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I have been dealing with a lot of
coaches trainers and consultants and people who want to become one and when I
ask them how are you different or how can I get the best from you and not from
others the typical answer is you know what we are just better than others in
this video it took me a long time to understand what I’m going to share in
this video so in next 30 minutes you will understand what is it that takes
for you to differentiate yourself from all the other people in the business
understanding your micro niche number two understanding who is Authority and
what Google thinks about you whether you are an authority or not and at the end
you will also understand the importance of how you can position yourself and
brand yourself so that even if you are new in this business you can still
attract more clients and position yourself as a leader now I want to do
tell you that all the knowledge is all complete waste if you don’t take action
so I encourage you to watch this entire video and understand what it takes to
differentiate yourself as a coach and mentor and authority by the end of
thirty minutes you will be much better than all the people out there who are
wanting to do lot of things in the business but they’re not able to figure
out why people are not paying them big money for brand and you know how they’re
different so enjoy the video and if you have any questions leave it in the
comment box below in the video and we will make new videos based on your
suggestions and your questions our objective is only one which is to serve
you and help you to grow your business so thank you for watching and enjoy the
video my entire family respects me now and
that’s very important I think let’s do a quick refresher some
of you already might have you know attended my live workshop like a mole
you know some of you already attended think we J but it’s a good to know where
we are going we often get caught up in all the small small task of the day is
we get you know forget where we are even heading and what does it do not what is
it gonna take to reach where we want to reach right so today we start our day on
with that bigger note coming rai video Nev and I are you know I have not done
the video I have not done the code no and then let’s align to why even doing
course okay so they’ll do a quick refresher of this and then we’ll get
into details this is where I think lot of you started okay or maybe even
starting I don’t think you know I think everybody started right this is where we
were you I am which is impacting one to ten people so this is me this is where
we are right income stream one ultimately our
objective is to make money and become free right so income stream this is
where we work and this is where I think everybody started to two months ago
right in the beginner stage where you realize either what your mission is your
vision is what your passion is and then you started taking action towards it
right this is where what is the stage what what happens here lot of you guys
remember draw off self self development scepter nning happens here right so what
are those learnings where do we get those learnings from video books videos
seminars okay so now why am i sharing this is because this of validation they
check you know are you ready to even go from beginner stage to a next stage if
you’re not doing this if you not becoming great at what you’re doing
there is no next right so this is the first stage and how many people we are
impacting right now yeah it’s 10 200 people right Maxim hundred people I
think you know people have already started in this journey like Yoga is
your PG and all some people already have more followers but most of us this is
where we start it right you guys have got feedback right one of these quotes
about what they write is Savard what others videos right so you know this is
where you are right now right so right now income stream again one right I’m
sure and that it has to be one don’t be greedy
don’t be greedy I need to it I need to 92 it’s a process it takes time okay but
if you don’t spend a lot of time here they will be knows they know third stage
4 stage okay then comes intermediate okay how many
people be in packet any cases look I know I told you about 1000 but that’s a
loyal followers right this could be mixed up you know either income stream two or three all right so
this is where the money starts coming in okay and this stage does not happen
overnight it takes few months at least right we just started two months ago
right so don’t expect that you know there will be a miracle and the magic
will happen so if we’re looking at the long-term perspective right you’ve seen
a lot of people having you know some medicine drugs for health and all is bad
right natural health is good right so this is we will grow organically and
naturally right so it will take time then comes the expert stage now today I
think you know some of you will have very good clarity like JJ @eg you know
you will be able to position yourself as an expert so you are doing good but
you’re still not positioning yourself as an expert in specific domain and area
until you don’t position yourself well you don’t make a lot of money you don’t
make a lot of you know goodies right so you have to transition yourself to
expert and position of the expert you are expert in your own field but it
should reflect in media and then everybody should associate you with you
know that particular thing in as an expert right that’s what we will discuss
this is the sweet spot in to reach these many people five to fifteen thousand
right our goal of course to have major majority of those people to have the
loyal followings if they are loyal followings we all said we have five to
fifteen thousand and on incomes three to five training
coaching books workshop this is where you start making more money okay this is
this is will probably will happen it’ll probably take some people at eight
months some people ten months twelve months you know it depends how soon
you’re able to implement things and how soon you will reach here you will start
generating income right you will have people reaching out to you asking you
