Class B RV Shopping on Travel Channel’s Big Time RV

Okay. Take 90! We know a lot of you have seen us on Big Time RV. But what you haven’t seen is some of the behind the scenes footage that we shot while we were shooting the show. And I know a lot of you have found us through Big Time RV. Thank you for subscribing, commenting. Hope you enjoy the footage. Well, we are going to be on the show tomorrow. Big Time RV. I figured, might be good to press my shirt. We’re going to be on camera. Better off not, as my mom would call it looking like a slob. [Kait] And our neighbors were kind enough to lend you their iron. Yes, they lent me their iron. I’ve been looking for one of these for a while. [Kait] It’s good to have good neighbors. [Kait] Are you excited to be on the show? Very excited. A little nervous. National television…something totally different. [Kait] It’s a little more than the 1,300 subscribers we have on YouTube. Hey! I like every, each and everyone of those subscribers. And I appreciate them. It’s almost 9 o’clock. They’re picking us up to get the paperwork done. And then we go and start filming. I don’t know if our outfits are going to be approved. I’ve got my teenage mutant ninja turtle socks on. So we’ll see how that flies. So we have to redo the shoot because
the camera was off. [Cameraman] I’m very sorry. I screwed up. Here we go. [Cameraman] The cameraman boo-booed. [Cameraman] I beg your pardon. We have to
do that scene again. Big Time RV baby! [Joe] So babe, what’s going on? We filmed our intro this morning. And just went through the Winnebago Era. [Joe] What? [Production Assistant] I think they are ready for you. [Joe] Okay. [Kait] Alright. [Kait] Ouch! [Joe] Are you okay? [Kait] What do you think about that bathroom? It’s certainly airy.


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