Complete Online Arbitrage Tutorial – Reselling on Amazon FBA with Products I Purchase Online

what’s going on guys Brian here and
today I’m gonna take you through another online arbitrage tutorial with a coupon
site today we’re going to talk about snag shop now before we get into this I
first want to preface this by saying right here is something I talked about
my course too and you’ll see a complete example of this for the people that are
cherry-picking the online arbitrage videos which if that’s you totally fine
but there are some things that you need to know and some other great websites
that you’re not getting if you’re just watching these videos that are in the
course don’t link your Amazon account you see right here it says get early
access to bet the best deals link Amazon account now this is not just a thing
that happens on snag shot happens on a lot of the other websites don’t link
your account please do not link your account that will get your it won’t get
your Amazon account banned but it will get you banned from that coupon site on
your IP address because you’re not the it’s against the coupon sites Terms of
Service to resell the coupon products but you’re allowed to do it back on
Amazon but I’m gonna show you how to do you know online arbitrage from snag
shout this is one of the ones that I go over in my retail arbitrage course so
that’s the first course that I actually launched and I I also I’ve shown VIP on
I’ve shown this would be the second snag shot one I searched owns the slick deals
and I think there was another one what I don’t remember what it was
um I give away 17 more roughly in my online arbitrage pro course which
basically uncaps your earning potential so that you can easily earn 5 to 10
grand from your computer doing all 9 arbitrage it’s super super easy and I
cannot buy all the products myself I wish I could but I can so I’m gonna
filter this let’s jump in I have no I haven’t set this up ahead of time you
know I whatever I find is literally gonna run through with you right here
I’m gonna show you exactly the rawest of of you know experiences so this is just
like I would source through any other day when I’m on snacks out looking for
great products I’m gonna do it just like I would do that so I might find bad
products I might find good products and I think that that’s a really valuable
way to kind of show you the business model how I approach different products
so will you know will dress certain products and different problems with
certain products as they arise so you get a better feel for you know what’s a
good product and what’s not I do this lot my course obviously but I think this
this is really really cool cuz I do know that a lot of people out
there are cherry-picking the information and not necessarily buying the course
which is totally cool but I want to make sure that you don’t make any you know
serious mistakes if you’re if you’re doing that so what I’m basically doing
is I sort on snack shop specifically and every human site is different I like to
sort through big savings percentage biggest savings by dollar and sometimes
the lowest price that’s just what I like to do if you know you don’t have a big
budget a lot the number one question I probably get normal in arbitrage is okay
what can I start with what what’s the ideal amount that I can start with and
the answer to that is you can start with anything so you could start with 50
bucks or you can start with 5,000 it’s a return on investment business meaning
that if you’re spending 50 you’re gonna get a return on that investment that
might be like 250 and then you can take that 250 buy more products and get a
return on your 250 of return on your investment of the 250 and maybe make
like 1,500 a 2 grand it all depends on the products each products different
each margin is different you know your profit margin so if you were starting
with you know 50 or on the lower end of that I would always say regardless of
the coupon site start with the lowest price items first because you’re still
gonna find margins of like $10 profit margin but you know it kind of limit it
that way you’re only spending like 20 cents to two bucks potentially to get
that margin so it’s a lot better for you and obviously something else I going
over in the course is there are better times to source from every single coupon
site they vary so I’m gonna go to biggest savings percentage here and
let’s jump into that sort of thing you did and I’m also gonna hit show prime
and let’s see what popped up so this one looks pretty solid actually even though
it’s sponsored and it’s hip hemp hip and joint advanced for dogs so
let’s go ahead and check it out it’s view and on Amazon
it looks like the margins there and number one thing that I look for is does
it have a profit margin of at least ten bucks if it has profit margin of police
ten bucks play ball let’s check it out I don’t
waste my time for you know anything less than ten bucks you could if you wanted
to you know maybe down to like seven but you have to remember you are gonna spend
some front money on shipping but in the general scheme of things you’re not
worried about shipping charges because if you send them in in bulk with enough
it’s kind of negates the shipping charges you might be paying like five to
ten cents per item to ship it into FBA that’s why I say keep it above ten but