that I can you do paid consultation can you do paid coaching right that’s where
that will happen then of course Authority 7:11 plus I’m not going details we
already know about this all right to check what stage have you recent bear
you have reached right pull out your cell phone so it’s on your internet and
google your name well your name you did yesterday good
that means you already aware you know you’re checking where you’re heading
look it’s like me doing a lot of things right but where is it going
you’re sending a lot of me no messages we need your scores in universe but
where is it going that’s to reach somewhere right it has
to stick somewhere so that universe is Google right so what is the point
raise your hand if you’re able to see yourself now better than what you saw
two months ago raise your hand if you if you see your content now okay good good
you’re on applause for your each one okay what did you see you make your
articles Amazon Amazon premier okay good good very good so what is my point here
somebody said if you’re not on the first page of Google you don’t exist yes yes
applause so now we already got your existence back okay for people who are
yet to show up on the first page you know where you’re going wrong you need
to show up on your first page like whatever you’re doing so what are you
doing whether you’re selling products you’re selling consulting you’re
building your own authority whatever you’re doing if you’re not appearing on
the first page as a personal brand that means you’re doing something wrong you
cannot in today’s time you cannot succeed as a faceless organization or a
company right why do you think that Richard Branson is so strong his
personal brand is so strong right do you even know he has 50 companies within
Virgin brand we don’t even know but we know Richard Branson any business he
starts it grows why because there’s a Richard Branson attached to it imagine
there was no Richard Branson face and the only names of the companies like
Virgin this version that all that thing if you had to start a new business he
probably can leverage version but his brand version you know Richard Branson
brand would not alleviate it as much as Ken right when he there was one bank he
acquired some shares or you know got into board right moment northwest bank
in North America or something moment he got into that the shares went up why is
that Miki’s of your personal brand right you
got to check this time to time where do you read in rate right because whatever
business you’re gonna do you know first thing they’ll check is who you are right
like I was approaching one person for TEDx talk right
and I I told her who am i what am i doing all that thing and I said that hey
just do me a favor can you just google they’ve got me right you’ll know
everything about me that is the positioning that you need to
have that Google knows enough about you so that you don’t have to you know build
your credibility Google should be enough right this is very powerful so if I have to ask you what do you do
what would be answer what do you do like okay just let me give you a scenario
okay so it’s a so similar setup like this workshop or you’re going in train
going in bars you meet a stranger right and stranger tale it asks you okay a
nice meeting you nice minute so what do you do how would you respond old on lon
raise your hand who wants to respond look you know in a social gathering or
something and somebody asks you such an so what do you do write about yourself
what do you do who would like to answer raise your hand Ron applause of an age everybody is a
generalist right how are you different what is so unique about you what’s so
special about you okay you’re off there okay big deal you’re an entrepreneur big
deal you know I’m a coach okay trainer big deal everybody is just
chilling out in the same board you’re not differentiating yourself right this
does not really excite me okay everybody is an entrepreneur every author right
you know I started I stall I’m an entrepreneur right how are you different
your titles have to be very very specific very unique it should be very
memorable yeah that’s where you know the positioning comes into a picture so
going forward don’t introduce yourself I’m a trainer coach consultant known you
have to introduce yourself as you’re on a mission and this is my mission and
then you talk about this is what I do right this is my mission this is what I
do don’t you know put yourself as a tag
that I’m a trainer if you wanted I have something unique like India’s pose
passionate in your mentor that has like oh wow what does that mean right
first Amazon premier you know mentor what does that mean Carmen trainer
mentor like whatever you know talk to me you need does not have to be same
similar rhyming and all but till the time you not putting things right in
good perspective and being different you still like everybody else just like
a journalist okay and next two years it’s gonna be very very difficult why
because this market is gonna become very very competitive you will see so many
trainers coaches and consulting bombarding Indian market because all the
trend has happened outside it happens here now what’s gonna happen 99% of
those people they will be using same tags or the speaker trainer gorgeous
start up mental business coaches you will see every day and this was just
once one page I was scrolling everybody author author author author author
author that’s it at least if you know you could have been little both creative
saying the author of this book so people say relate oh okay
you author about this author about what right you’re talking about warm you
talking about health fitness water what does that mean no right the positioning
is so bad and trust me nobody knows all this thing right they just so naive you
know they just keep walking and then even people in the industry for you know
5 years 10 years 15 years they still you know falter at this thing if you’re not
uniquely positioning yourself in other person’s head how would you be different right so we’re going to talk about all
those things for s next two to three hours and we’ll have clarity on you know
these things so that you don’t think makes any mistakes and you put yourself
