Chili A Great Bowl Of Texas Red Venison Chili

hello I’m chef Johnny and this is Texas
Style Cuisine appreciate you stopping by today we got a special dish for you
there was a bunch of youtubers doing a collaboration I’ll put a list of all of
them I know down below but we are making chili so stay tuned let me show you how
I make my venison chili as you see I’ve got this started already
didn’t figure I needed to bore you y’all know how to how to brown meat and how to
saute onions and peppers and I’ve done that I do have a link down below for how
to roast a pepper I do have a roasted poblano pepper in here so you go over
there I’m actually roasting a red bell pepper on the video the same process so
you’ll know how to roast that pepper ah to do this because this is very good if you
add a poblano maybe get some new mexico chiles something like that well we’re
great in that but uh this is a is a good dish and if you look ya’ll can probably
see here my meat is not real small this was a little buck I shot last year and
we ground this up on the ten millimeter plate one time through when you make
chili you want to have some chunk to it you do not want it real fine a lot of
people use hamburger meat my wife likes it that way myself
I don’t I like it with a more ah or a little more texture to it and
traditionally it was meat sliced up into chunks and stood down so it was not a
ground meat so a little more traditional by by actually chunking it but this is just a very very coarse grind so meats in there
I’ve browned it up with a little fajita seasoning I use boulders brand
y’all use whatever y’all want I just you’ll find out very seldom do I
actually brown meat without putting some kind of seasoning on it so that’s what I
used for it you know we’re going to saw that in some of our other ingredients in
here so y’all can see how we get this chili together into my venison I’m going
to add two tablespoons of garlic powder if you want to use fresh garlic by all
means do that tablespoon of black powder (black pepper) tablespoon of salt I’ll tell you what
I’m gonna do I’m gonna put about half that in save about half of it because
I’m gonna put a tomato base in here and that salty so I want to be able to
sample it before I add all of my salt so put about half of that in there that
went in I’ve got 1/4 cup of dark chili powder and we’re gonna give this a stir
just work it into our meat so it’ll kind of
cooking in and I have one it was one great big poblano pepper you might use
two smaller ones whatever you want in a nice medium sized onion there’s a lot of
debate on chili one is tomatoes no tomatoes I like it both ways both are
very traditional for my part of Texas where I live at you’ll see some with
tomato sauce or chunked tomatoes today we are going to add tomato to it now I
have a great recipe on a collab I did with backwoods gourmet it’s a chorizo
chili that is a fantastic recipe we cooked down the dried peppers and and
cooked it that way without using the powder it’s wonderful I’ll put a link
for that video down below also so you can find it that’s all stirred in real
well because it starts seasoning this up good now I’m going to add something a
little different just one of the variations I do of chili I have three
chipotle peppers diced up with two tablespoons of the adobo sauce that they
were packed in we’re drop that in and that’s going to add some nice little
heat to it oh I’ll tell you what with my poblano pepper I also had a small
jalapeno diced up in there too we wanted this to have a little a little kick to
it tonight so we’re getting the Chili Peppers out I’m gonna be cooking these
in real well I’m just going to let this cook for just a little bit just to get
those flavors into the meat if it starts sticking a little bit to you like here
you see it a little bit over on this edge you can add a little liquid to it a
little water add a little beer that’s always a good addition to get that out
I’m going to add this can of diced tomatoes these are just regular diced I
like the petite ones better didn’t have any of those in the cabinet so we passed
on it tonight turn my heat down a little bit till I got this want to get that fond to kind of worked off the bottom where this meats been
cooking I don’t want to take a chance of it scorching so heats turned down I’m
add some water to this just enough to just enough to work that bottom and get everything
unstuck I don’t want anything stuck down there there might been a quarter cup
we’re gonna add more water to this in a minute so this is just another one of
the ingredients that’s going anyways there that goes I can turn it back up
again a little more water about another half a cup and what I’m gonna do is is I
am going to add you can see right here I have some Knorr brand tomato bouillon
with chicken it’s a great great base adds a tremendous flavor to everything
so I’m gonna stir that in and get that flavor going this pot of chili is
looking good now you will notice no beans inside this pot of chili Texas is
a no bean place now that’s not to be misunderstood do we eat means with our
chili yes very much so we cook it in a separate pot though cook our beans cook
our chili mix them on the plate ah I do I love beans with my chili but we just you
know and this is my deal you cook this great pot of chili you got this great
meat and you dump canned beans on top of it to me doesn’t make a lot of sense you
