Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review- Why Most Fail

hey guys reaching Leslie here and in
this video I’m gonna give you a my review an opinion of the clickfunnels
Affiliate bootcamp and show you some the pros and some of the cons and then I’m
gonna share with you an alternative method that can also help you get
affiliate Commission’s even faster or you can use with the affiliate bootcamp
training so I’m gonna share my screen and here is the clip funnels affiliate
bootcamp opt-in page so just google search affiliate bootcamp and then this
pops up and it’s a video from Russell Brunson it’s about 15 minutes and it
tells you how to click funnels affiliate bootcamp works and I really love this
video because it’s super motivating super inspiring I’ll just give you a
short synopsis he’s basically saying you can retire in a hundred days I said
click funnels are super affiliate because that’s assuming that you make
enough money to live off of like a good monthly income in 100 days so like a
little over three months and I honestly it is possible it’s totally possible
like I rapidly raised my them out affiliate commissions I was making in a
hundred days but it wasn’t necessarily from what was taught in here okay so my
audio cut out for a second so I dug to this over but how it works is you get a
40% affiliate commission on everything that gets bought through your link so if
you sell a recurring monthly membership at $97 that’s $38 a month in Commission
and if you sign up a 297 action etics plan that’s 118 dollars a month and then
there’s other things too like higher ticket things $300 $500 thousand dollars
and you get commissions off of that even if it’s like a one-time but then that
person is cooking to you so you’ll get later Commission’s too so we use
sign up it’s cool because they send you like emails like every day something to
work on it’s not a hundred days of training they move it around different
times they hope they do improve it so they’ve got the little video that’s
gonna pop up and so the things that you learn in here are like really good
knowledge like like this is like college like you don’t have to go to college you
can study the stuff that they teach in here and there’s a lot of it is like
psychology stuff you learn about online marketing in general and the way people
buy what makes people wanna buy and then also a lot about Facebook Ads there’s a
lot to learn in it you do want to be committed and it’s not like here is step
by step it’s exactly what you need to do but here’s the thing if what I’ve
noticed and what other people died here in the Kukuanas group saying notice is
that it takes a like a while just start seeing success and that’s fine that’s
not a get-rich-quick overnight thing it is you have to put in the work like you
learn great things but there are ways to kind of get more to the point like to
get the Commission’s like some people they get Commission’s faster than other
people basically maybe they’re better at ads or they have a better offer crafted
I put together an offer that is doing rover like I get very high often reaps
from it I get trials from it I get people they’re done being on a trial and
now they they’re clickfunnels Affiliate and I think a lot of reason why you can
get a trial and then maybe get someone to sign up in there up staying for like
a month I suppose Affiliate under your link but
then they cancel their account after like a couple months and it’s because
they think well I didn’t even need this software because I didn’t know what to
do with the software let’s say you get a chiropractor signed up under your link
and he’s all excited you gave him a free funnel you gave
some stuff to use with the funnel but then like the monks go by and he’s not
actually actively using the funnel and he’s paying for like a three to 97 a
month for it he said I don’t need this right now it’s an expense I don’t need
you then they cancel their account and then you don’t get hit anymore
so the key is to really like have a good turn low turn low term to have them stay
on so the way to do that is give people who sign up under your link training and
a reason to stay on so that’s why I created a duplicatable system in
training that people can use and then other people can use it and other people
and I didn’t come up with this concept people have been using this concept
forever Russell Brunson talks about it in his funnel hacker radio thing there’s
a lot of similar funnels going around not saying – the best may be someone
else’s is more effective and has higher opt-in rates and purchased rates and had
people sticking I don’t know but I just after years of online marketing
experience and really dedicating my time to this this is my most updated version
of the system that I think is the best not this what I think is the best I
thought this would be the best and I based off the numbers like don’t base
any of this stuff feeling it’s off what the numbers say the numbers aren’t gonna
lie so it’s a share funnel like you get the funnel it’s an opt-in page and then
there’s steps for people to follow so I’ll show you the opt-in page its
affiliate business in a box calm and some people they you can keep calling it
that you leave my training videos in there and you write the new discuss like
a different domain so it would basically it like it says right here do you want