but if you’re selling it at like a ten dollar profit margin Amazon’s gonna take
their fees so it’s just my opinion not worth the money to do it for anything
less than you know 10 because you might be you
know Amazon might take 4 or 5 bucks and fees and then you’re only making 5 bucks
but this one has a profit margin of it looks like 27 roughly because you can
sell it it sells on Amazon for 30 and you go buy it for 330 so maybe like 26
526 for whatever that is let’s view it on Amazon first things to make sure is
does it sell for the price sets listed it does so that margin is still good
it’s roughly 26 27 bucks it is Amazon Prime I net you can buy
items that aren’t prime I don’t personally like to and I would urge you
not to but I’ve done it before and it works and you know there are great
products you just have to be a little bit more careful with them so the very
next thing to do is check the best seller rank it’s got a 5,000 BSR and pet
supplies so it’s selling well I always recommend especially people in my course
get the jungle Scout app if you’re dropping $300 for a course but you’re
spending about 300 bucks so it would behoove you to spend another 99 on the
jungle Scout Chrome extension just so you can be sure with the numbers because
you don’t want to play guessing games if you don’t have the extension my
general rule of thumb is keep it below 100,000 BSR just a good rule of thumb
because if it’s below 100,000 it’s typically selling one a day most of the
time but there are different you know different market shares there are
different sales velocities in different categories on Amazon so it’s important
to keep that in mind that’s why I say get this so you can be 100% sure because
as you see it’s gonna tell me what the monthly sales are it’s gonna tell me
what the daily sales are what the rank is what the revenue is and so on and so
forth always another little caveat always not always but 95% of the time
you want at least one review on the product that shows that the the sellers
invested in the listing and they’re gonna reorder so this has 198 monthly
sales I always recommend if you’re looking at the jungle Scout app at least
30 because that’s roughly one a day and these numbers will fluctuate especially
with newer products which the majority of coupon products are but this is
clearly a great product so just to run through the checklist with you again
we’re gonna do a couple more products so don’t worry it has the margin right we
can buy for 330 we’re gonna resell it back on Amazon for roughly 30 bucks
maybe a little bit lower to get the buy box right so you know maybe you’re
making twenty five after shipping roughly maybe a little bit more so
that’s a great margin it does it is Amazon Prime it has more than one
customer reviews if you’re not using the jungle Scout extension
it is below 100,000 if you are it does have more than 30 its sales a month
everything checks out let’s make sure that we can sell it that’s the next
thing so we’re gonna take the ASI asi em we’re gonna post it into seller central
and see if we can sell it and we can sell it so you can sell it in new
end-use conditions boom you can sell it this is a great product
$25 profit margin this one looks okay we’ll check it out sells for 150 it’s
90% off let’s see if it has a $10 profit margin so it does it sells for about 15
bucks on Amazon we can buy it for 150 thus making the profit margin roughly
1350 right so that’s above $10 profit margin let’s check it on Amazon now this
one is a little bit sketchy because it doesn’t have any reviews it is prime so
that’s a good sign so that means that they shipped it into
FBA which is what you’ll be doing if you’re selling these Amazon FBA Prime
and this is Amazon FBA prime Amazon FBA and that’s something also talked about
in the course in depth you want to always ship it in to FBA you don’t want
a merchant fill cuz you’ll get the buy box at a higher price and for a lot of
other reasons but the main reason is you’ll get the buy box at a higher price
because one of the things that Amazon factors in with buy box is obviously
priced but it’s also availability to the customer how fast can that customer get
that item if it’s in prime it’s a lot faster that’s why I highly suggest that
plus it takes a lot of the the liability and the onus off you as a seller because
all the metrics fall on Amazon FBA and not on you as a merchant fulfilled
seller so a little caveat there if I were buying this and everything else
checked out I would just go ahead and buy it even though it doesn’t have any
reviews I caution you not to do that if you’re just getting into it you get a
little bit better the more you do this at finding good products and whether or
not it’s something that you want to take a chance on when you’re scaled all the
way up to like 5 to 8 grand like I am you know a month I buy products like
this all the time and you know it just it’s just a shot in the dark that for
1350 but let’s go ahead and check it I wanna see what it looks like now if it
were a little bit lower maybe it was like 80,000 best seller rank then it’s
maybe something I would take a chance on since it’s a little bit higher and it’s
almost two hundred thousand one hundred and eighty four thousand best seller
rank I would avoid this doesn’t have a review so it doesn’t even have one
