Clickfunnels 10X Secrets Masterclass Affiliate Launch Strategies

hello so in this video I am going to
share with you tips on how you can promote the clickfunnels
10x secrets launch or if you missed the launch still ways that you can promote
the 10x secret product or if your not even interested in promoting that
product but you’re interested in promoting other clicks click funnels
products what I’m going to show you will also apply to that or other launches or
if you’re promoting just like other affiliate offers some of the things that
I show you in this video will apply to helping you with that also my name is
Rachel is Lee and my channel is all about affiliate marketing online
business automation passive income making money online all this fun stuff
this is actually a live stream that I did in my private Facebook group well
it’s free to join influencer affiliate marketing and drop my phone with Rachel
Leslie so I’ll put the link to that in the description below but this is a live
stream that I did to the group earlier today and I thought it was really good
information so I wanted to share it with you guys on YouTube in the live stream
I’m kind of like look I don’t know when I do live streams my eyes don’t really
like stay focused to the camera because I’m just like thinking off in my brain
so but you’ll still like the information and if you like that kind of stuff I
shared with you be sure to subscribe to the channel if you like the stuff i
teach be sure to like the video and leave me a comment and let’s get into
the content oh wait one more thing in the video I talked about how I got Grant
Cardone socks from the click funnels affiliate headquarters and I wanted to
show you guys the sucks they’re really cool they’re like 10x secrets don’t be a
little bitch seller be sold I’ll tell you all about it in the video hello okay I think we’re alive so
welcome to this live stream if you’re watching the replay hashtag replay in
the comments in this video and those live stream I’m gonna share with you
some of the things that I am doing to promote the clip funnels 10x secret
program launch did I freaking do this right maybe cuz I wanted it to be my
face and scream so let’s see because I want to show you guys some things that
I’m doing to get result and you can decide if those are things that you want
to do to also cool the screen is ringing I’m gonna be sharing with you how to
create epic bonuses and this can apply to lots of affiliate offers lots of
affiliate things lots of affiliate launches people are asking me all the
time so I can promote their thing their offer but there’s only so much you can
promote especially at once and there is still planning that goes to it click
funnels has great offers to promote because a lot of them it’s not like a
launch contest or a start date and an end date it’s just like everything that
you can promote the software at all times you can promote some high ticket
offers at all times but then sometimes they’ll have different limited time
offers that you can promote but it’s best if you prepare ahead of time so if
you haven’t already prepared for promoting the 10x secret launch or you
just haven’t done it yeah or you weren’t you weren’t sure if you were gonna do it
maybe she was thinking well I can’t this time there’s too much going on I
understand that’s how I was what a couple months ago for the 30 day Secrets
bakla honcho everything’s the same 10 X 30 X 30 days 10 days
like whatever I mean it’s not all the same but I still grabbed my link for
that 30 days whatever book launch and I knew everyone else was gonna be
promoting it so I still want to have a link available and I still want to offer
bonuses I just didn’t go hardcore at my promo and send out many emails or chat
bot messages or Facebook ads or social media posts because it wasn’t my focus
because I was in the middle of another lunch I was doing Spencer me comes uh
his affiliate secrets 2.0 course launch and you know what I did good with it I
made money with it um got second place behind James Hearst although see James
had planned ahead of time he was able to promote Spencer’s course and get first
place and come up the 30-day book launch and still get results but I had so much
going on why not focus to it that’s okay I saw how well it went maybe you guys
saw how well it went look I made a lot of money from that everyone was buying
it so maybe you thought okay I missed out on that a limited time opportunity
but the next one I’m ready for and clicked on those was smart this tough
well I’m not like smart this time I’m sure they’re smart lots of times but
they’re really smart and that they actually sent the top affiliates
a box of socks I got a box of Grant Cardone socks and so did a lot of my
friends who are also clickfunnels super affiliates so they sent us a cool
box of socked with this sales letter you know when you go on a landing page or
sales page there’s a sales letter this was like a printed out sales letter I
know here in front of me but it’s written the same but you’re like reading
it reading it pictures and it’s basically like from the desk of Russell
Brunson letting you know that you’re gonna Philly it for us and we’re doing
this launch and when we do this launch you’ll want to be a part of it so that
did actually like personally catching my attention more
than just the livestreams announcing that this contest is coming on her
emails so it was like a little more prepped for it but then it also helped
that like miles and Dave sending out emails saying hey we’re gonna launch the
contest soon and then there’s live streams and actually I guess I’ll show
you guys some of that stuff so one of the things that I did is I logged into
my clickfunnels affiliate portal here actually I all cariñena hide this look
at the day I had yesterday me the teen 2,400 bucks or twelve hundred dollar
Commission and a four hundred dollar Commission when I think another four
hundred I have to check but anyway I go into this clickfunnels affiliate portal
