Cheapest Way To Start Affiliate Marketing In 2018

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel work today
guys I’m gonna be talking to you about how to get started with affiliate
marketing for as cheap as possible I know a lot of you out there guys don’t
have a huge budget to start affiliate marketing you should have a little bit
of money saved up and you want to get started and you want to know how can you
get started for us cheap as you possibly can
I’m gonna tell you exactly how in this video guys we’re gonna start it off in
just a minute by diving into my computer but before we do that guys this is the
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set guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now and start this video
off all right guys we’re now in my computer as you can see on my whiteboard
start affiliate marketing on a low budget of course the headline topic of
this video then you guys are gonna see our four individual black boxes on my
whiteboard I’m gonna pull them each away individually explain what they mean it’s
kind of going into detail on this subject and tell you guys exactly how
you can get started for as cheap as possible with that being said I’m not
gonna waste any more time guys we pull the first box away right now get it all
the way out here of course guys the first thing I want to
cover is the things that you’re actually gonna need if you want to start a Philly
marketing on a low budget so of course guys he’s got a numbered 1
to 3 of course you’re gonna need maybe a few more things here and there but I
broke it down into the three most core things you’re definitely gonna need for
your affiliate marketing business course those things being number one affiliate
offers and course doing affiliate marketing you’re gonna need some sort of
offers I’m selling something to sell accordions obvious guys number two
though traffic slash people of course are the
same thing you’re gonna need to be able to get traffic generate traffic to your
offers to your landing pages to your wherever you’re gonna need people to
actually buy the products that way you can actually make sales again a little
bit obvious guys this is just the basics after I throw guys the third thing
you’re gonna need is an email autoresponder because the reason you’re
gonna need this is because you’re gonna need some way to actually collect email
addresses will simonize a list of customer emails potential leads people
who will potentially buy things from you because you’re gonna need these guys
because email is by far the greatest way to
actually get into I’m like a one-on-one direct contact with a potential lead
with a potential customer and it’s definitely one of the best ways to be
able to generate sales having a big email list full of a full of leads and
then potential customers is definitely helped you guys out a ton and actually
making sales earning some commissions you guys are definitely got a 110% need
an email autoresponder with that being said though guys those are the three
things you’re absolutely gonna need I’m gonna show you how to get each of them
individually now of course three boxes three things you’re gonna need you guys
do the math I’m not gonna waste any time pull the first box away number one you
guys to get affiliate offers fishing you gonna need to do is I always obviously
sign up for some affiliate networks I’m gonna top ones that I work with
personally we’re gonna be clickbank amazon associates and then I have
spelled that wrong and then jvzoo of course these are all affiliate programs
of course the majority of you probably 99% have you already have heard of
Amazon so I put Amazon Associates that’s just pretty much Amazon’s of flavor
program if you’ve never heard her before and then click Bank in jvzoo or just
also our two affiliate networks I think you’re pretty good completely free to
sign up for all three these guys takes like 10 15 minute sign up for all of
them individually so guys I definitely sign up for Clickbank or if he has a I
want to go like the Amazon route and actually promote Amazon products then I
would definitely say go Amazon Associates for those like my top t
networks that I work with the most so after you guys go ahead and sign up for
some affiliate networks one two or all three of them wholly up to you guys why
don’t you go ahead and do that and actually get the first thing you need
your affiliate offers done the next thing you guys are gonna need is gonna
be traffic and then people same thing like I said before guys you pull the
second box away they go guys boxes away so obviously I was number two
you don’t need traffic or people you want me to do that is to do it yourself
you’re gonna need to generate traffic I put generated free traffic because
like I said guys we’re doing this on a budget we’re not trying to spend any
money on paid advertising we’re trying to keep it as low as possible so to do
that we’re gonna want to generate free traffic then in parentheses I gave you
guys a little hint of how to do that I have an entire video on how to generate
free traffic go ahead and check that out if you want what we’re staying on this
video I put in parenthesis leverage social media because that is definitely
by far the most powerful way actually generate free traffic
with that being said of course I put a few examples Instagram Facebook YouTube
Twitter we all know these we all know that we all know their social media
platforms with millions and millions of people on every single one of them and
guys that’s why there’s such fantastic places actually generate free traffic