review whether or not you can sell it is kind of irrelevant would it sell
eventually probably if you if you bought one and you could but I’m I’m
my whole idea is I want to make the money but I want to make it fast so
what’s gonna what can I flip quickly to make money fast you like I said you can
buy this but you might be sitting on it for a couple weeks or a month because it
doesn’t look like it’s selling very well and it doesn’t have any reviews so if we
just check the jungle scalp Chrome extension it’s selling under five of
these a month another thing though too is you can take shots in the dark like
this because the if you know anything about Amazon and I’m also a private
label seller as well this this person’s clearly trying to rank this product it
looks like it’s a brand-new listing so they’re trying to get a review they’re
trying to rank it which means they’re gonna give a lot away hence the reason
it’s on snag Shou as a coupon code so there that that bestseller rank
typically will go down I’m like going up it will have more monthly sales that
typically go down not always but in this case it probably will still not a bad
product to buy but I would just caution new people especially not to buy that
let’s find another one this one looks like beauty tape and this one’s like an
antenna that’s a little sketch that might be a good product but I want to
find good ones for you for sure so we’re gonna skip that one this one it looks
like what we just looked at alright kinda check that don’t know what this is
regular green that’s the hemp oil I’m just gonna pull a bunch up and we’re
gonna check them all at once cell phone camera lens and what is this that’s
another good one right there that might be a good one right here this one might
be a good one right here and this one might be a good around here so we got a
bunch of them that I’m gonna check really fast for you let’s find the joint
supplement this was probably great one supplements or gold mines guys cuz the
mark-up is so high and the coupon code is so low this isn’t even a good
supplement markup you know you’re buying it for 450 and then you’re reselling it
back on Amazon for 30 roughly hence the twenty five dollar profit margin so
that’s good but I found supplements where it’s like some of them are like 50
bucks you know brought buying protein powder and you’re buying it for like two
bucks and the profit margin is like 60 something it’s crazy I’ve also found
great supplements and beauty beauty is another great category I’ve found ones
in beauty for like 90 dollar profit margin and I finally quite frequently
it’s it’s not that crazy so let’s check this one out looks pretty good move it
over so I keep track let’s check it on Amazon
it does have reviews that’s a good sign so it’s got six customer reviews and
another thing that I like to keep in mind too is I’m not when you’re doing
this and you’re flipping arbitrage products with online arbitrage you’re
not too worried about the the rating you just want to make sure that it at least
has one review if it if it’s like a two-star or a two and a half star that’s
when you kind of get a little bit worried but if it’s a good three star
four star that’s totally fine because you don’t care about the listing
long-term you’re just trying to flip it fast so that’s just something to keep in
mind so the margin is good it has at least one review that all checks out
let’s check the bestseller rank 18,000 in health and household looks pretty
legit I can check it on from jungle Scott even though I already know that
it’s gonna be selling it because it’s relatively low in the category so this
is a good example of why it’s important to have the jungle Scout Chrome
extension – because the monthly sales are only 41 even though it’s an 18,000
Bell best seller rank so in health and household that clearly means health and
household doesn’t have as high of a sales velocity in general with a
category as something like maybe sport home or not home as maybe like home and
garden is that still even a category they changed the name or like Sporting
Goods or something like that so different ones I’m not saying that they
have more on this has less but different categories fluctuate with sales velocity
and so it’s important to know for sure and not play guessing games because this
were you know closer to a hundred thousand it might only be selling 15 a
month and you know it’s just something to keep in mind but this is obviously
good it’s 945 amount or 41 a month doesn’t make any sense 41 a month 10 a
day you know but I will might buy one or two of these another question I get
asked a lot is do you only buy one you only do you buy a couple it depends
product a product but typically speaking you’re only allowed to claim one if you
are allowed to claim more on a certain product I’ll check it because I’m not
trying to steal the person’s inventory that I think that’s kind of you know
that’s bad karma in my opinion so if it does let you buy like 999 of home I
don’t ever do that the most I ever usually buy is like five to ten and
that’s if the person has a lot of inventory because typically what the
coupon codes are are is the the price that they are able to manufacture it at
most of the time so they’re not taking that as a loss you’re just marking up
