Content Creation (5 “Sniper” Tools for Creating Winning Content)

– In this video I’m gonna show you five different content creation tools so that you can understand exactly what your audience wants to know about so that you can create content that wins. Whether you have a blog or a podcast, or a video channel, it doesn’t matter. In fact, these are the
same tools that I use to get responses from
my audience like this. This email from Lourdes says, “Hi Pat, “I feel like you are in my head. “I’m thinking every single one “of those thoughts constantly.” And when you get those kinds of responses from your audience,
you’re gonna have people stick around longer,
open your emails more, and also be more likely
to become a customer. Now stick around because
I’m gonna show you exactly how to get the
same kinds of responses thanks to the help of my little friend. Say hello to my little friend! That’s terrible. Why am I even trying that? Now what is this for and why
is there a Hero cam on it? Ooh.
(bang) It’s ’cause I’m gonna teach you how to be a sniper with your content. So stick around. Now we have five tools that
we’re gonna go over today and five targets that we’re gonna hit with this Nerf gun as we go along. But first let me talk about this Nerf gun and why it’s important. You’re looking at the RaptorStrike. It’s said to be one of the most accurate Nerf guns there is that
you could find a target. But it does use these
really specialized darts that have the spiral on the rubber tip that allow the dart to fly
faster and more accurately. A sniper has to be very
accurate with their work, right? Or else things could go pretty bad. And it’s the same thing for
you and your content, too. If you’re not creating
content that’s about the stuff that your audience is interested in or answering the questions that they have, well, they might see
it and never come back. So how do you know how to create content that will resonate with your audience? Well, most people blog or
create content like this. And they just hope something sticks. When the truth is you need the right tools and you need to aim in
the right direction, too, and that’s exactly what I’m
gonna teach you how to do today using the tools that we
have available to us online. Alright, let’s get
started with number one. (upbeat music) Alright, first up we
have, one of my favorite sites as of late and one that I use quite often. And it’s not only because
I love seeing this guy in his oversize sweater, but also because this site helps me
understand the questions that my target audience is asking. For example, if I were
to type in knitting here, in the search, and hit Get Questions, I’m gonna get a number
of different questions broken down into the how, are, will, can, where, which, who, what, when, and why. And so this allows me
to not guess anymore, but understand what
questions I can answer, and this can help determine blog posts, lead magnets, email subject lines, or potentially even some products too. So already here I can see some topics: can knitting cause arm pain, can knitting needles
be carried on a plane. These are all questions that I guess if a person was interested in knitting would want to know about. And if you can be there
to answer those questions, your content will become more relevant to yes, the human, but also guess what? To search engines, too. Now this format’s a
little bit hard to read, but if you go up here and click on Data, you can get the questions listed
a little bit easier to you and see them a little bit better. You can save this. And again, it becomes just
a plethora of information that you can use moving forward. And check this out. Where to buy knitting supplies, where to buy knitting wool,
where to buy knitting looms, where to buy knitting
materials in Singapore, that’s pretty specific. But as you can see here there’s even some affiliate and product
opportunities in here, too. Alright, next in line
we’ve got number two. (upbeat music) YouTube, an amazing resource
to waste a ton of time if you don’t know how to use it correctly, getting to the dark parts
of YouTube quite quickly. But it’s also an amazing resource to help you do research in
your target market as well. So let’s dive into YouTube
in the knitting space and see if we can figure out okay, what does this audience really, really want to learn more about. This is very simple to do so follow along. Here in the search bar I’m
gonna type in knitting, quite simply, and then I’m
gonna filter by channel. So I’m gonna hit Filter and then Channel, and this will give me a list of some of the top knitting channels
that are here on YouTube. This is great because this is where people who watch knitting exist, right? So how do we find out what
of those people’s content are the most popular? Well, very simple. Now I’m gonna scroll
down and find a channel that has maybe over 100,000 subscribers. That doesn’t always exist in some spaces but in this one I know it does ’cause I can see VeryPink Knits down here at nearly 250,000 subscribers, and one with lots of videos too. Because I want to see of those video which ones are most popular. So let’s just go to VeryPink Knits. Now to find the top
videos all I have to do is go to Videos, then go to Sort by, and then hit Most popular. A couple things you can do here. Obviously number one
you can see what videos are the most popular
just by number of views. This one has 1.2 million views. And I’m gonna take note
of some of those topics. For example, scalloped edge
or a rugged ripple blanket, learn to knit an entrelac scarf, how to knit a dishcloth. The trick is how can I make my own version of this even better? This is what Brian Dean from calls the skyscraper technique where you find a really popular article or a very highly trafficked video and you just create one on
the same topic but better. And I’ll put a link down
below in the description for Brian’s skyscraper technique article, which is so useful and very,
very relevant even today. Another thing you can do here is not just see how many views these have but which ones seem to
have the most acceleration meaning the most views in
a short period of time. Because you can see
