Clone Tomato Plants | Grow More Plants for Fall & Winter from Cuttings

Do you want to be a mad scientist and clone your tomato plants? In this video I’m gonna show you how simple it is to clone a tomato plant from a cutting Hi, this is Jeremy stark here from green thumb Gardner Hanna give you some tips tutorials and reviews for all your gardening needs in today’s Video, we’re gonna do something really crazy and special I love doing stuff like this because it just shows like how fun gardening is It really shows how much that you can just do different things that it’s kind of out of the normal and it’s also a good way to share your Garden with with your neighbors cuz they’re gonna come over They’re gonna take a look at all your Tomatoes and they’re gonna be like, oh my goodness. How did you do that? I want one of these Tomatoes they taste great. How do I get these in my garden this year? Well this way you can actually do it. You can actually gift them and give them a tomato plan Follow these simple steps, but before we get started, if you could please give us a green thumbs up Let us know that we’re making great videos for you. Also, if you could hit that subscribe button down below I really be nice if you just already joined the party I’ve hit the subscribe button down below and hit the bell so you get notified of any new videos also We do have a website called garden of thumb com Well, we have lots of tips tricks hacks and all that other good stuff out there as well So check that out if you have some time now, let me get that out of the way. Let’s get right into it Alright, so it’s really simple to actually clone a tomato plant. It really starts with Selecting the right section on the actual tomato plant so that you know where to cut the plant So one of the benefits of doing this is that you’re gonna get more tomato plants out of it, obviously but let’s say you have a neighbor and they’re growing they’re growing some tomatoes and You know, you just didn’t happen to grow that one. But you have another spot in your garden you can actually grab their tomato their actual cutting off their tomato plant and then Grow the roots and then plant it in your garden The other thing what I like to do is as I come in later on in the summer, maybe The middle of July because it does take a couple weeks for the rooting to to get settled And then what I do is I grab just a something off one of my plants and then I ruin it up and then I put it in the garden so that I’m getting more Tomatoes because sometimes at the towards the End of the season the tomatoes they still produce but you know Something maybe a deer came in or something or something ate something or just didn’t really produce what he wanted So I always find this like a way to extend the garden and the harvest in there if you’re in the right zone Obviously if you have a shorter summer, so you kind of want to plan it but here in North Carolina we can we can grow very long, and this is also a way to If you have a greenhouse and you happen to be in an area where you can grow in the winter and a greenhouse This is a good way to get set up for the winter as well Well having to start anything from seed if you do play it, right you can get a large enough Tomato cutting that you can you know is it’s almost like a full plan so what I like to do is I come in where the basically, where the that’s That’s the the the spot right there where you can actually get more in there So if you can see it’s kind of the 45-degree angle So as you can see, this is basically another plant and this is the way that the tomato Kind of ensures its viability By producing that so this is the actual stem that I’m gonna take right here. So all’s I do is I’m just going hold this up while I’m doing this here Cuz I just cut it off right at the juncture there so as you can see, I just basically cut it off, you know, and I the plant is It’s still you know, it’s still alive here. So what I do next is I Actually do chop off these leaves right here Now you can leave them on it’s not necessary to do it, but I find that I just have a better luck I at least chopped off the last one on the bottom and Then I keep this growth right here in here. Basically, I just have that it’s it’s got enough stem in here so the next thing when I do and I’ve already started this with one of my plants and As you see this one’s a little bit larger. Look at this one This one’s actually quite large So all they do is they just take a cup of water and I’m basically putting them in the water now Obviously if you’ve got two different plants here you want to make sure you label them So I’ll have to label left a big spread labeled so I know which one is which but this one’s the Cherokee purple And then this one is the one of my cherry aroma one. So so what I do is I leave these I these basically out of the Sun I Usually just put them in an area where it’s not really gonna get much Sun will they’ll be undisturbed and What I’ll do is the energy will go from growing in here to actually growing roots and after a couple weeks what you’ll see is you’ll Start seeing roots will be growing off of the tomato stem itself you guys I just wanted to quickly show you what the what the tomato plant looks like once you move it in once you have it in water so notice that the The roots have grown and this is really after Maybe five to five to seven days. You’ll start noticing that the actual roots will be growing out of the tomato plant I did pick up most of the leaves I left a you know one or two stems in here and you know You notice that it’s kind of just kind of getting a little Yellow and everything but that’s still fine. So at this point what you do is actually you want to put this in And bury it as much as you can a man actually might even bury it all the way up to the top. I might just leave this right here because what happens with the tomato plants is they will actually form more roots all along the the Stem right here. So just get this in a pot with some dirt. Give it a little bit of fertilizer some water water-soluble fertilizer and It will soak it right up and then it will start growing You do want to make sure that you do water this a little bit more for probably the first four or five days after you Transplant it into the pot once it once it gets established in there and then then you can set it out or you can set this in your Normal spot that you want to put in your garden, like if you have a container you can put it in there but I like to just Transplant it into a regular pot or just for a couple weeks and then I transplant it out the tomato plants are very versatile to growing so they actually one you actually plant tomato plants you’re When you insert the stem into the dirt really gonna grow roots off of here, so I’ve tried just inserting this in a Container and as long as I watered it every day to keep it moist and I know the roots You know took place. So that is another option. You can do that Most people will tell you to put water because that’s pretty much the safe option but if you’re if you’re If you’re on top of your stuff and you know that you’re gonna be looking at it every day Then you can also actually put it directly in the dirt in fact I’m going to do this one of them just because I want to want to show you the pictures of it when it’s done Well, hopefully you found that helpful If you could please give us a green thumbs up to let us know we’re making great videos for you Also hit that subscribe button down below hit the bells to get notified of all of our new videos also We do have a website called gardener thumb com where we have all tips and tricks and hacks and all that other stuff Are you guarding needs? So get out there Smash the leg do whatever else you guys gonna do get out there and get dirty in the garden and I’ll see you the next video

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