ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Explained

Affiliate program work my name is Stacia Kennedy, and I’m an online affiliate marketer. I’ve been consulting professionals real estate professionals entrepreneurs from all over the world And I am excited to share with you How the clickfunnels affiliate program works if you want to make money online through affiliate marketing? This is like the number one tool that you gotta have okay Click funnels makes your landing pages your membership sites it helps You create opt-in pages to generate more leads, and I think that is one of the first things people Mistakenly do when they get into affiliate marketing is they you know join an affiliate program They get their coded link and then they just share that link everywhere like it’s a long link with all these codes And you know it’s coded you, but that is not the way that you want to promote your you know promote anything is Besides being an affiliate, but if you’re a business owner And you want to generate more leads and sales you’ve got to create a page that is You know it has some kind of giveaway or some kind of attractiveness of Some kind of clickbait where someone maybe you’re offering a free checklist, or you know the case study of how? someone was able to generate hundreds of dollars in their business and I Believe that you can do this with click funnels, okay? And if you want to make more money online and make reoccurring commissions, I wanted to share with you. How it works so click funnels Affiliate program pays you 40 percent monthly reoccurring commissions, okay, if you’re in affiliate marketing That’s what you want to do is you want to either promote something? That’s a high ticket program Where you get a you know higher commission a lot of affiliate programs have different percentages so 40% I think is a very very very good and some Come some programs. You know will give you 50% Commission and this 40% was good to me And then no depending on on you know what the actual price is right so click for no starter program is $97 and they also have a 297 Edison suite package where someone can get the entire all the functionalities of clickfunnels and then Also have unlimited pages that they create create. It’s a freaking steel plus There is actually a discounted bonus if something that some people don’t even know that you can buy a whole year or six months Actually, I think the six month program is like 997 that’s the funnel hax discount but 997 for six months of click funnels for the Edison suite you know you get everything for six months plus all these different bonuses and and Trainings that click funnels gives you and you make forty percent commission if you promote that program as well as there’s other year-long Packages that they have again you make forty percent Commission plus, they have I’m showing you my back office here They have click funnels on Avenger group with their Affiliate group where they support their affiliate marketers if they have any questions, or if you haven’t you know sale They have an affiliate bootcamp, which honestly was like long. I was like 100 day bootcamp They have changed it since which actually I really liked I’ve only gone through a couple of the Training modules, but I’ve also created my own seven step program if you want to check it out. You can check it in the description below this video, but you can also win a dream car you know if you reach a certain amount of subscriptions or subscribers That you referred you’ll get a $500 bonus for your dream car or when you get to 200 active members you get $1,000 a month My dream car is a Tesla and my husband’s dream car is a test system when I want to get that for him, okay? So that’s my goal so as you can see I don’t have that many members yet But I am ramping it up and one of my goals is by doing that by doing this video Explaining to you how the program works, and why I’ve been why I’ve chose to promote click funnels Okay, so they have a 14-day trial they also have an auto webinar that you can promote and a funnel giveaway Where Russell explained the exact funnel that you could duplicate okay? If you’re in a supplement company, or if you’re an author or if you’re a coach he teaches you exact funnels he’s used to help other people and himself And his other different business ventures And you know authors supplement companies, and you can duplicate his funnel okay, and so below this video I actually have a seven step program where it’s really sick It’s really like seven six or seven steps. It’s like the first video I’m like explaining you how it works, but I show you exactly how I’ve chosen to promote click funnels and I show you how to use it and you can duplicate my funnel and Generate more income and sales promoting click funnels and some other tracking tools and other software’s that I use To you know run my affiliate marketing business, okay? so I’m just kind of scrolling through because every affiliate marketing company or not affiliate marketing but every company that Is really good at promoting themselves? or their affiliate program will Give you you know they give you banners they give you like email copy okay? this is freaking amazing right email copy so I also have put all this training together that they’ve Given other people to help promote their program and put it in to my program called the bonus affiliate method program it’s basically at your affiliate marketing business in a box you can duplicate the whole thing like I said and You can start generating more commissions By being an affiliate marketer for click funnels, and then use this to promote other programs, too You can use the same steps and skills that I’m sharing with you in my bonus affiliate marketing method or and you know It’ll train you how to sell pretty much anything Any other affiliate product, okay, so I just wanted to share with that with you and why I’m so passionate about clickfunnels and how the How the Commission’s work or how does the affiliate program work in this video if you have any questions for me comment below this video Otherwise, I’ll see you in the next one much love and aloha


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