“Class B Life is Fantastic!” | Camper Van Life S1:E37

this week we take the campervan to
Quartzsite Arizona on a driving tour of of RTR, chat about van life and share our
RV living tip for surviving in a small space.
we are off to quartzite and
as we’ve learned from previous boondocking experiences it is very good
to stock up on fresh fruits and things like that before going out to the desert
right leo I always get a bit nervous when cake
goes into the store by herself she tends to find a lot of stuff she really wants
and brings a lot more back than she probably probably should and we’re gonna
head to Costco after this to stock up on a few other things so be interested to
see what the sprouts haul is today all right let’s see what you got what’d you
get you know have you ever seen an avocado this big no it’s a pound feel it
oh my god I got eggplants okay
from broccoli and ten cans of sardines so we’re all set
all right we are headed to the X capers annual bash out in quartzite we’ve never
been out the quartzite before so it should be a lot of fun everyone said
it’s one of those things you have to do at least once
I also heard it’s kind of like the Burning Man for our views Italy who gets
to go to quartzite is to lay off the dirt day long we made it we finally made it there’s
something big going on right down there so I think let’s take Leo for the for a
bathroom break and then we can walk over sounds good but can we take a moment yes I think I’m gonna go with a keeping
experience today got your new kettle I love this thing I just set the
temperature and let it go to counter what tea are you making me oh great can
you hand me the pop-up light that our W chair family member gave us Shannon if
you’re watching thank you for our lucci light there you go this is Rick his
pants match my hat we became instant friends they’re in the Winnebago paseo
across the way and Rick you were saying of what about Class B life let’s be
alive is fantastic guys I think like this is huge you’ve got the
whole world around you you can go anywhere and everywhere
no confinements nothing I love that you have your back doors open it it makes it
even bigger inside doesn’t it it is huge we call it our hillbilly
curtain so we can just bring it filling it up
and down and especially at night it’s kind of nice when it gets colder we’d
like to have the extra blanket to you know keep the cold out and it works well
I mean this is like literally a five dollar ballmart blanket with two
clippies that we’ve got there and we just put it between the between the
screen here I don’t really drink the only thing I like is this home bear had
double I recommend it to anybody so came back if they if they see this
video at some point just sent me a check for the advertisement but we really like
the lifestyle it’s much easier much simpler no space now the only space that
you might if it’s like hey the thanks get fooled we need to done but that’s
that’s pretty much distress level that we have so do you guys our in your rig
yeah we do okay however not that often commonly what we do is we go to our V
parks or state parks to do things like laundry taking long showers because
obviously if the limit of our capacity it’s you know you take a navy shower you
want to see the film to spell it now of course it is a slight mess because we
are actually living here oh I like this thing yeah I believe you just got
another like a vault mark or something okay and we fell counter to the to the
floor so it stays in in place big old penny out here and then our
clothes go here my wife’s clothes go here mine go here for today’s we got
storage out here you know put some pans that that sort of stuff
oh this is a shower okay a place where we hang our trash I mean we put our
trash – everything is multifunctional and you know multi-use you know every
everything that we’ve got in this egg has at least you know two or three uses
that is just that’s just how it goes I love your sticky note this is b-positive
be truthful and be helpful yeah love many tests you
do wrong to now on and with that you know life is life is good got your name badge I do gotta grab my
chair though really excited about all the seminars going on me too so this
first one is going to be free camping and the next one is boondocking talking to a group about boondocking
they’re all Boondock day three quartzite it’s been a lot of
fun over the escapers convergence however we are on the other side of
quartzite from RTR so we figured we’d drive in today let’s go see the madness like that just a tiny little sign uh-huh
target er do you know how far were supposed to go the maps at one point
four miles I don’t think we’ll have any problem
finding welcome to RTR thank you we made it but
Leo you made it to RTR what do you think this looks much more organized than all
the reports I’d heard from other people and it looks like a lot of fun it’s just
really crowded everyone is parked right on top of
another each other I’m some really happy we are where we are but I’m glad to have
made it down here taking a tour around the sea but that response further out
where there is more space yeah I think with any event the closer you camp
towards the center the more crazy it gets mm-hmm if you’re looking to convert
your own van I think RTR is the place to go I’m sure a lot of you guys are familiar
with them I care there they’re gonna talk about van life and their transition
from downsizing what did you guys have before we had a Class A and towing a