to free ready to go online business with a proven potential to earn to earn up to
four thousand one hundred twenty seven dollars per month or more I’m testing
with that number you can test with different things I can use that number
because I have do make more a month than that a month with the system it’s not
just from click funnels a Philly so which is the key there’s other
softwares that you need just a few a few other things that you need with the
system to get it to work in to drive traffic and to have the machine running
so it’s schools like instant download duplicatable website and system that
takes under two hours to set up design for beginners so when people see this
step-by-step training video tutorials and then support and they enter their
name in their email now they’re gonna get the emails and follow-up emails even
if they don’t stick with this system we’ll start sending them other online
marketing offers so then when you opt-in they get to the next page and stuff
wanna know how it works step two this is where you would put
your affiliate link so right now in here this is my affiliate links this is how I
good so the only way I get funnels affiliates but it’s a good funnel so I
get them from that and then other people but there’s him and then you import the
entire website like the whole funnel into your account
superboy get the site live you learn a lot from this system – it really should
just take under two hours but I’ve showed you how to get a domain
and hook it up and get the email hooked up and then importing the email
sequences that you know sequences are already written for you you just connect
it and switch out your affiliate links in your domain name in it and your name
in it driving traffic this is where people get stuck there like scared they
don’t want to drive traffic I don’t know people are just like scared of investing
in their business but this is a way to drive traffic of people interested in
this type of thing and making money online and only marketing tools in
affiliate marketing they give me the email to use for that
and then tracking we go more into tracking so you can see which traffic is
the best and then focus on that traffic and then even more follow-up offers
which I give you just switch are your affiliate links and then also community
and support because that’s where a lot of people get stuck
is that they are alone they just feel them they don’t know what to do they
don’t know what questions to ask they don’t know what’s going on in the world
of affiliate marketing because they sign up for something and they don’t show up
to the party and show up to where the people are hanging out people over
hangout Facebook letting you know like we’re here on YouTube also in there I’m
sure there’s like forums but for this system for hanging out on Facebook so
the link to my facebook group but you can start growing your own and then
there’s a link to get on a call with my people just to coach them because that
helps us retention they got a one on one call with me or one of my partners it’s
really gonna help them stick I want them to stick like I appreciate the money
made from it oh and by the way it’s not just 40% with clickfunnels
there’s commission from clickmagick that i show you in their commission from UD
me so let’s say someone did the 297 click funnels and I’m making what is it
10 a month something like that from there click magic and then so $118 since
had 128 dollars and then let’s say I make $30 a month in commissions from the
traffic they send so like 158 I’m just estimating I’m just like crunching some
numbers it’s not everyone site that signs up it’s gonna finish it definitely
not you get a lot of people on your list before you get someone to actually use
the system and continue but by having like a Facebook group and sending out
other offers and giving more value to people that’s how they’re gonna stick
longer and then you continue to get those commissions and then so it’s like
it’s beautiful because it’s like the more people you help and coach and give
advice to the more people are gonna be under your affiliate links and stick and
even get commissions and it’s awesome I love it so my suggestion for you my
review my my opinion is definitely go through the click funnels affiliate who
can’t like you will learn great things I’m going through it again
amazing free training and tryout affiliate business in a box system and
try to get the momentum going and track your results and see see what’s what
kind of return on investment are you getting from the money you’re spending
and what kind of return on investment are you getting from the time that
you’re spending because that’s kind of like the whole point right
Romanies so we have more freedom and time freedom and you don’t have to be a
slave to the online business like ya put work in in the beginning you’ve got time
to put in the time you can make time for it make the time for it but you can also
do this very part time stay focused and follow instructions
okay guys and for more videos about affiliate marketing and business tough
motivation subscribe to my channel and leave a comment below I’ll reply to you
let me know in the comments are you doing the click funnels affiliate
program are you making money with it yet or not close to making money with it why
aren’t you making okay okay bye


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