Celebrating Harry Potter 20th Anniversary at Target

see for her Harry Potter event at Target
let’s go and he’s nervous because she’s wearing for Harry Potter outfit but I
think it’s perfect it’s perfect for the event right you know
okay stop it you’ll be fine it looks like a Harry Potter fan right there
we’ll see she’s got to get on her ball Oh Harry Potter where are you
oh there it’s up there we don’t have very much stuff over here though do they
what slurring oh yeah was that fun I really wanted you to do the Hat please
pretty please I’ll pay you a dollar I’ll give you a dollar for doing it hold on it’s gonna say all of them
nobody’s gonna say all four and then it’ll tell you what do you guys get at
the end a butterbeer you see yours I get to stop it but I want to China side it
yes and I got the hypest very very very hibiscus yeah it’s really good
her first edible flower so good so they actually know what does it taste like oh it’s cute though I like showing off
all our other Harry Potter stuff yeah okay guys we are home now I dropped
Sofia off with my dad because she wanted to go stay the night and Alison decided
to stay home with me we went and got some Chinese food
I got sesame chicken no honey chicken white rice we have some of these long
time cream cheese long times with the sauce
and Jason got some beef Lin a stick and white rice and then we’re gonna watch
Harry Potter Ali so excited child you are so weird
she’s eating popcorn with her chopsticks

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