ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

are you interested in the clickfunnels
affiliate bootcamp or want to know what it is my name is Stacia Kennedy and I’m
your online marketing coach and also your trainer for clickfunnels everything
that has to do with clickfunnels affiliate program in this video I
actually want to share with you a little bit more about the clickfunnels
affiliate bootcamp because it’s actually a program that teaches you how to
promote click funnels as an affiliate so you can actually generate more
commissions it’s the smartest thing any company has ever done is to actually put
together a free training to train people how to sell your your product your
product and your software and you can use the same tools or the same
strategies to sell really anything if you want to you know refer other people
to other products in this video I want to show you a little bit behind the
scenes of the click funnels affiliate bootcamp program because they’ve done
some a little upgrading behind-the-scenes and if you stay tuned
to the rest of the video I’m gonna show you my bonus training that makes it a
lot more simpler than what they have so let’s go to the computer though and I’ll
show you exactly what I’m talking about so this is the click funnels of feeling
a bootcamp page and you can opt-in there’s a link below this video it’s a
hundred day challenge they’ve updated it recently it says you do have to watch
each video and then you’ll get emails for each one you might want to check
your spam a little too cuz sometimes I was missing the emails that were coming
through but each day they show you exactly what to do how to use click
funnels how to use the share funnel tips and ideas on what to do to promote and
the entire structure it’s really good to go through here and watch some of our
CIL’s videos here because he really explains what the opportunity is and how
you can make more than just the 40% Commission on the software he does sell
other programs and opportunities for people to really learn more about
marketing and it’s not just how to sell his thing but how to sell other products
services coaching supplement funnels all kinds of different products and so
you can click there and then sign it further
you know messenger bot as well to keep follow-ups but you’ll go day by day each
day and watch the video this one is about 20 minutes that is kind of the
problem where it does take a lot of time too if you know if you’re especially
your super a brand new it’s gonna take some time it’s gonna take some hustle to
like watch all these videos and really understand how affiliate marketing works
and how his process is on promoting it so it’s not simply just do you know walk
through 100 days and you actually need to even invest time and money in
advertising so it does talk about advertising in the future tutorials are
throughout the different days each day so my alternative here is to check out
my affiliate bonus program or training program it’s actually this is I just
wanted to show you real quick the 40 percent reoccurring commissions and then
this is their affiliate manager right now there is a click funnels affiliate
facebook group and this is the affiliate bootcamp this is where I showed you this
this link this is how I got here so I will show you share with you my link for
the affiliate bootcamp if you want to check it out there’s a link below this
video and it’ll show you how you know it’s you
know it’s a good idea like if we could at least invite one person if you had
one person over the next 100 days that each one person that you could help each
day for a hundred days and you could get to the dream car qualify so a hundred
subscribers you’ll get five hundred dollars for a dream car and that’s my
goal as well too so check it out again but my
what’s been really working for me here is the side hustle funnel which is my
business in a box it’s training it’s a very simple training that it’ll show you
exactly what you do over the next 60s or you can actually get it
duplicate this entire funnel in like two hours so check out the side hustle
funnel comm the link is in the description below walk through the
training and I’ll show you exactly step by step what I’m doing to win my dream
car to do the click phone’s affiliate program alright guys thanks for watching
it is definitely worth checking out though the affiliate bootcamp click
funnels affiliate bootcamp but again take the easy route check out my site
hustle funnel duplicate the whole thing change it make
it your own use my trainings if you’re brand new I’ll leave with all my videos
in there if you want and just switch out the links bonus get a free done-for-you
plug-and-play for the marketing funnel this is what it is alright thanks for
watching again much love and aloha and i’ll see you in the next video


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