Cheap Meal Monday Grandma’s Meatloaf Surprise

this is real life this is how real life
is and she’s gonna open it go ahead just open it pumping it that is real life and
this is what we’re gonna work on in welcome today I’m going to share with
you a project that my granddaughter and I are gonna be working on take a look at
our refrigerator yes it states shut and we are going to work
on this refrigerator and freezer and we’re going to organize it and we did
get a little freezer that my daughter had that she was not using and it’s
going to really help me out because I’m getting a lot of free food from the
pantry that I’m gonna be able to process but let’s get started didn’t have a
freezer normally had this little one we had such issues so we are going to
work on this and organize it and we’re gonna take everything out of it and we
are going to put things in the freezer that belong there and I’ll get back to
you in a little while we’re getting it clean we’re working on it really excited to share with you this is
my freezer and it’s so much more emptier yes yes so this is a freezer that we
have the things that we like eat on the daily basis or what I’m going to be
making this week and I’m really happy because I found a meatloaf so we’re
going to meatloaf today for cheat me on Monday and I’m gonna share with you how
I make the meatloaf this actually was a video I did a while ago but I’m gonna
share with you I just an excerpt of that video so you see how I make my meatloaf
hey we are going to be making meatloaf but this isn’t your everyday
run-of-the-mill meatloaf this is meatloaf surprise family loved cooking
grandma loved baking grandma loved making all kinds of things but all of
our meals were using everyday ingredients so this one is a little bit
different for Grandma it is meatloaf using stovetop stuffing so I’m going to
make the recipe and then at the end of this video I will be having the recipe
written out and scrolling at the end of it
that way you can take your time and you can write the recipe down the first
thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take 1 onion and 1/4 cup of Italian salad
dressing and we are going to saute the onions so what we’re gonna do is we’re just
gonna saute them till they sweat and that means that they will become more
pliable and it will be a lot less of the onions so they’ll be cooked we’re gonna
go ahead and saute these and then we’re gonna go and put them in a bowl with our
ground beef we’re gonna take two pounds of ground beef now you want to have
around be fairly lean so you don’t have all that fat so we’re gonna go ahead
this was frozen and it’s thought so I’m gonna go ahead and mix up with my hands all right let me wash my hands quick
before we put the rest of the ingredients in we’re gonna add our onion
that was sauteed in the Italian salad dressing now you can chop up your onions
a lot finer you can also skip the onions if you like about a half of cup of
ketchup it said a half a cup to 3/4 of a cup so let’s go with 1/2 a cup a little
bit over half so basically 3/4 of a cup of ketchup 1 package of snow top
stuffing I have the chicken flavor it doesn’t specify so you could use
whatever flavor you like I’m gonna put all the ingredients in the bowl and then
I would use my hands to mix it so that way I don’t have to keep watching my
hands and then to that it calls for one cup of water and two eggs so we’re just
going to put the eggs in with the water and we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna
mix it it serves between eight to ten people now you’re going to be mixing
quite a little bit because you have to incorporate all these things in it so of
course if you have a smaller family you can always put this recipe in half-mad
and wash my hands because we’re gonna have one more ingredient we’re gonna add
1/2 cup of shredded cheese that I’m going to estimate it well go ahead and
mix it up again we’re gonna go ahead and put it you want
to put it in a roaster and we are going to bake it at 375 for 375 for about I
think an hour to an hour and a half it doesn’t say on here but I’m using this
this is a crock pot and a roaster because it’s simply a hundred degrees
outside and I surely do not want to have my propane stove on so we’re going to go
ahead and we are going to put it in a roast pan you can also you make this using all
turkey or you can mix it half turkey and half other beef so this is what it looks
like now that is a large lobe so that will feed a family like it said it says
feeds eight to ten servings so the last thing we do is we’re going to go ahead
and put a top layer of ketchup does not in the recipe but this is what I like to
do I like to go ahead and sprinkle just a little bit of brown sugar over it the
top so it’s more like a barbecue glaze that is not in the recipe that’s just
something that I do okay everyone so we’re going to bake at 375 I would say
it’s about an hour and a half that is what I’m gonna go towards what you do is
you can cut it in the center and when it’s no longer pink and the juices run
clear that means your meatloaf is ready so we’re gonna go with about an hour and
a half it’s what I am estimating when we are finished with it I will get back to
you and tell you exactly how long it took so I’ll get back to you in just a
wink of an eye I’m so thankful to find this meatloaf in
the freezer yum yum I’ll take the end piece but look
how pretty this meat enough is I hope you try some of Grandma Fanny’s meatloaf
recipe for those of you who have not ever tried it is it’s really really good
so we have a garden potato garden fresh green beans a little bit of sour cream
for our potato right now Aldi has the cheapest of their dairy products so the
sour cream and cheese is cheapest at Aldi here I have some of my onions that
I D hydrated and these are spring onions but they are just like chives so you can
substitute them for chives and it’s still growing strong as you know I cut
off some spring onions from the grocery store plant it the bulb a part of it and
all summer long I have free onion tops it’s amazing so there is my meal and
let’s give it a taste test so on a hot day like this it’s great to have some
meat loaf and some garden fresh baked potatoes and garden fresh green beans
yum yum and it’s very frugal and cheap because I got the meat when it was on
sale mmm that’s really good there’s nothing quite like homegrown potatoes
and fresh green beans too so I hope you like this cheat me on Monday I hope you
give it a try and I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow bye everybody and
don’t work too hard and try to stay cool in this weather sure is hot so this
refrigerator is actually in the out porch
and this refrigerator I got free nine years ago so I have a paper where I
share I have a paper where I wrote down what
is in this freezer so this freezer it’s just my meat so this is all the meat
that I have that’s not canned and most of it is turkey and chicken when I got
it for 29 cents a pound I can’t a lot of it but I also froze
some this is the meat so everything was in one freezer until I got this little
freezer that my daughter had have this freezer and this is great because this
freezer has all vegetables in it except for I got this at the discount grocery
store a month ago and that was dollar ninety-nine for the pizza crust I’m
going to be making my own from now on this is all just vegetables and I have
written down how many I have in each so the vegetables go in this one the meat
goes in the other one and a household freezer goes like if we have get ice
cream or something special


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