know at least cook you up some good beans to put in there with them if
you’re gonna dump them in some nice pintos or some kidney beans or some my
firmer bean that you could put in there head cook you up some and get those
going but that’s really nice there next ingredient going in is some tomato paste
about all about 1/2 of a 6 ounce can this is gonna be have a lot of tomato in
it you know if you want you being backwoods gourmet we had just a little
bit of tomato paste in there not as much as I did on this one but that is a
tremendous video and that that chili was great we made it up with chorizo and I
was just very impressed on the way that one came out so I’ve added about a cup
and a half of water I’m gonna go with about 2 more cups of water on this then we’re gonna let it cook and simmer for about an hour hour and a half remember
we want to let this meat break down and also it’ll it’ll thicken up some if it’s
not thick enough for me I’ll take a mixture of flour and cornmeal make a roux let me get my rest of my water so we’ve
got about oh I’d say three and a half cups of water with this and that’s
looking pretty and I wish I wish I could y’all could smell this mmm boy I tell
you what wonderful wonderful smell you can smell that chilli powder coming
through those roasted peppers this is just really smelling great we’ll take
just a sample this see how my seasonings are see if I need to adjust them I think
you can use the rest of my salt recipes been around so now I know about how much
it takes but I always like to be safe better safe than sorry
this chili has come to a boil that’s what I was looking for nice boil on it turn it down to get it to a simmer let
this simmer for about an hour or so we’ve got to cover it up one thing we want to
be careful of is don’t let it boil dry so low simmer we wanted to cook for that
hour we just watch your water levels it starts getting too low you can always
add a little bit of water to it but we’re gonna let it cook see how it turns
out about an hour it’s been a little over an hour and a half so we’re going
to take the lid off of this it’s been simmering and I’m gonna tell you what
these burners are handy little burners they’re not really made to cook that
long but my propane burner I have have a little 2 burner that sits on top of the
table the regulator was messing up and it was leaking today so I couldn’t use
it so I don’t want to go inside and set everything up in there so we did that
but this chili is looking good it’s thickened up well let me give it a
sample just to see the final taste if I need to adjust the seasonings any at all mm that’s real good this chili is just
really looking nice it’s cooked down well so I’m gonna take it I’m gonna put
a couple of nice big dipper’s in the bowl over here take some corn chips to go good with it little colby jack cheese up on top and a
few small diced onions I think that’s a real pretty bowl of
chili and I think what we’re gonna do is just take some cilantro leaves and
garnish this a little bit with that nice fresh cilantro and that looks beautiful
we’re gonna give this chili a try used one of my chips here and I’ll tell
you what that corn chip with this chili and cheese and onion that’s a good bowl of chili man I tell
you it’s kind of cool it was in the 30s this morning when I got up so it was it was
rather cool and I’ll tell you this is this is nice kind of temperature
dropping now so it’s going to be a great end of the day meal that crispy a corn chip gives
you some crunch of course you have those those fresh onions we sprinkled on the
top had some texture to it that meat leaving it on that number 10 die cutting
it up leaves the texture and that meat that’s why you have to break it down and
cook it so long but the cheese goes well with it yeah a little bit hot little
warm I like that though and of course your cheese the fat and that will mild
that some but there you have it the great lets see what’s the name of this
there you have it the great chili confrontation I believe that’s right
I’ll check the hash tag into it but if you check hashtag great chili
confrontation everybody’s video that was in this you come up I know a few of them
I will let you know Josh and babe check them out they’re on here cooking with CJ
Daddy Dutch BBQ don’t forget Kent over there he’s in it Roundhouse ranch
Eric Bottlecap cookers in it I think a Chicken-fried BBQ Bill over there
so we got quite a few different ones in there I’ll put some links for those
channels down below so you can find theirs but also search that hashtag
great chili confrontation and the sad thing is that some of these boys gonna
be dumping beans in their chili I think that’s about the worst thing that’s
gonna happen other than that there’s some great chilies I tell I am I’m
kidding I do like I said I like beans with my chili I don’t dump em in we
cook it separate but chili and beans great great meal on a cold night we’re
having chili with cheese and chips and this would be great also and probably
have enough left over that tomorrow maybe I’ll make you a Frito pie
now there’s another great classic that I need to put on those show sometime but
thanks for stopping by I always do appreciate it
give me that thumbs up tell your friends and family about us
share us on your social media and I’m will see you down the road on Texas Style
BBQ And Cuisine how them boys put food away beats all I’ve ever seen

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