Corsair Vengeance 🖱 M95 Performance MMO Gaming Mouse Reivew

Welcome everyone. Today we’re going to be doing an unboxing
and review of the Corsair M95 Performance MMO Gaming Mouse. The M95 is the newest iteration of Corsair’s
M90 Gaming Mouse. The mouse is designed for the complex demands
of massively multiplayer and real-time strategy games. It offers easy programming, 15 intelligently
positioned buttons, and onboard storage for unique button setups for each game. The advanced 8,200 DPI laser sensor is designed
to give great performance, Ultra-high sensitivity for precise tracking and control. It has an aluminum frame which provides high
rigidity and optimal mass distribution. The chassis feels incredibly sturdy and the
weight gives the mouse a very robust sense of control and balance. The top surface has a slightly grainy mat
surface that allows for smooth finger movement, while delivering a nice gripping area. As you see here the Right Click button is
tapered back and slighting sloped. The scroll wheel is placed further back on
the mouse than I’ve experienced on other mice. Here we see it in comparison with the Razer
Taipan, a mouse that I’ve been most recently using and have reviewed. They both share a very similar sloping design,
although the Corsair is slightly wider and has a lot more weight to it. Each has very similar grainy mat surface. Here it is alongside the Logitech G500 a mouse
I’ve gamed with for quite some time. What I like about most Logitech mice is their
height and the Corsair comes very close to having the same elevation. When viewed from above we can see that the
G500 is longer and just slightly wider. You can also see how pronounced the right
click button is sloped, that’s something I’m going to cover in the Pro’s and Con’s
of the mouse. Here it is along the Steel Series Sensei and
the Corsairs’s 15 programmable buttons really distinguishes itself from other gaming mice
such as the Razer Naga or Logitech G600. The buttons are very responsive and snappy. They have great ergonomic placement , however
you’re probably going to want to read the PDF Manual if you want the most out of the
buttons performance. This leads us to connection, software and
setup. If you like you can connect the mouse to insure
that the computer will find it. Navigate to the Corsair website and locate
the Mice and Keyboards link. I found it a lot simpler to locate the drivers
by simply utilizing the search feature. Once you located the M95 information you can
simply download the content. As a suggestion I would recommend extracting
the content to your desktop and be sure you keep the PDF Instruction manuals. Okay guys now we’re going to take a look
at the software. I’m going to over the very basics, just
the general usage of the mouse. I would encourage you to read the PDF information
as far as the instructions so that you guys can go into the more advance type settings. So basically looking at it I’m going to
leave it as profile one default. MR is for you macro. So you can set up whatever type of macros
you want. This is the On and Off for the light on the
actual mouse itself. As you can see here various key functions. Hardware play if you select this it will run
directly from the mouse, memory and settings within the mouse as opposed to going through
the software. Manage Performance, pretty straight forward. First DPI button, which is going to be default
to 800. Second DPI I’ve set it to 1900. Third DPI and then for those who play FPS
Sniper Mode and 400. You can assign Sniper Mode button to whichever
particular micro buttons you would like. It takes it a second or two for it to go back
to the previous setting. Manage profile obviously you can go in here,
you can create a new profile if you like. I leave mine at 1 default. I’ll go ahead and delete that. Now, going back to assigning buttons as you
can see here 1 is going to be left click, 2 right click, 3 mouse wheel, pretty standard
fair. So let’s take a look for example of button
10 it is essentially behind what I set as my back button. So technically 8 and 9 would be your typical
forward, back button on any other mouse. On this one it defaults to 7 and I changed
it to no function at all. So 9 I made my back because of where my hand
rest it feels more comfortable here. And number 10 I set to a keystroke and then
use that equal sign as my default for my Mumble Channel. And what you’re going to want to do now
is we’re just going to go over some of the basics again. So play options here you have the first setting
is going to be the playback once. So hit the button it plays once. This next button is uh play back a number
of times if you hit the button and want it to do a series of processes. This button is ohm repeat, so if you hit a
single button it will repeat a certain message a number of times. And this one is play until stop. Delay options 50 milliseconds is the base
default if you want to change it I would suggest again, go back into your PDF look through
it see what you like. If you want to set it to a certain sensation. Advanced options for keys, click within the
center box here and you can make it a command. As you can see here there is a list of different
commands for it. You can go into the advanced command and have
it do a function. So we’re going to go over her to button
options. And I’m going to select 10. And now to make this a key strike I’m gunna
click in the center of the field here. And then I’m going to select Keystroke. Then I’m going to hit the plus button, this
will bring up my field here so now I can enter any keystroke and I’ll do that now by using
equals (=). Now equals is my keystroke. And I’ll click Okay. So now number 10 is set to equals (=). So now to know if this is actually working. You can go ahead and close this if you want. We’ll right click on the desktop, and we’ll
go to text, double click, then hit the button and as you can see it is now equals (=). So essentially that’s kind of the basics
setup of the mouse. As far as the pros and cons of this mouse,
let’s start with the cons. The thing that struck me most when I put my
hand on the mouse was the tapered and sloped right click button. My middle figure dangled off the end making
it feel very awkward for gripping and the sensation was very pronounced. The mouse scroll wheel is set to far back. You have to nearly make a conscious effort
to articulate your finger to reach the scroll wheel and once you do the click scroll wheel
button is very hard to actuate and you may inadvertently push a side button to get the
grip leverage you need to actuate the scroll wheel button. The pros are that the mouse’s aluminum chassis
is very well constructed giving the mouse an added sense of durability. The buttons, surfaces and weight of the mouse
provide a great balance and accuracy of usage. If you’re an MMO player this mouse is a
great option as its 15 programmable buttons allows you a wide range of macros and settings. This mouse may not be so ideal if you’re
an FPS player, but I wouldn’t completely rule it out for that. I hope you guys have enjoyed this unboxing
and review. If you have any questions or feedback be sure
to include them in the comment section below. Be sure to hit that like button and subscribe
for further unboxings and reviews. Thanks for watching.


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