and I see this is new like when you if you log in and stare at this enough
you’re gonna know little changes so this was new so I clicked to get my link just
the back end yeah and there’s like this graphic on here of how much like what’s
gonna happen there’s a video when you go to the page okay what this is what I do
when I see a new offer I take a look at it see okay there’s a link I can add my
own sub IDs on that link which I should be doing and then this is what they’re
gonna be selling 10x secret masterclass the slides closing secrets class and
funnel hacking class and it shows the potential oh it went up before it said
415 now it’s math is wrong or something or 75 so this is good that’s a $118
Commission if I can get let’s say one of those a day for the 10 days that this is
going that’s $1,000 there’s more than $1,000 it’s like
almost $1,200 I’ll take it and here’s the thing
a lot of people are gonna upgrade they will get the order bump or look at
something else so let’s say like on average it’s 150 per person so if I
could get 10 people that $1,500 plus they’re doing bonus prizes so if you get
10 sales you get a microphone Yeti mic hey I’m down I could use that if you get
20 sales you get like a selfie stick thing
you get 30 sales you get both and then the top 10 affiliates get to go to the
Bahamas like to this mastermind know they got to go to Miami for the 10x
event and then they get a going do it and mastermind with the clickfunnels
team and go to the Bahamas and all this so it’s like I want to be a part of it
so then this is new – they did put in swipe coffee it’s important to check
check this affiliate portal often and see what they give you so they gave it
coming soon email so I actually sent that out today cuz the thing actually
won’t just tomorrow I did edit it I took the template and I edited it and you
guys could see the email maybe that I sent out today if you’re on my email
list Instagram swipe up that’s if I wanted to run Instagram swipe up ads I
do I don’t know how though like just by taking this image it’s weird I would
have to make a video just swipe up and then it would like show the image I
guess some people I’m not sure maybe more time to do it all
am I gonna post this on my and on social media I could use this graphic somewhere
in a few places I’m sure they’re gonna add more so I hear I have some notes so
the first thing that you want to do if you want to promote this is go grab your
links and let me show you how to do that what kind of show you
your book funnels back in click 10x secretin is gonna pop this up and here’s
your link then I shorten the link and stick it in to click magic here’s the
thing though yesterday the link was slashed
coming soon so I thought it was the same link but they changed it to slash a
masterclass so then my link was broken a little bit I was getting feedback from
people that might link with broken you know what it’s just part of the business
part of the game it happens links will break things break all the time but it’s
basically a coming soon page and then we’re going to be driving traffic to its
sales page for $300 offer so it’s not a bridge page there are bridge pages going
around or like freebie pages to get people like incentivize them to take a
look at the sales page there’s lots of things that you can do I’ll be doing
different things I don’t know every little thing I’m gonna do all I know
it’s like what I know Matt what I can do now what I can do today what I did
yesterday what else I can do today is schedule out more emails so I already
like wrote up a couple emails I sent out to get people to sign up for the coming
soon page also so they get sticky cookie although it doesn’t really matter if
people get sticky cookie because let’s say they get sticky cookie to my page
but then they go on click james link it’s gonna override and now James that
was the cookie the way sticky cookies works is if they click get on mine get
sticky cook it and then click up next official click funnels link that has no
affiliate ID to it then I would still get credit so it’s still important I get
as many people on here as I can you guys will want to watch the video just so you
like know what’s going on also go into the click funnels Avengers affiliate
group and watch the live stream sup Myles and Dave did that’s gonna help you
to know what’s going on – I don’t want you guys to feel like it’s too late to
get in on this like even if you make one sale that’s gonna be great
Manoj says what kind of add-ons would you recommend that I offer I’m a
complete newbie totally so that’s what I want to go over to is bonuses let me
look at my notes really quick so it’s important you guys grab your links if
you don’t have a clip funnels affiliate account yet um go to Godot
Rachel ously comm slash is it dream car maybe let’s check I yeah go there and
you can sign up for the clickfunnels affiliate program for free and you will
be under my link so I will get five percent overrides of your sales you
don’t get forty percent commissions and I will get five percent commissions it’s
not like the best two-tier affiliate program gets twenty five percent but
they do that so people don’t just focus on recruiting so then the next thing go
in there send out the if you can there’s still time today send this link out
today this one’s only good for today or this miss email and then send this email
up tomorrow everyone’s gonna be sending this email
tomorrow I’m sending this email tomorrow I did change it I did edit it I also put
a PS and put my bonuses and then I ordered from my copywriter for more
emails that I’m gonna be sending out every like two days let me show you and
then this kind of ties into the bonuses so I chose this headline if you suck at
selling this will make a huge difference and it’s just cute and my kind of hurt
kit and you know what the size of your list
it doesn’t technically really matter because it’s like the quality of your