and making the profit margin off their listing for like a day or two and
they’re not losing any money on it and you’re
actually helping them rank – which is a good thing so a little bit of semantics
there but I don’t recommend that you buy a shitload of them so don’t go like 50
or hunter I know some people do that and if that’s what you want to do that’s
your prerogative I just personally think it’s bad karma so I don’t ever go well
you know five five to ten max usually but most of the time you’re gonna get
one of them so this all checks out it’s pretty good let’s make sure that we can
sell it asi in take it in the cellar central and
we’ll see and you can so you can sell it new condition so this is another great
product so I’m actually I don’t know why I forgot to keep that other one before
I’m actually save this one because I’m going to get this as soon as I hop off
this video because it’s great product I should have bought the other one too but
I might go back and grab it I don’t know why right now cuz it’s gonna show you my
address and I don’t really want you know the internet knowing where I live
exactly not something that excites me let’s find a couple more cuz there’s a
couple good ones here we’ll run through this one fast okay I’ll just run through
them fast I’ll show you a bunch of great other examples 118 reviews that’s a good
sign this person’s clearly invested in the product the margins they’re thirty
bucks you’re getting it for 450 and it is prime nice it’s a good and filled out
list thing about 12,000 so I’m not even check it because I know that’s pretty
good and can I sell it and we can not sell it
so you can’t sell it as new but you can sell it as you think collectible which
you know that’s your prerogative you want to do that as well that’s another
debate for another day a long one I have students that do that I also do that
from time to time at the margins good enough and it’s selling enough units so
if it’s selling like you know 100 units a month and I can sell it as used and
still make a markup of like 10 bucks I’m gonna go ahead and do that it just
depends from product the product it’s hard to kind of give a one-size-fits-all
answer for that because it’s gonna depend on what you like to do you know
what you’re willing to what risk you’re comfortable with taking because if
you’re getting if you’re selling it as used or you know collectible or anything
like that or used like new you’re not gonna get the buy box you have to have a
new prime thing to get the buy box and so it’s gonna be sitting there
potentially for maybe even a month maybe maybe just a week maybe a couple of days
until somebody buys decides to buy a used like new item and
off the by box because as you’ll see here if like so this is a perfect
example of it somebody that’s doing this themselves so you’re not gonna get the
Add to Cart which is the buy box but if somebody Scrolls down it happens to see
oh there’s a use then a new one from 2763 what is it like used like new by
Amazon warehouse so this is exactly what somebody was doing but this clearly
Amazon so that’s exactly what you would be doing you’d be down like under the
buy box but still it can sell for a good profit margin especially I like to do
this I’ll list it use like new and then in like the little right here it says
item will come in original packaging that’s like where you can put like the
condition note when you’re putting it in seller central I like to put you know
like literally like brand-new never open never use nothing like so they know that
100% it’s a great way to make more money but you don’t always have to do it that
way so check this one so 30 40 so that’s a roughly a 25 dollar profit margin
again let’s check it out it’s got 58 reviews that’s a good sign is it prime
it is prime this person doesn’t have a buy box but that’s totally fine in this
situation because this technically is the buy box and if you drop your price a
little bit lower than the original seller you’re gonna be the highest on
the the not buy box if that makes any sense so you’ll be the first person that
they because nobody’s gonna buy the one under it they’re gonna buy the top one
so it’s the same as the buy box you don’t get the buy box the reason for
that is there’s a lot of different reasons it could be the majority main
reason that probably is because this is probably selling this exact item on you
know cheap somewhere else cheaper so like eBay is a great example Amazon
hates that so if you’re selling it cheaper on another platform like eBay
they’re gonna take your buy box away there’s a lot of things that go into
that but that’s just something to keep in mind I don’t know why I just exit out
of that that was stupid of me but let’s check
this prop this uh this item so this one hundred fifty four thousand its sports
and outdoors might be a good example of a product that you might want to buy if
you had the jungle style Chrome extension there’s fifty eight reviews so
clearly they’re gonna reorder clearly they’re invested in a listing although
for the majority people that don’t have jungle scalp the extension you’re gonna
stay away from this because it’s one hundred fifty four thousand but it might
be selling more than thirty a month is not selling twelve a month so you could
buy this and probably flip it in like a week or two max it’s probably still good
