ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review with FREE Affiliate Bootcamp Training

what’s up guys this is Ben Arkell with coming at you with another video wanted to talk today
about the clickfunnels affiliate program okay so in the past couple weeks
clickfunnels has definitely been there’s not a buzz about their affiliate program
and I wanted to touch on why the quick funnels affiliate program is an
affiliate program that should be in your affiliate program repertoire okay one of
the programs you should be pushing k number one and two things up front if
you’re into affiliate marketing or just a beginner learning there’s two things
you want in an affiliate marketing program at least two one you wanted to
have a good commission payout percentage so you know Amazon’s like four five six
percent not huge collect photos on the other hand forty percent okay so if you
bring an affiliate on the day subscribe for the basic plan time click funnels
which is $97 a month I mean your commissions 38.80 right you bring ten
people on you’re making four hundred bucks a month that’s just on the low
plan they also have a plan which is include an email I responder you know in
that case you’d be making one hundred and eighteen eighty okay so one as
you’re looking at affiliate marketing options and which companies to do a
fillip marketing for you want it to be a large percentage no doubt right okay
also you wanted to be recurring so if someone signs up for clickfunnels as
long as they’re an active click photos account holder you get the 38.80 every
month so I’m actually the number one affiliate for something called the
desert bookshelf app but all again is a $5 sign up when someone signs up and
then after that there’s no recurring commission so well it’s great that I
make them number two I think affiliate for that company it’s like a I would
love to be number two affiliate for click funnels where they pay out the
recurring Commission every month okay so something that’s important one is that
forty percent that’s unreal I mean you can’t find any company
that’ll do better than 40% I don’t think a second obviously we mentioned you want
a company that has recurring commissions and clickfunnels does they have
recurring Commission okay something else that is that is
incredible okay what clickfunnels does is let’s say you send someone to click
funnels for a free book you know they have free books you can order and you
pay the shipping okay what clickfunnels does is they stick a cookie on to that
person it’s called a sticky cookie and so whatever that I customer goes in
their journey you know if they get an email a couple weeks later from
clickfunnels with a link to buy something they buy it that’s attributed
to your account now what had happened in the past is clickfunnels if they did
retargeting ads do like Facebook ads or whatever in and then they targeted an ad
to that individual and they signed up for click littles account
what happened as clickfunnels would then get you know that customer and be under
their affiliate ID but there was some like I don’t know there’s some like a
little rebellion about the affiliates and so what Russell Brunson did he said
fine we are going to continue retargeting and by the way you know
clickfunnels they spend seven hundred thousand dollars a month on retargeting
ads and they said if we retarget somebody that has your sticky cookie you
will get credit for that sale if they sign up for an account which is unheard
of no one does that they’re basically spending their
advertising money to like get us accounts so you know we’ll have you can
track click on distracts you refer to affiliates meeting somebody who kind of
comes to the website either signs that for something to get information or
backs out and so they just have their email it’s called the referred affiliate
so like I currently have a couple hundred people about a hundred referred
affiliates game as they’re getting retargeting at retargeting ads sent to
them from click funnels if they sign up for anything I get credit for it so
thank you like total no-brainer like unreal just unreal okay so that’s
another reason why you want to go and click find
for this is a huge 1k training clickfunnels just released an incredible
training okay they had a training for their affiliates it was called affiliate
bootcamp and it was a little outdated for a long time what they actually did
is they just recently revamped it and what they did is they russell brunson
CEO and founder of fig funnels send an evil to their 98 affiliates okay
actually that makes me think of something else i’m gonna get to this in
a minute so i’ll talk about this next okay so russell brunson send an email to
ninety eight the top ninety eight affiliates who are dream car winners
i’ll tell you about that in a second and said how did you achieve your success
what did you do okay of those ninety-eight only fifteen bam-bam-bam
fifteen responded to the question what did you do how would you do if you had a
hundred days to do it again how did you do it only fifteen we’re willing to give
up their seekers but they did okay so you have fifteen people all doing it
different ways there’s Tyler Clark who did it through webinar there Spencer
Meachem who did it through SEO trying to think of some other people who dated
dendrix I think probably destroy his name through like the dream 100 they had
all these different Steven Larson through Oh Steven Larson just like super
funnels I don’t know all these different people doing it with different methods
and they’re telling us their secrets so what I did yesterday I signed up for the
affiliate bootcamp there’s a link in the top description what this does it gives
you the most advanced training and how to be a good affiliate marketer that
exists bar none okay what they do is they’ll send you an
email every day with videos that break down so today’s Steven Larson is
breaking down look as an affiliate this is what you’re doing there’s you click
funnels and they know who their ideal client ideal client is you didn’t you
don’t need to worry about who their ideal client is click photos knows who’s
who it is you need to help the to meet and he goes through who the ideal client
is for click funnels so there’s really no guesswork so Steven Larson tells you
who you’re supposed to go present click funnels to it’s awesome just in day one
and there’s three or four more videos and they’re incredible training
affiliate bootcamp completely free and Russell even says inch
look this is not just to be a good affiliate for clickfunnels you can use
this with any affiliate business so guys one of the reasons quick photos is
incredible is the training they give so I had encourage you all to click the
link below sign up for the affiliate bootcamp completely free you will not
regret it okay back to this dream car what click
photos does is they say if you reach 100 affiliates who are paying customers each
month they will give you five hundred dollars a month towards a lease payment
for the car of your choice gate if you get to two hundred you will get one
thousand dollars a month okay there’s a couple of buddies of mine
spencer Meachem james circe they’ve done this a couple times over and they I mean
but they’ll show that screenshot of him getting a thousand bucks a month just
for the car not to mention the 20 grand or more they were getting for all their
affiliates Adams but so one quick thing to explain clickfunnels debut seventh
tier they had to one which paid forty percent and they had at tier two and
five percent actually just discontinued that a couple last week but what are
they replacing where they said hey all of our retargeting ads all seven hundred
thousand dollars spent each month now whoever the first person to be
tagged with a sticky cookie whichever affiliate that was will get credit for
the sale which is just awesome okay click photos continues to come up with
amazing products they just came out with a funnel scripts which helps you write
other your sales copy for your webinars for your emails for your websites for
your sales letters follow scripts it’s like a lifetime fee of seven hundred
ninety seven dollars if you get 40% you get four hundred bucks
homeless for uh for having someone sign up there so I’m just gonna quickly break
right here take you through a screenshot of how you sign up for affiliate
bootcamp you come to the site put your email in and you scroll through and
you’ll see this is the email I got today and it shows me going to Spencer’s video
excuse me Stephens video click on Stephens video and he walks through in a
whiteboard all of his steps okay okay guys hope that was helpful
information if you are considering click funnels as an affiliate you definitely
should because there is no other affiliate
program that is better than this one also if you don’t if nothing else a sign
up sign up for the affiliate bootcamp is completely free incredible information
and information that really anybody who’s starting out in affiliate
marketing should take I have an email list and when I found out that this was
live the first thing I did was send a couple of emails out to all my email s
and say hey guys you need to take this course you need to hear these people say
you need to take notes there’s also a little book they have all these 15 super
affiliates they call them they listed every day what they do for a hundred
days to achieve the success they have ok guys again been Arkell passive
automation calm really think it would benefit you to sign up this affiliate
bootcamp training and please subscribe to my channel leave a comment telling me
what affiliate program you think is that is the best if you have a differing
opinion I’d like to know what different affiliate programs you guys are involved
with thanks for checking out the video

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