list is what matters so my open rates are not that good I do
delete the dead people we’re like you know the people that aren’t opening but
hopefully I get opens and clicks and we’ll see how it goes I’m gonna be
sending it out on chatbot – we’ll be talking about it on YouTube so by me
doing everything like getting it from everywhere except maybe instagrams like
over Instagram unless I do like Instagram ads then you know I will get
more sales because people are gonna remember the things that I said and
things that I said about my bonuses even by doing this training it’s a strategic
way to get people to think of Rachel tannic secrets your name 10x secrets
so I bolded some things like you edited some things and then I put PS everyone’s
going crazy about the law I want to give you some extra bonuses through getting
it through me you get it with smiling here here’s your bonus I decided to do
my email survival kit it’s 20 offers to promote with corresponding matching
email swipe packs and it includes emails I’m using forward this promo so like all
the emails that I’m doing in the ones that I’ve ordered from my copywriter
like the custom ones that’s included too and then I want people to still like I
feel like a lot of this the traffic and sales are gonna come from holder traffic
people are that are like so new to all this and a lot of the sales are gonna
come from us people that kind of know what’s going on and like we bolt like we
want to buy the order bombs we know that it’s an order bump we know it’s an OTA
OE so we know that there’s four items in the whole funnel so I offered as an
additional bonus for each additional item so if you get the also order bomb
with my link you get my traffic survival kit it’s my traffic course you get the
third product for me again everything from before and the Facebook group
survival kit which is also my new course about however my facebook groups and
then if you get the fourth product you get everything which is also my
influencer survival kit which is also very end up course on how to grow your
influence or brand and I say just email and you’re near see and I’ll get you the
bonuses or reply back this is also really important because people are
gonna be buying and I want to make sure they got it through my link so if they
come to grab their bonuses and we realize no they were actually sticky
cookie through James’s link I can you think James as an example James Hurston
but they did click my link it just the cookie didn’t work they didn’t want to
buy from they didn’t mean to buy from me they didn’t want my bonuses instead of
his Charles are great like every lot of these people are going to become great
bonuses and it’s gonna be to a point where the bonuses are going
to be more valuable than the actual thing and that’s not good we don’t want
to like devalue our programs so that we work really hard on so or like spend a
lot of time on or that we like to sell for high ticket and then it just becomes
like a price war that’s why you’re not really supposed to give away like money
as a prize prize or like PayPal as a prize and like just give people their
money back not supposed to do that so for some tips okay grab your links get
link tracking if you want shorten your links schedule out emails start sending
out emails here some other things to do send out thoughts I’m sending out Fox to
my thought list which I and I rehash copy I’ll take some of the copy from
here take some of the copy like from clickfunnels official take some of the
copy from the landing page from the Thank You page from the official click
funnels emails from the emails that I got and I’m gonna rework all this copy I
have and I will have like a bunch of email copy chat pop copy and social
media copy and copy for my facebook groups Facebook pages any other social
media another thing you can do a live training like I’m doing this training
another thing that you could do is a review of the product I will sell so
much more of this this week by buying the product tomorrow not from myself
from someone who I really like their bonuses having the product going through
it as fast as I can efficiently as I can and giving a sneak
peak videos just like this where I’m screen sharing but I’m showing you guys
the inside of what you’re gonna get and what’s actually included and what you’re
gonna learn and I’m gonna stick it on YouTube I want to stick them on Facebook
I wanna run ads gonna SEO it might have it on YouTube ads and honestly even if I
break even from this offer even if I spend $3,000
to make $3,000 but well I don’t think that’s gonna be enough is the thing we
need to crunch the numbers here guys like here this is okay here’s all I call
this I have other swipes so do you guys get the first thing from me you’ll get
all my other swipes that I ordered I’m still editing them a little bit and
adding more to it but this is in the email survival kit but let’s crunch some
numbers let’s just say average order is 150 per person you get ten people so
you’re gonna make 1,500 bucks great I would still spend $1,500 to make a few
hundred dollars because at least I tried and I’m in the microphone with just what
with like 100 bucks or something 200 bucks I really wanted to do the bow
homeless thing and the next thing and so I’m thinking like I’m gonna need let’s
say I need a hundred sales I party the biggest part of it you guys is believing
in yourself that you can so when I spend fifteen hundred fifteen thousand dollars
to even if I lost money even if I only made back with this even if it did
happen like this I would have negative two thousand dollars but one hundred
sales and be like one of the top people and get a go to the trip and everything
I would still do it I was that’s because I think that trip is worth more than
that but let’s don’t even think negative like that you guys let’s just say we
even broke even even if I make zero dollars still worth hundred sales now
let’s consider it like this it is a profitable thing I’m just thinking of it
