Cody Wanner Explained In 4 Words

standing here in the parking lot of
chocolate world and we’re waiting for another youtuber this guy right here has
a really cool name Cody and Cody Cody Cody Cody and honey we have that in
common isn’t it we have the same name his name is Cody Cody and Cody Cody and
Cody it’s so funny texting because it’s like it comes up Cody
do you like the fourth Cody that I’ve done a video with it’ll do I mean uh
find me a fourth Cody Juanes YouTube channel could be
summed up in one word it would be encouragement he’s all about encouraging
the doers and today I’m gonna break it down into four different words of things
that you can get if you’ve watched Cody’s content so that would meet again
so we need again great to see you man hi guys Avery you know Avery that’s
Finley you know Finley what is that and gave you this shirt that Rachel it’s so rad man I love it seriously it’s
really cool so the first word is support this is
something you’re gonna get from Kody’s content because he has a Facebook group
with over 2,000 people in it that are all about supporting each other it’s
awesome no small creative community the second word is confidence and in a lot
of your videos it’s usually towards the end there’s something that you say let’s
get this thing and I think those words put together they give us who are the
viewers who are watching your content like it gives us confidence like yeah we
got this together – yeah I know what I mean like I want it to feel like like
cuz this is hard stuff like yeah whether its life or videos or whatever it is
we’re doing hard stuff career doing is hard so I always want it to feel like
you know if you’re watching this like we’re getting this together like let’s
get this thing let’s get this thing let us get this thing yeah I just like go
get this thing or you get this thing it’s like let’s get this thing you know
saying oh this is how we do locations now what
if you guys like we’re traveling with a massive map that would be rad that’s
sure you probably need a like I don’t have service just in case yeah yeah see
you at the coffee shop all right all right so exciting is I’m just like I’m
excited for what the next thing is you know I’m saying honey all right number
three then number three is hope so and that comes from the hashtag no small
creator hmm I think people are drawn into that because it gives them hope
that they can engage they can engage in this creation process no matter where
they’re at right yeah yeah no dude I love that thank you for that
okay now we’re running because we got to go to the next spot you know it would be
nice right now two one wheels tried we tried really
hard alright we’re halfway there that’s
sometimes that’s sometimes just so you can do that way alright we’re number
four yeah advice and that comes from Cody’s wealth of knowledge with his is a
video experience business experience and he has a patreon account you guys can go
check out and support him and part of being involved with one of the tiers is
being able to get consultation from Kody and I know you’re doing that with a lot
of people already but yeah that’s another thing that will come from your
consultations but also your content in your video right I think the biggest
thing with advice because it’s it was really hard for me to overcome like kind
of like Who am I to give advice you know what I mean but the biggest thing with
advice and you mention is just experience it’s like give advice on the
things that you’re experienced that like you just you’re traveling you know I’ve
never done that I’ve never took him to taking a truck and driven around the
country you know I’m saying yeah like you just have different experience than
I so you can give you can give advice about that sort of
thing I have a different experience as a you
know starting up a company and then getting bought out of it and all that
stuff so I can give advice about that stuff like advice I think is a tough
word but it’s about experience so we have those four words support confidence
hope and advice and you have any idea where I got this from support confidence
hope advice no I looked up in the dictionary the word encouragement and it
said that encouragement is someone who gives those things to somebody else
Wow dude and I think I got goose bumps a little bit all right a little bit of
goose bumps right Thank You Man yeah seriously
that’s route Kody is one of the biggest encouragers that I know and I would love
for you guys to go check out his channel there’s a link down in the description
there’s an end card at the end of the video definitely go show him some love
from the axe family Wow if you are new to my channel my name is Cody too and we
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