Clickfunnels Affiliate Commission – How I Made My First $100 With Clickfunnels

hey guys Rachel esli here and today on
in this video I’m going to share with you how to make your first hundred
dollars in clip bundles affiliate Commission and I’m gonna share with you
what I did but you don’t have to do it this way because there’s also other ways
to do it so you what I initially did like how I made my first hundred dollars
in click funnels affiliate commissions was from telling my clients that hey
give me the clip focus so click funnels pays 40 percent affiliate commissions so
40 percent of $97 is about 38 dollars a month if you get three clients three
people to sign up this is about a hundred and twenty dollars a month so
there’s more than one hundred dollars a month or if they get the pro you get one
person to sign up for the 297 a month of pro version of click funnels then you
get 120 bucks affiliate commission just for that one person so those are a
suggestion of how you can do it just get your affiliate link be part of click
funnels get an affiliate link and share it with people that are your clients you
can also have a share funnel so you can make a funnel you can design a funnel
and click files that would be valuable for someone else to download and use and
then you can give them that funnel for free by giving them a share link which
is built in to the backend of your funnel and that’s a part of your
affiliate link so in order for them to use that funnel they’ll have to sign up
you can also sell your phones you can make a really beautiful funnel and then
you can sell it for like $19 and then still have people sign up for it click
funnels so you want to aim for like 1 2 or 3 signups because that’s gonna be
cool your first hunter dollar another way that you can do it is you can offer
free training a free training that they have in click phones
so there’s a lot of like free webinars at Russell Branson is made and that
funnels has already developed and send people to that free training and then
within that free training and that webinar and their email phone they’ll do
all the upselling for you they’ll convince people deciding to click
funnels and why it would benefit them in their business and educate them and give
them value before they then decide ok they’ll say that they might even forgot
that you are the originally the one that got them into that funnel so you can
also just focus on driving traffic to free offers there are a ton of ways to
make at least a hundred bucks on suppose a month and if you could do that you
could scale it up to a thousand bucks a month and just keep going from there you
might want to test a lot of different things and then focus on just a few and
reinvest your profits into that into testing and into dragging traffic you
can drive traffic with Facebook ads or Instagram ads with XTO there’s a lot of
different things that you could do and so many of that I’m here with them all
in this video there’s also this free click funnels affiliate bootcamp that
has almost 100 videos on different ways to drive traffic set up your funnel pull
out your system so you can get a lot of affiliates and not have to work because
you can just work from home on the computer doing this stuff so I have the
link for the affiliate bootcamp below it’s totally free check it out just
learn more and also take action on it because we can watch videos and learn
things and you don’t want to make your own mistakes but you do need to get your
feet in the water toes in the water expression and just get started and
start seeing what is working for you are your funnels generating leads and
getting emails are you getting clicks and what percentage of those people are
converting into customers and it just comes down to like a fun math game and
an investment it’s like you’re a stock broker but a clickfunnels
broker and you can have a lot of fun with it and be really creative with it
too so if you guys have any creative ideas on how you got affiliates for
click funnels or maybe for even silence for other affiliate offers you can leave
it in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to my channel to get notified
when I have more training videos for you


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