Clean Your Fans – I Did Not And THIS Is What It Looked Like!

Would you believe that it has only been two
months since I cleaned this case? Welcome to The Hippie Geeks. If you enjoy this video, be sure to subscribe
and hit the bell notification icon to catch all our new content! I know, this looks pretty terrible, and it
is. This computer lives under our TV, and our
two dogs sleep right in front of it. That tends to leads to an exceptional amount
of dog hair and dust collecting on these fans. We built this computer last year, if you want
to see that you can click on the card now, and it came with dust screens for each fan. Unlike most cases though, those screens are
on the inside so it will be interesting to see how they worked. To open up the case we remove the three screws
from the back of the top panel and pull it back to disengage the tabs. Looking inside, it�s not as bad as I expected. There is a little dust, but for the most part
the screen succeeded at their jobs and kept the majority of the hair and dust out of the
case itself. To clean out your case, you can use compressed
air, and air compressor, or even a shop vac set to blow to get rid of everything. I have used all of those methods, but this
time I will be using our air compressor. When you are blowing out your computer fans
using any of these methods though, be sure to not force too much air onto any of the
fans. The compressed air will spin the fans faster
then they are rated for, and I have watched a fan come apart when spun too quickly. This case didnt take too much to get it cleaned
out, make sure to pay special attention to the power supply and drive cages as those
love to collect dust and hair. With that done it was time to take that case
back into the house, and move on to my editing computer. This case lives in the garage just outside
of my editing closet � and it shows. Again this has only been a couple of months
� and it is freaking disgusting. With the average temperature out there hovering
around fifty degrees however, I haven�t really worried about it overheating either. Taking this case apart is more of a process,
as every glass panel is held on with four thumbscrews. We also have a video talking about building
in this case, and you can click on the on the card up in the corner to check it out. First up is the front glass panel and the
dust screen underneath it. Yep, its gross, lets fix that. A few bursts of air later and it is as good
as new. After setting those safely down I moved onto
the other main intake on the top of the case and cleaned that filter out and set it safely
aside. I followed up with both side panels, and then
blew out the rest of the case. Again, as this case had dust filters on all
of the intake fans, leading to very little dust on the inside of this case. After that, it is time to button everything
back up. Moral of this story, have dust filters on
your intake fans. Also, clean your computers more than once
every two months. Also, it was incredibly nice to have some
sunshine this weekend, it wasn�t terribly warm but it was some sunshine on my face,
and after the winter I am glad to have it. If this is your first time here on The Hippie
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