Communicating with Advertisers

the filly channel is all about relationships in this tutorial we will review communication best practices with advertisers a great way to connect with your advertisers is by using the mail tab in the CJ account manager this is where you can send receive advertiser communications to email an advertiser with whom you have an active relationship click the compose button then select the advertiser at a clear subject line compose your message and then click send if your question is specific to an advertiser’s creative assets like their product catalog or links include as many details as possible for them to troubleshoot the issue to manage your mail tab settings click on the account tab then click on the user sub tab to manage what type of communications receive and who on your team should receive them this information is broken up into general advertiser and product information communications if you’re reaching out to an advertiser whom you do not have an active affiliation with you may find additional contact information on the advertiser detail page when contacting an advertiser regarding a declined application provide clear details regarding how you intend on promoting them as well as ask for feedback on why the application was declined or what may be done to reverse the decision for more information about this topic please visit our support center

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