Jeep oh nice so now you guys don’t even have
a tow vehicle or anything like that well I’ll let them give you all those details
I won’t ruin it but we’re excited to have them here and I hope you guys enjoy
Thank You Melanie and Travis for having us and letting us do this chat back in
2015 we quit it all and we hit the road in our class a we had a 30-foot new mark
we were towing a four-door Jeep around and after a while we realized that the
Newmar was just way too big for our needs we were passing up a lot of spots
we weren’t going to places we necessarily wanted to so we decided to
go through a process of downsizing and looking at other options and ended up
with the Class B five months into full-time RVing we did a sort of spring
cleaning and looked at all the stuff that we brought with us and realized we
had empty cabinets cabinets we’ve never even opened a funny story I like to tell
is Joe was looking for some socks and he couldn’t figure out where they were
during our spring cleaning I found a drawer in our motor home
opened it it was all the socks he had been missing and we were on the road for
five months before we open this drawer and that’s when we realized holy cow we
have so much stuff we brought with us we could go smaller we can minimize even
more by four I’m hoping this is subliminal soak it in hey I’m already
sold on the 4×4 motorcycles we were actually joking that I could
drive the van and Joe could drive a touring bike and I’ll be his chase crew
travel his motorcycle fix one tip we wanted to share with you for anybody
considering living smaller is you know the thing we talked about which is how
do we keep from killing each other and number one tip we have for everyone is
to communicate communicate and then communicate some more but communicate
well and communicate again yes what you don’t want to have happen and we’re
talking from experience is things will start to build up and you live in such a
small space that if you don’t communicate that you don’t let that out
with your partner or scream at yourself if you live alone it’ll build up and
eventually it bursts you don’t want that to happen because there’s really no
place to go escape you don’t have a car to drive off you can you know take a
quick walk but you’re going to be coming back and ninety square feet feels really
small when you’re upset at each other you know they’re still on the other side
shameless plug so we have a book it’s called take risks
one couples journey to quit their jobs and hit the open road it was kind of a
passion project that I wrote we wanted to tell this story about everything we
went through leading up to getting on the river so this was from day one when
Kate came up with the crazy idea to actually live this lifestyle to us
quitting our job selling the home you know just downsizing the home to make it
into the motor home and in that first day on the road so it’s the first book
in a series we have flyers if you’d like to take one but the book is available
pretty much on any digital platform I also have paperback copies if you would
like a signed copy here there are other fellow van dwellers so if you guys are
seriously interested in downsizing to a van or even a small RV I really
encourage you to talk to all of them I’ve had a lot of people ask me about
coffee and tomorrow today and at our van I’m gonna do a little coffee demo you
guys will get to see in person how the coffee works we’re gonna see if we can
draw the battery down enough so that if you’re there and I’m running my kettle
you’ll see volts starting action thank you guys for coming and we do have
a travel video series about what it’s like to live in a camper van full time
if you’re interested in checking it out it’s at our YouTube channel where the
Russos and we also share tips and tricks on our website so thank you guys really
appreciate it thank you our session went really well yesterday
it did the Q&A lasted almost as long as the session we’re gonna put the full
seminar up on patreon for our wtr family so check it out over there if you’re
interested and I’ve got to get set up for a coffee down poor tights been a lot of fun checking
out the RTR it was really interesting but it is time for us to get going we
have a lot of work to do we’re not getting anything done here because this
is just a fun party for everybody so we’re packing up and we’re heading out I’ve never seen you pack up so quickly
motorcycle ride Joe is getting all of his motorcycle gear and I haven’t done this and
Wow and to think a nice to do this almost
every day cleanses the whole step because it’s actually a raisin clutch in
there and it’s a 320 millimeter front runner I mean you brought sport bikes
they had really good brakes but people use of dual sports it’s not an obvious
but I mean they’re they’re good so we’ll just go up the road there’s some a
little bit of twist of turn not a lot but you know up the road here and just
take a ride I want to say a huge thank you to Dan
and Sarah from 2-wheel rambling you guys are awesome Dan thank you so
much for letting me take your bike out I had an amazing time and it was it was
the best way to end our experience here at the escapers annual bash in quartzite
but now we’ve got to get to Vegas so you guys thank you again enjoy the
book and we’ll possibly run into you again in Texas all right my love thank you guys so much for watching if
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next Wednesday bye


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