Covert Content Plugin – Automatically Grabbing Content From Amazon, eBay, Flickr, Clickbank & Others

Covert Content Plugin – Automatically Grabbing Content From Amazon, eBay, Flickr, Clickbank & Others Put your profits in overdrive for the two powerful to make public advance features of the covert content plugin The Cova content plugin has been specifically designed to maximize your profits from using the covert pinpress 2.0 theme but before I show you how we need to get two things straight When we say too powerful to make public we mean it in order to make this Exclusive and as effective as possible for you this offer will only ever be available to existing members We also want to be completely honest with you we are going to offer this plug-in as a standalone product later on and a Recurring monthly cost so if you leave this page this offer and the low one-time early bird price you see below Will be gone forever. This is a true one-time offer and With that out of the way Let’s take a look at what the covert content parking can do and how it can increase your profit and save you a lot of time and work You now have your hands on one of the most powerful WordPress themes ever created and even better you have an unlimited license for the theme both for your own use and for building sites for clients You could literally build hundreds even thousands of profit pulling viral blogs using the covert pinpress theme But who has the time to create or even find content for that many blogs Nobody and that’s why we decided to create this powerful plug-in for you Kovach content is order blocking on steroids and then some It’s designed to grab calls quality images and content from Amazon, Clickbank Commission Junction Flickr eBay and any RSS feed Auto block you to your covert pinpress sites in a way to both your visitors and Google will love So you don’t have to write or manually curate a single post ever but action speaks louder than words So let me show exactly what’s under the hood how cool content works and what I can do for you Welcome to this demo of the covert content plugin I’m just gonna show you just how easy it is to pull in great content for multiple sources autoblog it onto your pin press So you can have a profit pooling hands-free viral blog And this is inside the cover content Plug-in in the main settings and the first thing you need to do in here is just set up your keywords You can set up a hundred different Keywords of phrases that you use to pull in content from or less than that you don’t have to set up a hundred obviously Then there’s some really clever stuff here that does when it pulls in content. You can select whether the Audible content should be published immediately, or saved as a draft if you for example want to edit it before it goes live the plugin can automatically create tags Based on the title of what it pulls in and it will also pull in any available comments from for example Amazon Flickr eBay etc and post them onto your blog to add even more content and make your book look more real and Also to make it look real we created this thing Here that will automatically generate random authors based on these first and last names And then the poster gets pulled in will get a random off the assign to it, so it looks like Everything is Auto bugged onto your pinned post blog is done so by a bunch of different real people So that makes it look even more like a real Pinterest site So these settings are super easy to set up and when you’re done You can go into one of the modules remember you get six different content modules here Amazon Clickbank Commission Junction its eBay Flickr and any RSS feed I’m just going to show you the Amazon module the rest of them work pretty much like this I’ll just show you this one to show you how easy it is. You just set up a new feed Give it a name for your own use I’m just gonna call one pick one of your keywords select which Amazon category you want to pull from all from all categories and I’m probably just going to stay with all categories you can set a minimum price for the products or a maximum price for your pull or Napoleon automatically generate a category to put the order blog posts in to add something to match the keyword or select one or more of the categories you’ve already set up and I’m just gonna do that there and then you can have a Product link below the post where people can go buy the product. I’m gonna use one of the Amazon buttons and Have that there you could used take this text link as well, or a custom image I set to post from links and You can change the text in it that as well and they could for example if you see more on and Use the part affiliate like this will automatically be your link, this is all there is to setting up a new campaign I Check this box said active say I want to create between 1 and 2 posts every 24 hours. That’s it create feed and you’re done this one here is now active and creating between 1 and 2 posts over 24 hours and Just to see how that looks if we go to the side here you Will see three closest these are The posts at the top so if we go in here now And click the run now button just to force the order blogging parking plug-in to do is think I’m really flesh refresh the page it is now automatically put in this post here and There you go, that’s how easy it is to pull in great content From Amazon and all the other sources This is my affiliate link to Amazon so it’s this one here And so is this link up here and also pulled in some comments from Amazon as well So that’s how easy it is if we go back to the Amazon module This will now continue pulling in between one and two posts every 24 hours for as long as I have it active for I can Also do an import now by selecting Here as I go From this feed I just set up my keywords I can change the tags I can change the front links and all that good stuff and say I want to import To posts right now I can import them to draft. Let’s try that I forgots like a category Dario do import and It’s now doing a thing and importing to Amazon suppose and says to new posts have been imported if we go into my posts here Will now see that I have to draft posts here Imported from Amazon, I can now go in and edit them and make them go live so that’s exactly how easy it is to add a Ton of new content on autopilot to all your cover print press blogs I remember that was just the Amazon module you get all the other ones as well Clickbank Commission Junction eBay Flickr and Any RSS feed which means you can pull in content from any? Site or blog that has an RSS feed you can put in there now you’re probably thinking What’s the Cova content plug-in going to cost me? Much less than you think but first let’s recap what’s included? You get the Amazon module the RSS feed module the Clickbank module the commission junction module the Flickr module and the ebay module and many more modules to come Because you get free lifetime updates as for when you order today There are other auto blogging plugins out there But they’re expensive they’re hard to use and they pull in content you would not be caught dead posting yourself And they’re not designed to work with the covert pinpress theme on The other hand komak content is super easy to use and comes with a full step-by-step video tutorials It post quality content in a way that will increase your social and viral traffic and it eliminates any risk of duplicate content Kovach content is also specifically designed to work with a covert pinpress theme It works right out of the box and your posts will look great without any need to fiddle with templates CSS or the technobabble Obviously we could charge big bucks for parking like this And it is and as I said it will be released as a recurring monthly product later on but right now You can completely bypass any future cost and still get all future modules and updates for free today from this page only you can get your hands on the brand new cover content parking at the special little early bird price and For the next few people who order will even include multi-site and site flipping license at no extra cost That means you can use the plug-in on as many of your own blocks as you like Include the parking on site you flip or incise your bill for clients This is perfect for building hundreds even thousands of autopilot viral blogs. She’s name pin press theme and this brand new parking But remember the price below is a one-time offer so click the button below to secure your copy now

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