here this from the list from four years ago but there’s other ones from six years ago. I want to pick ones that
seem to be the most trending. If you’re struggling to find something with a little bit of velocity,
you can go to Sort by and then click on Date added newest, and from those see which ones seem to have more views than others. So these are ones that were
published very recently. So, 6K two days ago, 12K three days ago, 14K one week ago, 18K, 13K. So this 18K one seems to
have a lot of velocity. If I go down here you’ll see
that this one not so much. Let’s find another knitting channel just to see what the difference is. Let’s go to Studio Knit with over 100,000. Thank you, Christine. And we’re gonna go to Videos. We’re gonna go to Sort
by and Most popular. So she’s got a large
number of views on these from three years ago, two years ago, over half a million on each of these, half a million from two year ago. So a lot of stitch
patterns and I feel like that that’s a very popular topic in this knitting space,
it’s just showing people exactly what the stitch patters are like. So what I would do is go in there and look at those videos and analyze them to see okay, well, why
are people watching those, what’s keeping them there, and how is this person engaging them, and how can I potentially
do that even better? Let’s go and sort by Date added newest and see if any of these seem to be going wow, look at this one. So, how to Knit Beads, Knitting Technique, 163,000 views from three weeks ago. That’s abnormally large. And so what I would do is go in here and watch this and just
try to understand it, and if it’s something that
seems like a lot of people are wanting to learn more about, I’m gonna look at the
comments a little bit too, well it might be a video
or some other topic that I could talk about. YouTube! Alright, next up number three. (upbeat music) Nice! Alright, next up we have which is a great tool that a lot of people are using to analyze what content seems to be the most popular. As you can see, you could
type in a person’s website and actually see on that website what is the most popular content. So let’s actually try it out right now with
and we’ll see what we get. Alright, so over the past year this article about SEO
has been the most popular, it’s been the most shared,
as you can see here, across all these different platforms. Then my celebration of
AskPat Episode 1000, the YouTube giveaway
that I’m doing right now, which if it’s still available,
you’ll see a link below where you can actually win an
hour virtual coffee with me. So sign up for that. And also, I mean yeah, I can actually pay to get access to more. I do have an account and I’ll
go in there in just a minute. But you can get access
to just a few searches through the free version at So use them wisely. Although you can pay to get the upgrade which can be very useful for you. Now let’s go back into
our knitting example and type in knitting here and just see what we come up with. Okay, so over the last
week here are the ones that have the most shares. So, When knitting goes horribly wrong. I can see why it would
be shared quite often. Knitting Help, Finger Knitting Projects. This isn’t really telling me too much. So instead of most shared I’m gonna go to Content Analysis here
and we’ll keep with knitting so we can analyze this term
and see what websites pop up. Through the Content Analysis tool you’re able to discover a few things. Again, we’re looking at the past week and over the past week we can see okay, when are the most articles published, when are the most articles shared, where that sharing has happened. This is really important
because this gives us a sense of where our audience is. Here are shares by date
published, content length. As you can see here, longer content for this particular space
seems to be shared a lot more. And then also, shared domains by network meaning okay, here are
where these articles are being published and
how they are being shared. But this also gives me access to okay, where else might people
be that are in my space that I can go in and do
some more research from. I can scroll down and see the top pieces of content for knitting
over the last week. What if we go past five years? What would happen? It’s about 26.5 million total shares. You get a little bit of a trend map there, and then also average shares by network. It’s interesting that
Pinterest is so large here and it wasn’t before
when we were just looking at the week, so perhaps that’s declined. Facebook still rules number one there. Published day would make sense for you, and also look at this, Average Shares By Content Length. 6K shares average for articles that are 3,000 to 10,000 words in length. It really looks like a
skyscraper, doesn’t it? Again, similar kinds of stuff, and then the top articles. How to Make 30 Minutes Infinity Scarf. Wow! Okay, so that tells me maybe I can start to include some quicker knitting items in my blog or my podcast,
or a video channel. Hey, here’s how to knit this thing, and that’s really popular,
and I know it’s popular ’cause it was popular
on that other channel, but here’s how you can
do it in 30 minutes, or actually 25 minutes. So again, just like a
sniper, we’re getting the lay of the land, we’re focusing our efforts in certain spots, and then we’re gonna take our shot. Alright, next up we’ve got number four. (upbeat music) The best way to remember
this particular method, number four, is to say
to yourself: I need help. I need help! I need help. You might think I actually do need help but no, I’m gonna help
you because we’re gonna go into Google and use that exact phrasing to help us find what
people need help with. Alright, so here we are in Google and this is one of my
favorite techniques, watch. I’m gonna type in forum, colon, and then let’s pick a different niche, so this would be a
keyword, and I’m just gonna expand into something
like fishing or something. So let’s do fishing instead of knitting. This tells Google I’m gonna find all the forums that relate to fishing. But let’s take it one step further and in quotations I’m
gonna put “I need help”. This tells Google I want to see all the forums related to fishing where people are saying “I need help”. And as you can see, a lot