in their mind the way you want them to perceive you right
not as a journalist but you want to become a specialist of what you
understand by this hmm yeah so you expect falafel but you
good what else what else JJ guy example listen right JJ what are
the compliments that you getting what kind of compliments are you getting
these days from outsiders so compliments are something something
right you spoke about video editing team yeah velocity how anybody please we use
really so I don’t um however you a techie who does it for me I’m not saying
I am doing myself a video reading deal which works for me so that there are
applause for him what is positioning the positioning is
the way other person will perceive you and your brand that is positioning it is
not how you’re positioning your product in the market that’s not the position in
that a product should this product should look like this or death not
positioning positioning is how other people are perceiving this product that
is positioning and very very few people understand this and have the clarity how
JJ positions himself in the market is what’s gonna matter not what’s behind it
you behind probably the Apple is cut it’s not the
full even full Apple right it may be rotten skin is properly have you seen
those Apple rotten apples they take a bite inside rotten but you see I owe you
what this one is not a nice Apple nice Apple you pay a heavy price right an
apple is a perfect example right you pay you no more than 200 rupees kgs you go
ends rotten why this was your perception right what you want to show to the world
the Apple was perfect in your head in reality it may not be same way we all
have to position ourselves in a certain way that we come across as an authority
we come across as an expert no matter how many flaws we have in the back ok
those flaws will keep working right one of them is this you know having themes
of course but look now some of people will have ethics and all that thing I
know right right this is one of them second is being accessed accessible
right when you position yourself as an expert and authority you cannot be
accessible right of it I want to talk to yoga yes that’s me okay I saw your video
a fan evo you cannot be accessible right on the first call right so even again I
share it with him we all have to get the clarity on how we want others to
perceive us no matter what we are doing in the background for the NAS is
replying to my messages or I am replying saying I’m not it does not matter at the
end what matters is the app will is full and Dave has a team Dave is not
reachable Dave is busy whatever it is you will reach a certain point you know
once you start making more more and more videos you will have to use the
positioning so where and positioning has other aspects as well which is how are
you different right Apple is an apple but how is this
Apple different than green apple you know or the other Apple Kashmir Apple
whatever it is what is the unique you know positioning that you have in their
mind right so that’s what we cannot discuss but you need to remember that
it’s all about positioning it’s not about how what content you’re sharing
what your product is doing all that thing it’s about how you positioning it
how people are perceiving your product in yourself once you understand how
people are perceiving you right that’s when you start getting everything that
you want right and moment people see you on camera and video people perceive you
that you are already somebody bigger than them then they see you pores when
they say or see your write-ups articles you know no Beth no matter how many
flaws we have but your perception is coming across that you are full Apple
and you are different and they need to work on that right turn down what club who puts that perception in our brains
and we’re done no all right known as the coca-cola right they want us to perceive
Coca Cola’s Panda what I had though see these are the
lines positioning people smart people have spent a lot of time money and
effort coming up with those lines and jingles to do what to position
themselves better beautifully playing with her you know thoughts and minds and
they’re putting their product in our mind the perception of mind in such a
beautiful way that we perceive that way you know India’s first fashion trainer
mentor you know who is the person help people you know helping people find wait
the night to fire and build the business around fashion know that if only rarely
few names will come in the mind that’s the perception I am putting in
everyone’s mind that is my positioning that if you want to quit 9:00 to 5:00 if
you want to find your passion and build the business or not fashion means
they’ve read me or fashion print mastermind that’s something that we need
to start doing now some people are already ready with their product and
already at that level you can start doing it immediately and have that
clarity how do you want people to perceive you some you will have to be
bald and you can keep working on it right you may not have clarity as of
today how do you only fall but I will give you the recipe to them right I
already gave you example there’s so many coaches and mentors and you know people
who are becoming an industry will bombard you will bombard you so you need
to stand out this strong noise in the market is right this is exactly what is
happening so there’s so much of noise there in
different coaches different consultants offering this offering that you know and
at the end of the day of you are we all on the same path over I am the life
coach I’m the motivational speaker everybody alkaline miedo please come in
the cube we all have becoming you know the same same because there’s so much of
noise right so you have to stand out here to be different that’s the most
important part have you got those objections do it for free why don’t you
do it for free I was expecting to go free
yeah you’re coaching strainings you got right why is it happening you know of
course there are definitely people who want a lot of things for free but it’s
part of your fault as well they did not take you as an authority you think I
lost Daniel off to do something preach coach me free still there will be people