item and I buy things like this from time to time
for the sake of you know wanting to show you good
products I’m not gonna you know I’m not gonna buy that today but you could
easily do that and that’s how you really scale up like once you’re once you’re
trying to get to like the 5,000 to 10,000 mark and you’re not hiring a VA
or outsourcing other people to other IP addresses and other accounts to buy more
which is something else I talked about in the course and how you can do that um
you can buy products like that because you’re gonna buy you’re gonna be buying
a lot that are gonna flip fast and hang you out and the whole idea with it is to
replenish your inventory and then ship it into FBA where it’s gonna sell for
you so you’re not necessarily too worried if you know 90% of your items
are selling in a day or two and then you have a couple of other items that are
selling in like a week or two doesn’t really matter because you’re still
getting paid for it all the whole idea is you’re buying it replenishing your
inventory and sending it into FBA buying more buying more on a daily basis when
they all come in you have enough pocket packages and items shipping into FBA and
collecting the money it’s super super easy to do let’s go through two more
really fast I’m not gonna go through that money more someone waste your time
and you could do this all day literally I have five snapchat accounts you can
have more you just need a different phone number and a different email
address it’s super super easy so this is prime it’s got three stars which is a
little sketchy but it is what it is 10 customer reviews that’s a good sign
let’s keep going through it’s two hundred thousand in health and household
so probably another example of an item you don’t want to buy has under five a
month sales I would say don’t buy that let’s move on this one is a cell phone
camera doesn’t have any reviews it’s a bit scary but let’s check it out 10:06
and cell phone accessories this is where I like to run the the jungle Scout
Chrome extension to see if it had a review I would do that so this is a
perfect example actually it’s above 100,000 bestseller rank so typically
people don’t have jungles South they’re gonna stay away from it but the the
numbers here show me that it’s selling about 30 a month so there’s nothing
necessarily wrong with buying this if it had a review the fact that it doesn’t
have any reviews and it’s really close to the borderline means I probably
wouldn’t buy it but you probably could buy this and flip it and still it would
still sell relatively easily let’s find one more I’m fine good one for you this
was not bad let’s check it out was the other one here that all right so this is
got a margin of Italy ten bucks so that’s a good thing let’s
check out the Amazon I think that was like a margin of 11 or 12 I didn’t
really check it’s got its prime it’s got a lot of reviews so might indicate that
you can’t sell it because usually people will that have that many reviews our
brand restricted because they’ve spent the money and spent the time to do that
why wouldn’t you if you have a great listing like that you might as well
protect it and all brand restrict it means so there’s category restrictions
and there’s also brand restrictions you can file for a brand restriction when
you you register your brand that just means that you have to ask to be
approved by that brand to sell it that’s all that basically means so you can sell
this new use so you can sell this which is great it’s probably selling a
shitload so it’s 9,200 and sports and outdoors let’s run this the extension
its selling three hundred thirty nine dot $339 339 sales a month about fifth
about five thousand revenue from this so we can sell it this is a great product
to buy and the margin is roughly a little bit over twelve I think a little
bit over twelve so like twelve fifty so so what’s gonna happen typically is if
you add to the cart and I don’t know if it might have to block this out if it
does and they’re gonna hit cart and typically you can only buy one of these
I don’t think my address is shown on this right no I think that’s the next
page so typically what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna buy one of these and
like I said I don’t recommend doing this but you can if you want and it’s
something I also teach my course you’re gonna switch the quantity to $9.99 and
see what happens so most sellers are gonna limit you to one because they’re
smart with the coupon codes some sellers gonna let me to some sellers gonna limit
you three some sellers are not gonna have a limit on it you’ll see that as
you keep doing it you get very very good you you’re gonna scan you’re gonna go
Add to Cart you’re gonna hit $9.99 see what you can buy it for if this was
unlimited well then I might go back and buy ten of these because they’re selling
so fast and that’s ten dollars that I’m gonna make per products so ten times ten
or eleven times ten or whatever that is is you know what is that 110 so that’s
110 that I just bought and made from one product because I bought ten of them so
that’s a thing that you keep in mind but obviously this one’s limited to one so
you’re only gonna make eleven bucks or ten bucks on this specific item so
that’s going to wrap up snack shop guys


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