of people need help here. What this does is it allows you to empathize with your
audience a little bit more, and that’s really important when it comes to creating content to feel for them, and the way that this works is because you’re understanding and
finding these questions in the context of real life
persons asking for help. Not just like okay, a Google search or something like that,
but they are asking a community of other people. So you’re gonna understand,
for example, the language that they’re gonna use and
the story behind it too, and the pain that might be
associated with it, as well. And this allows you to
better serve your audience because you’re almost in
their shoes at that point. Sometimes this works
really well through Google, other times not so much, but another great place
to go is Facebook Groups. Okay, so here we are in the
Smart Passive Income Community. You can get there by going to Really simply, once you
get access to a group, find the Search this group bar and then type in the
same thing: I need help. Now look at this. Even more clearly than in the forums. All these people needing
help with certain things. I need help making content
for a drip email campaign. I need help building an app. I need help, that’s a little long. I need help deciding
which ebook cover to use. I need help providing paid
video content to my audience. I need help; I want to sell T-shirts. I need help, a lot of people need help, which is why people often
join these communities. To get help. So, that’s another
strategy that you can use that uses the same I need
help strategy, sorry. But yeah, use that. There’s lot of other
words that you can use in its place, such as “I
need help” or “help with”, or “anybody know”,
that’s another good one. So those are things you can
type in into forums and groups. LinkedIn has groups as well,
and many other places too, even Twitter, for example. That will allow you to see conversations that are actually happening in real time and allow you to better
empathize with them. Alright, and the last up
we’ve got number five. (upbeat music) Boom! Yeah! Boom! Yeah! There’s no better way to understand exactly what your audience wants than to literally just ask them. The best case scenario you’re asking them in person, perhaps at the conference, or maybe you are over the phone, or on a Skype call or something, consultation call or
coaching call or something. Those are the best times to be able to ask because you’re right there in person and you can go deeper or
you can kind of understand each other as you’re going along. But there is a way to automate the process of collecting these questions from people in real time, from their minds, and I’ll show you how to do
that in a couple ways right now. Alright, so you’re looking at my ConvertKit account right now. Actually this is my real
life sequence for people who has signed up to my email list, who denote themselves as people who have yet to start a business. So these are the email sequences that to go through, and
I’m just drafting one and I want you to draft
into your own email sequence right now, whether it’s for
beginners or advanced people or whoever it is that
you’re trying to serve. This is a great email to put it in here and that’s the following. Email Subject line. Perhaps a question like “What are you struggling with right now?” That could be one. Or maybe that’s in the
email Content section and you have a different kind of header. Another question to ask could be “What are your top three questions “that you have for me?” That could be another one. Another one could be
“What’s your biggest pain “right now related to, blank?” Obviously, don’t put a blank there, but that’s where you would put knitting or fishing or whatever. When I share this strategy
with a lot of people, a lot of them kind of
hesitate a little bit because they’re worried
about getting responses. This is supposed to be
automatic and they don’t want really a lot of
communication happening here, they want it happening elsewhere. But you want people to tell you what they want to know about. And when you can automate that, it takes it out of your
hands, and it allows you to just constantly collect these things. Whether it’s you keeping track of them, putting them into a Gmail tab folder or something like that,
or having a VA go in there and start putting them in an Excel file, however you want to organize this, it’s gonna give you an idea of A, the topics that your audience
wants you to talk about and the questions that
they’re asking, too, but B, which ones are most popular. So you might see that after you start keeping track of these as they come in, there’s a few that are being asked quite often by many people. That’s gonna give you a sign that yes, you should talk about those things too. Now the most important thing… Now the most important
thing you need to realize is that a sniper, when
they’re doing the work, they’re very patient, right? They’re doing the work,
they’re doing the research, they’re making those fine adjustments so they can focus in the right place and take the right shot. And that’s what I want you to do, too. Now that you have these
tools in your arsenal you can use them to your advantage so that you can make sure
you talk about the topic that makes sense for
you and your audience. I had a lot of fun shooting this video. I’m just a big kid trying to play and have fun and teach
at the same time, too. So, if you had fun and
you liked this video, hook me up with a like, and also make sure to subscribe to the channel
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click on that bell icon to make sure you get notified
when new videos come out too. Really quick below you leave I’d love you to answer this quick question below in the comments section, and that question is very simply, What is a tool that
you’ve been using recently that has been helping
you with your business? I shared a few tools with you today, share one back with me and
the rest of the community and I’m looking forward to reading it. Hey, thanks again for watching! I appreciate you and I’ll
see you in the next video. Duh! (recharging gun) His name is Joshua.


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