leveraging these platforms that already have millions and millions of people on
them is a great way to actually start generating traffic to your affiliate
offers to your landing pages and then in turn to start collecting email addresses
you guys are definitely gonna want to leverage these social media platforms
guys I’m going through this video kind of fast and going do all this stuff
pretty fast and talking pretty fast I apologize I’m going a little bit too
quickly if you guys have any questions or comments feel free to drop them in
the comments section I’ll answer every single question or comment I get
actually out there guys the next thing you guys are definitely gonna need it’s
gonna be an email autoresponder then pull the third box away explain this now
guys hopefully you can see all that alright guys so the other thing you
needs to do is actually set up an email autoresponder but those who do not know
what an autoresponder is an email autoresponder is essentially a software
program that allows you to collect email addresses and then once you have those
email address on your big list it allows you just send a send out email to all of
them in mass you can presenter like 100 200 emails at once
alter your list all promoting an affiliate offer or programmers wherever
you guys want you guys thinking on that whatever you want but you guys are
definitely gonna need an email autoresponder because it’s definitely
one of the greatest ways to actually stay in contact with your list and then
to close sales after that guys underneath I put the get response
autoresponder because that is the exact one that I use because I use it I
recommend it to you guys as well of course there are a ton of reasons I
think that get response is the best email autoresponder out there right now
I will get into that though guys but straight off the bat if you want
actually sign up pre get response I put right there 30-day free trial you guys
can actually get that by clicking the link in the description there we link in
the description somewhere on the top you guys to click and actually sign up for
get response if you use that link you’ll actually get a 30 day free trial again
guys we’re trying to start on a low budget and you guys this is a fantastic
way to get started completely for free use the 30 day free trial and you guys
can start your own affiliate marketing business there’s pretty much zero
dollars you guys guys even after the 30 day free trial is over one of the
reasons I think get response is so great is because like they’re month their
monthly most basic plan is like $15 a month I pay a little bit more than that
just because I have a bigger list but for you as a beginning their most basic
plans like $15 a month with his wishes nothing guys honestly especially
compared to other email autoresponder services like a Arbor and MailChimp and
things like that where they’re at a higher price point that responds
definitely gives you the most value but like the cheapest price in my opinion
that’s why I use it that’s why I recommended to you guys as well
of course as I mentioned before some of the other features that get response
actually has I pour it there a landing page creator the guy’s a landing page
creator is extremely important because actually building a landing page and
actually having one is the way you’re actually going to be able to collect
email addresses we’re trying to be doing in this process make it as simple as I
can you need to be sending traffic most likely from some one of these social
media platforms over to your landing page but then you’re gonna be able to
collect that person’s email address get them on your list be able to email them
in the future without you know future offers future
promotions wherever you’re throwing at that time and then after they actually
opt-in to your landing page actually give you their email address actually
you’re gonna send them over to your affiliate offer to whatever you’re
promoting now you can actually have the potential to make a sale shake off the
bat shade up front but guys definitely check out get response as an email
autoresponder definitely the best one in my opinion as a landing page is another
thing you’re definitely gonna need for your affiliate marketing business of
course you guys can pay for some other landing page creators or software’s
listen of course even more money that’s gonna cost you even more money monthly
like I said guys we’re trying to do this for a cheap as you possibly can we’re
getting get response to get the email autoresponder and the landing page
created in one service for $15 a month is of course fantastic definitely the
most value we’re so I recommend it and with all that said guys those are the
top three things you’re definitely 110% gonna need if you want to start your own
affiliate marketing business online like I said guys number one thing affiliate
offers then you gonna need some traffic or some people and then last thing is
gonna be an email autoresponder I guess I guys check all those out with all that
being said guys hopefully you enjoyed the video got a little bit of value out
of it if you guys have any more comments or questions about affiliate marketing
or is online business in general good for you to drop a comment like I said
guys I’m gonna answer every single comment I get on this video and with
that being said if you guys enjoyed Apple like and if you really enjoyed
definitely make sure you subscribe for brand new videos every single
and with that being said guys my name is Anthony Villa I am out yes


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