from what’s my threshold that I will spend we’re all spending anything to do
this live stream um except my time I’m not spending anything to some of the
emails it’s bent a little bit to order some extra copy I’m not spending
anything to send up the box my spending anything really to be creative so I’m
going to cost me anything to make the YouTube video and put it on YouTube it
will cost me to like get the offer so I can make the review videos and it
will cost me in labor having my team helped me get ads up and stuff so if we
talk more realistic can you get 10 sales organic for $0 and still make 1,500 you
can make more than that I’m just saying about 150 per person okay so that’s and here’s the thing though –
now people are gonna be in the click funnels world who might have not already
been in the click funnel the world and then they might buy other things with
click funnels and it’d be cookie to your account they might buy it they actually
get on the software now every month you’re making money from the software so
hopefully you’d be making more than that let me check on the comments okay so
going in I keep I know I keep kind of like avoiding a question and I’ll she’s
not that I’m avoiding it it’s just that I wanted to share all the way to promote
it and then when we’re talking about what bonuses you can offer don’t offer
like some case a lot of times I will offer bonuses that other people might
already have I don’t do it too much usually all my bonuses if you can make
custom bonuses where you made the course you make the training it’s better but
you can still get bonuses from other people you can get funnels from other
people training that other people created and you can give those as
bonuses you can get white label things you can get pors things you can buy
things that then you can then give away but the most unique thing that no one
else can give away is like training from you if you make special trainings so the
way I came up with all these bonuses is to bunch of different videos I just
categorize them the ones that are about email marketing going and the email list
going the emails to rival kit and the swipes and stuff the my any videos that
are about traffic are gonna be in the traffic it’s about a
bit of course things that are out Facebook group is going there and things
about influencer marketing going there all in all it’s a lot of freaking videos
like 30 videos you might not have all that at once it’s okay it doesn’t really
matter the number of videos or how long they are they could just be a few short
ones but you know you do want to give value to them and add value to them I do
actually sell these things for cheaper than the value but I put the value price
on there and then the total value of all the bonuses so that’s my strategy to is
putting one bonus to each product so people like understand there is more
things in the funnel another thing so I think trainings is super important like
it’s super good especially if you created the trainings because no one
else has it but you can also giveaways software’s a lot of people do that again
though software’s where maybe you invented this software or you paid to
get this offer created it makes it more unique if everyone’s gonna be promoting
the same software it’s not as unique everyone has various more bonuses not as
unique I used to think this was unique giving away an hour of my time like a
one-hour coaching call realize no it’s not it really deep values it’s just not
good I just wanted us not good okay less people will buy your coaching well what
about your coaching people won’t even take you up on the bonus don’t do a
coaching call maybe if people are signing up for clickfunnels for the
first time and you want to help them stick and keep them on you can give them
a coaching call flat and that might help you get better but I’m over it
I don’t do it anyway we are in this online business to make automated some
automated systems to make passive income and that is great through digital
products like courses like this whole thing that we’re gonna be promoting
really what we’re doing is promoting series of courses this is of course this
is the slides that go with it and then of course and of course my
bonuses more courses here’s a thing to that people would often
SiC of horses so that’s why I like my email survival kit is actual email
swipes that paper can use or if you have like step-by-step blueprints
you don’t just have to call it course or training you could be like step-by-step
blueprints or for this they called it the master class or a lot of it you
might not even know it’s of course you might it looks like a box and I go and
get digital mock-ups made of my info products also that’s something that I
did let me show you I put it on my Facebook page here like I have digital
mock-up of the email survival kit and the Facebook group survival kit I don’t
think I have one yet though from a traffic survival kit or influencer
survival kit I’m gonna make that made because I think it’d be good it needs to
go on the sales page I can get more eyes on the sales pages but then people
realize I don’t need to go buy through the order form because it comes as a
bonus if I get this 10x secret thing and I wanted to get it to like seekers thing
anyway so is my plan like for tomorrow is and today see what other people’s
bonuses are and if it’s you know who it’s worth buying from I’m gonna and
then I’m gonna start to do my review videos I’m gonna do it before I’m going
up that’s the point so if you guys have any more questions just leave them in
the comments and I will get back to them thanks for watching bye bye for watching
the replay if you want to get sticky capito on my link and it’s not for sale
yet is the thing also and here’s my clip magic link to opt-in to the
pre-registration page so you know right when the doors open which will be at 2
p.m. Pacific tomorrow alright guys thanks for watching talk to you later


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