a philodendron when it comes to area? so
kind of just filling up around here all right so I’ve got him replanted so this
aloe came from TJ Maxx I wanted the planter that it was in and so he came
home with me and he’s got all these little babies on your so we’re gonna
take it out we’re gonna replace the soil and then I’m actually going to put him
right back into the pot that he came in so he came out of the pot pretty easy so
this guy has a couple babies on him and I’m just gonna kind of see if we can
wiggle them loose to see if they’ve got roots that will come off with them so no roots came off with this guy but
I’m hoping that he’ll be okay these other ones have pretty thin stems
on them yet so I’m just gonna leave the rest of these babies on here until they
get a little bit bigger and then we’ll take those ones off. Do you guys have any
a aloes? I have a couple that I got from my mother-in-law’s plant that are not
doing so hot so I’m kind of nervous I’m kind of nervous for this guy I’m hoping
that I don’t kill him he is pretty cute so kind of gently move the wrap the
roots around in there and then I’m just going to start filling up around his
roots yeah the aloe that I got from my
mother-in-law isn’t doing so well after I posted my video the other day she
called me and or she sent me a message and was like you know you need to keep
it out of direct light you know never water it or hardly ever water it and I
think the bright light is what did it in not thinking the other day I had moved
some of my plants outside just to get a little bit of light her more light
outside and I forgot about them and left them outside too long so when the sun
started going down they were getting that direct Western light and I think
that’s I think that’s what hurt hurt hurt him is that really direct hot
afternoon light there you go if anybody knows what type of aloe this is please let
me know because there was no tag on it obviously so I have no clue
what kind he is he’s really cute I really like him I think he’s gonna do
well or at least I hope he’s gonna do well I mean it can’t be any worse than
my other aloes then over here I’ve just got a tiny little
pot of extremely dry succulent dirt I’m gonna take I’m gonna take the little
baby I’m gonna dip it into a little bit of this rooting hormone that I have
which isn’t necessary but I’ve got it so why not use it and then I’m just going
to and then I’m just gonna put a little bit little hole into the soil put him
down in there and kind of tuck a bit of nice dry soil around him and there you
go and then I’m gonna put him off to the
side of one of my windows and we’re gonna hope he takes off and roots but
thanks for watching if you guys have any questions or comments please leave them
below and we’ll talk to you soon! Byee!


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