that’s why I say the part of responsibility lies on you
part of it energy and major part of it on you right you cannot control others
you cannot control what they’re you know expecting they will expect but my
responsibility is to make sure that people know that I do charge premium
because I am authority I am most effective and nothing don’t agree of
course right to start with of course don’t confuse it right don’t get the
attitude in you then I don’t charge when you’re starting do it for free whatever
you do it it’s fine okay but you will have to keep working on that
over a period of time you need to you know position yours in authority right
people don’t take you for granted your time for granted like for example a lot
of people ask me for you know free book directly coming is hey give me a free
book like do you think I’m obligated to give you my free book like you know I
give me a break you know can I have everybody on this you know I it’s my
choice right whether I want to be this period so the objections or situations
that you get is you know do it for free or I know can you do this you know huh
it’s knowledge charity I know but you have to put it in a very nice
professional surfer way right and the other objection you get is negotiation
right forces three of course and then people negotiate with you or somebody
else is doing for this business or somebody’s doing this does this happen
right yeah that’s because they don’t know you’re clear differentiation they
don’t know how great you are right you don’t want to become like this person
right typical sales person excited that every opportunity and you’re ready to
grab every opportunity right you do not have to become a generalist right can
you do this oh yes I can do it oh can you rule it yes I can do this also or
can you do this oh yes I can do this can you talk on this topic oh yes yes
yes right don’t be a general to start with of course you have to grab all the
opportunities that you can to be on the stage in all but eventually you need
have a differentiation you know what you need to ready be ready to say no be
ready to say no sorry I cannot help you on this my subject is only this in fact
your respect will go up right and your positioning will go up if not today
tomorrow or some other day when his friend is colleague someday somewhere
it’ll come back to you that oh you know what this penguin and he is an expert
only in this field so I focus you know I will work with that person in this field
make sense all right so what are the general positionings these are the
general position all right so next time you know even if you have putting
yourself in the title and tag you got to be created right creative doesn’t cost
money creativity doesn’t cost money it just costs the effort right instead
of just just saying all that you need to think of some creative ways of how you
can position and then of course I said I myself evolved over a period of time
right I strive so the keywords then I reach to my final thing okay now this is
the Vino destination I know this is a blue ocean in a sweet spot I’m gonna do
this okay yeah okay so the task will be to think of some innovative tagline they
stopped support what you do something like that okay or it has to be something
unique yeah unique positioning if no unique positions and think of some
tagline like for example I helped power companies do business whatever catchy
words alright one person I know who’s working Linda reset ask me how I helped
a client make two million dollars in this mysterious Wow would you not want to connect with the
person that how did you make two million dollars to that person that’s the
tagline that’s the tagline that’s the innovation that’s a
creativity which is required which is missing in most of the people around the
globe not just in India compete creative and make and stand out that’s where you
positioning yourselves right from the beginning right like crane now that
you’ve understood a lot of things on how to identify something unique how to
position yourself as an authority and you took probably due to the Google test
as well here’s what I want you to do as you know that if you don’t take action
not this knowledge is going to help you so here’s what I want you to do there
are three things I want you to do number one I want you to write down ten things
which are unique about you write 10 things which I do think about you and
put it in the comment box number one number two I also want you to write who
do you really want to serve and how do you want to serve them like who are the
people who is your target audience and how do you want to serve them so put
that also in the comment box and number three is what is your unique tag line
now if you are just starting your career let’s accept it it’s gonna be very hard
for people to pay you a lot of money for which you need to really understand what
is your tagline what is so unique about you so I want you to put the unique tag
line as well okay so these are three things okay put it in the comment box
and I will review and where if I have sometimes some of the best ones
I will pick and I even highlight in some of my social media post okay now here’s
what you will learn let’s move to the part number two where you will
understand exactly what are the things that you need to do in order to position
yourself is not thority okay so in that next video you will learn more
in depth and why people should buy from you why they should pay you more and
most importantly how they can come finding you once they come finding you
of course you can charge them really big amount but crucial also please do me a
favor as I’m doing this to help you and help many people so it would really
really add value to me is if you can share this video with all the people
that will really learn from this and this is what they were waiting for okay
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we come over these videos every week and I’m sure he will learn a lot that you’ve
not learned in your college education or any other courses so go ahead and
subscribe share and I will see you in the next video
take care


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