Common Mistake That New YouTubers Make

– I’ve got 12 common mistakes
that new YouTubers make. It’s comin’ up. (jazzy music)
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and you’ll be on your way. Common mistake number one: Not taking the time to learn how the YouTube algorithm works. I think it’s really important
for YouTube creators to take the time to understand
what YouTube really rewards and what YouTube honors. Here’s what’s up, call
it the YouTube platform, call it the algorithm, doesn’t matter. What does matter is to take the time to understand what YouTube really values and what they reward. Things like user engagement,
watch time, titles, tags, all of that stuff, that matters. Mistake number two: Not understanding competition on YouTube. This is a huge one. If you don’t take the time
to understand and honor the channels that are crushing
it for various search terms, you will struggle a very
long time on YouTube. And here’s an example. How to start a YouTube channel. I search for that. Now I wanted create a video
on that particular topic, how to start on YouTube,
but it was too competitive. I came up with this phrase instead, beginners guide to
starting a YouTube channel, and turns out, with my channel
of only 36000 subscribers, I was able to break the
top five video results. That’s fantastic. (dinging)
(popping) Common mistake number three: Not being on camera. People tune in to TV shows because they get to know and
like the people in the show. People return to YouTube channels because they like the YouTubers, and when you’re on
camera, it makes it easier for people to get to
know, like and trust you. So get in front of the camera. Now here’s what’s up. You don’t have to do all of these things, but if you find, “Oh I’m doing that too “and I’m also doing that.” The more of these mistakes
that you’re making will make it more challenging
and more difficult to grow, so keep it in mind. And common mistake number four: You’re not creating your own voice over. Now our last example was
not being in the frame, not being on camera. If you create your own voice
over that’s good enough, but if you’re not on camera, and you’re not creating
your own voiceover, you’re at a great disadvantage. Mistake number five: Not editing out the fluff,
or unneeded content. Sometimes I see these
videos and they’re like, people are fumbling to get ready. Don’t do that. Seriously, I don’t
wanna come across harsh. I guess this is a little harsh, but at the end of the day, I really want you to grow
and it’s hard to watch people that are constantly
asking, “How can I grow?” But obviously, take the time to get set up before you start recording, or, if it takes you five
minutes to get set up and you’re recording, no
problem, just cut that out. Editing for the win. Mistake number six: Not uploading a custom thumbnail. And I’ll go on to say not taking the time to learn how to craft great thumbnails. You wanna take the time
to make a thumbnail that’s easy to understand, to comprehend. Forget about reading, a few
words, a simple, clean image, and that will result in more people understanding what your video
is about and more clicks. This is a common mistake, number seven: Not uploading consistently,
at least one video weekly. So many YouTubers, they wanna grow. However they’re not
consistent with their effort. If you’re uploading one
or two videos a month, it’s simply not enough to bring
people back to your channel, to trigger the algorithm,
and grow effectively. So just know that you wanna
publish at least once weekly. Mistake number eight: Not focusing on one core idea or theme. So in other words my channel
is about video marketing. On my channel you find stuff
about how to edit videos, how to publish videos to
YouTube, how to make a thumbnail, how the YouTube algorithm works. It’s all related and it’s super important, if you wanna grow, that
you create themed content. The more random, the more
different your video topics are, the more incredibly
engaging you’ve gotta be. Mistake number nine: Not focusing on improving
the viewing experience. Now this is something that
takes YouTube creators a while to focus on. That is the viewing experience. Instead of saying “My videos are awesome,” saying “Hey what can I improve? “Where’s the weak link? “Do I have bad audio? “Is my editing kinda weak? “What can I improve on
to focus and improve “that visitor viewing experience?” When you focus on that, things get pretty exciting, pretty quick. Number 10 is a soul crusher: Not being realistic with
YouTube growth expectations. It’s really easy to be a viewer on YouTube and watch the most successful YouTubers, and never really take
the time to think about that you’re watching a YouTuber
that’s in the 1% category, or the 3% category, that is, one out of a
hundred channels make it to maybe 50000 subscribers. And thus when you get
started with your channel, you’re gonna expect thousands of views, tons of engagement, lots
of comments, and so on. That’s not being realistic because what you’re not
seeing is almost always, these channels that are hugely successful, have been at it for years and years. So do yourself a favor, to be realistic and
pace your expectations, and that will allow you to move forward. It’s when we get these ideas of where we’re gonna be and
what it’s gonna be like, expectations, that we run into trouble. Mistake number 11: Letting your obstacles
become your excuses. Here’s what’s up, it’s really easy to say, “I don’t have the time to make this work,” or “I don’t have the
personality for YouTube. “I don’t have the proper
gear or equipment.” And as you say these
things again and again, your obstacles become your
excuses, and that’s a drag. I saw Casey Neistat talking
about this and it’s so true. So many people let their
obstacles become their excuses. Don’t do that. I’m far too old for this
platform but so what. And number 12: Not studying your YouTube analytics, and specifically, audience retention. Audience retention is the pathway for becoming a big channel. It’s the thing that you can leverage, even with a hundred
subscribers, or 500 subscribers. In order to place videos
in suggested video views, to be able to rank your
videos really, really well. Now here’s what’s up, if
you are a small channel, check out this video in
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