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Brianna welcome back to my channel today we’re cleaning and decorating for
Valentine’s Day and I’ve got my besties with me they’re going to be doing the
same exact thing over on their channels so make sure you go check out their
videos after this one and stay tuned these are always my favorite videos to
make because I love decorating and changing up the decor onto my house for
my family to enjoy and I feel like this is one of my favorite things during
childhood when my mom would decorate our home or when teachers would have
decorations at school it just always made it so fun so that’s why I love
decorating and if you love cleaning decorating routines and day-in-the-life
logs I hope that you subscribe to my channel if you’re new here and follow
our family on my Instagram too and let me know which decor or which room is
your favorite in the comments below as you watch in the foyer I use the method
mint glass cleaner to clean the mirror the method wood for good cleaner in
almond to dust the foyer table and I used a mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get
what rid of a few of the scratches that were on the table I love using pops of
red in here with the white table with some of those traditional roses the love
sign and this is one of my favorite pictures of Landon ever it was on his
first Valentine’s Day then in the kid’s room I’m cleaning off the craft table we
got this one from Pottery Barn and they love it they do crafts here eat snacks
they play in here all of the time and when I’m in the kitchen it’s so nice to
just set them up in here but I’m using the method antibacterial in wild flower
which smells amazing even my husband loves it
and then I’m using the magic eraser on a couple of the marks that were on the
table and then the same method almond wood cleaner to dust the buffet and the
you know that are in this room and pretty much all of the decor on the
table and the buffet is from the target dollar spot over the last few years but
I did get a new banner from Target this year I thought it was so cute and I’m
sprinkling some red rose petals that are from the Dollar Tree on the table and the decorations on the piano there’s
an Ohio sign we live in Cleveland a Dollar Tree puzzle that landed crafted
last year it says love you to pieces and those are ho hay lyrics because I walk
down the aisle to an acoustic version at our wedding in the kitchen I had to clean up a bit
from lunch I filmed this while the kiddos are napping but I used that same
antibacterial spray and wild flower on the table and on the countertops and
today’s quote of the day is from one of my favorite women I find her to be so
inspiring Maya Angelou you alone are enough you have nothing to prove to
anybody and I hope that you know that you don’t have to change anything about
yourself B you do what makes you happy and I always hope that my videos leave
you feeling happy or inspired because like I said earlier decorating is one of
my favorite things I love to do and I love to share that with others so if you
like this video or my channel it does mean the world when you share it on your
social Stu and tag me in any of your decor I always get really inspired by
you and would love to share what you’re
doing but I decided to keep it fresh and simple in here and got some different
colored flowers from the grocery store to just make it really romantic and
pretty and hanging a heart-shaped wreath that I got from the craft store on the
pantry and I got these dish towels at Kohl’s last year hey what’s cooking good
looking I was looking for stuff for my three tiered stand and I just didn’t see
anything that knocked my socks off so I’m gonna keep looking
possibly just wait till next year but let me know if you have any good ideas
for a Valentine’s Day three-tiered stand or if you have any Pinterest links leave
those down below but I always use the method mint glass cleaner for my
stainless steel appliances so in our family room I love changing
out the pillows and throw blankets for this season and this is my favorite
accent color I love blush and moms and I cannot get enough of these pillows let
me know if you want to see a video where I either show a neutral house tour so
like no decor you can just see the base of how everything looks or if you’d
rather see how I change out all of the seasons of decor on the couch the mantle
the foyer tables in our other rooms let me know if you’d rather see the
completely blank slate or if you’d like to see a compilation of all the
different decor on the mantel again I love these blush
candles I love that color and the small frames are new I found them in the
target dollar spot this year and I got the garland from Target last year and I’m so excited because I got a new
toy I got a Dyson and the one I got is an animal v10 model and so far I am
obsessed with it it is so much more fun to vacuum without a cord in the way
seriously I love this I do not know why I waited so long to get this thing um
but don’t forget let me know in the comments as I clean the floors if you
have a favorite spot or a favorite piece of decor in the house and because I
always get asked here are the three cleaning products that I used for this
video the method antibacterial and wild flower the wood cleaner in almond and
the glass cleaner in mint these are my ride-or-die cleaning products I love
them and speaking of ride-or-die don’t forget to check out tiffany her channel
is Beauty and the Beast ins and my coast rocker because I love them they’re my
best friends they’re all about inspiring and uplifting other women and they make
me laugh so hard wait for the bloopers but I know you’ll
love getting to see their Valentine’s Day decorations and they’re claiming
motivation videos too Taco Bell Grande armée
I’m the grande I’m the bell grande over here a nacho okay we’re recording so
you’ve already watched Tiffany in Micah’s videos please check out some of
my other videos here and I hope you subscribe if you’re new
happy Valentine’s Day love’s


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