I’m sincerely curious what people think. Mm hmm. [coughing] When I’m standing in there…coughing. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning guys. Happy Wednesday. I’m on my way to get my hair cut and I’m going back to my original barber because if you’ve been around the last couple months my last couple of haircuts haven’t been my favorite because I’ve gone to a different place. But hopefully, I guess I should have called and made sure they were open. Because there’s been a couple of times I’ve tried to go to my barber and they’ve been closed. So I end up going somewhere else. Anyways, time to get this hair… fixed and shortened and a little more summery because it is feeling summery today. 55 degrees. Sun is shining, blue skies. Welcome to our day. [shaver buzzing] Hair’s been cut. It feels good. It looks good. And I’m gonna pick up some lunch and then run home and see what Mary’s up to. She had just gotten up a little bit before I left this morning and she was starting on her treatment and stuff. So she’ll probably be finishing that up and… Although it did take me a while. But I’ll take some lunch home and we’ll see what we get into for the rest of the day. Good morning, you guys. We are at Walmart picking up some groceries, but we also realized we need to run inside. So we are gonna go do that as well. And… Yeah, it’s sunny and amazing, amazing! So amazing that we talked about going to the sandy place again today. But it just wasn’t the right time. We needed to not do that right now, and yeah, it’s amazing. Did you tell them about the woodpecker? [Peter] No! Okay. So as I was waking up this morning Peter came running upstairs with this camera. He had turned the camera on and filmed out our side porch, we have two bird feeders and one birdhouse, and the woodpecker was going in the birdhouse. They’re gonna build a nest in there, and I’m so excited. ♬ peaceful music ♬ Okay, our groceries are here then we’re gonna run inside. Okay, this might be the weirdest thing I’ve ever shown on our vlog but somebody sent me… I forget who sent me the link to this, but it is a… which, this is the same brand that does the little dog that’s a service dog. We’re at Walmart. And this doll has a prosthetic leg and I think that is incredible. Like, that’s incredible that Walmart carries this on their shelf. She is the only one on clearance but hey. [Peter] Wait, she’s not on clearance. Oh. [Peter] It’s the same price as all of them. Okay, never mind. That’s cool. [coughing] [breathing heavily] I’m sincerely curious what people think. Mm hmm. [coughing] When I’m standing in there…coughing. [car beeping] What do you think they think? [Peter] Um…I don’t know. Like, I guess she, oh, she must have a bad cold. I don’t know. [coughing] Starting coughing in the crosswalk’s not ideal. Yeah. [coughing] I think it’s just gonna taste like, want a sip? Nothing like sweet tea out of a jug. [clears throat] Mmm. Mmm. Ah. Sunshine. On my shoulders… [Peter mumbles] Hi. Hi. [clears throat] Good work, team. I think I forgot to, I didn’t finish my thought about the… I don’t know how to call it, like, diversity doll? The doll with medical diversities. Um… I just think that that is so cool that it’s like a mainstream toy company available wherever, um… because I know, like, I’ve heard of doll, uh… alterations or stuffed animal alterations online where like, they can even have a feeding tube and that sort of thing. But that’s of course like really special order and probably really expensive, my guess. Um…but I think this is pretty cool that it’s just available. Apparently same price as all the others. [both chuckling] And… [clears throat] And I just think it’s really great. Um… and I think it would be crazy if they started making dolls with ports or… a trach. Like, who knows? I’m gonna keep my eye on that toy company because like I said, they did the service dog one and… now the prosthetic one, so I think that’s pretty cool. All right. We are grilling out for the first time this year. Usually in previous years we like, grill all year round, but for some reason this winter we just stayed inside and enjoyed the warmth. So… [motorcycle engines running] You can hear that people are enjoying the warm weather with their motorcycles and all of that. But I’m making some grilled dinner. I grilled some steaks. Look at those. [Peter] Delicious, and we’ve got some asparagus and corn and some mushrooms on the grill. And we’re gonna eat here pretty soon. We… got home a little while ago from the church. And Mary and I went there this evening to set up for our Good Friday service and we jammed out a little bit and we had fun working on stuff together. Did you see my Instagram? No. Well, so I had a feeling you hadn’t seen it because when we were at the church, I was like, thinking… I love this so much. Oh, I did see yours! Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. I did see that. And he was saying… like, I love this so much. Yeah. When we’re able to go and set up together and like… like, cast a vision and then like… Make it happen. Execute it. Yeah. Um… it’s… It’s, I guess also, with me being sick the last… many weeks… and not being able to be involved, I guess it makes us like, realize that it’s not a given that I’m able to come. Yeah. So we just like, try to soak it up when I can. Yeah. But my mountain of clean laundry is about to get bigger. [Peter] Yes. I need to switch the laundry and… Thank you for starting the laundry. Cuz you started a laundry. A load this morning and then when I went to get my hair cut I came home and she had done like, three loads or something! So. Thank you. The last load is washed and just has to be put in the dryer or hung up. But we have so many hang up clothes. Guys, I think I need to take you on like a tour of… all of our clothes that are hanging drying in the house. We have, we even have a shirt on the TV here because our clothes drying rack is full of clothes. Anyways, that’s what happens when you wait to do all your laundry at once. Um… Needless to say, we needed to do laundry. I did some amazing cinematography while we were outside. Really? Okay. You’re gonna be amazed. Okay. Okay, put it here. ♬ upbeat music ♬ [chuckling] I don’t know what that was. I’m sure it was amazing. And then I was thinking, I was playing my violin today and I was thinking if we could do this little hangy thing. Oh, yeah. The hangy thingy, like, right there. What do you think of that? Perfect. Although it’ll be kind of hidden back there. Don’t you want it somewhere more prominent? I don’t know. I don’t know. We’ll think about it. But thanks for coming on our day today guys, and… [both] As always, we’ll see you tomorrow. And if you… want to give it a thumbs up, go right ahead. Thanks guys. [laughter] Good night! [Peter] Good night Ollie boy. See you tomorrow. ♬♬


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