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Hey guys here’s a review for the covert pin
press theme this is an excellent theme it makes your website look like a Pinterest board
so basically you can retrieve any type of content you want it will automatically pop
up the featured image as a little thumbnail and you can scroll down you can also use the
covert video content plug-in and the culvert content plug-in to integrate with this theme
and it will automatically grab new content for your website autopilot so you can load
up those two plugins with this theme and it will start posting all kinds of content and
a cool Pinterest board look and have your website running completely on autopilot without
the need to do anything manually yourself after setting it all up so to get started
with the culvert Pinterest theme just loaded up in your themes and then you have to go
through the 10-step process that’s super easy and if at any time you get stuck you just
click on this watch tutorial video now step one would be to activate your theme by entering
the license key and then after that you just clip simply click Next and go from one step
to another now you can set a background color or upload a background image I’m gonna leave
everything as default and just go through and show you a quick run-through of this theme
and how to get it set up so just hit next if you want a header section you can show
an image or text title you can also not show this if you want I’m just going to throw
in a text title and leave it like this so you can see what the header looks like I personally
don’t like it I’m however if you have a nice banner ad you want to throw up at the top
you could select that as an image and upload your banner ad letter with of filing and 20
pixels and a maximum height of 40 pixels so that’s something you may wish to do I personally
don’t like it because I think it it reduces the fold and then people can’t see as much
of your content but if you have them wanting to see that then go ahead so after that hit
next you can have a header nag bar which is basically like a little pop-up you can have
dropped down so basically you could put another banner ad up there we’ll leave it shone and
then I’ll just draw a color in there so you can see what the NAG bar looks like hit
next default listing order most recent shoulder post title vocals text excerpts custom post
hundred first characters the content I’ll leave it as just the title most recent or
most popular you can set that whenever you like show comment count yes show comments
no this is all on the look of the homepage will hit next now you can choose if you on
his show or hide any of the comments or details and we’re going to leave it always defaults
will show everything next now we have sharing options so you have all of the sharing settings
completely within the theme so you don’t need to have a separate social sharing plugin I
will have all this check so you can see it you can also have followed the icons included
up in the header so you can throw in your twitter Facebook Pinterest Google+ usernames
or ids and then people can also follow you in addition to sharing a specific post I’ll
leave all that blank for now I’ll have this loaded up with the default theme you could
turn all this off if you wanted to use a different plugin I also have the covert social buzz
pro plugin loaded up and I recommend using that and then just not using this but if you
don’t want to buy that you can use this within your theme then you hit next again with the
comments on single pages we’re gonna leave all as it is hit next now you can set up a
monetization in each of your pulse if you want so let’s just show you you can hit yes
and you can throw an ad straight from Google AdSense or any HTML wherever you like right
here you just paste it in and it and then you can choose how many want to show at the
bottom of each pulse I’m not going to do that right now but it’s a really cool feature
you can watch this tutorial for more information if you’re interested in monetizing your site
I recommend doing it because it’s pretty cool and it works pretty well after that you’ll
hit next and then you see it has the last step is the sidebars you can turn them on
or off woman believed it and then you’ll hit save and there we go it says options are saved
now I’ll show you what the covert pin press theme looks like with the culvert content
plug-in automatically drip-feeding in content from eBay amazon ClickBank and commission
junction and the culvert video content plugin which is specifically made for the color video
press theme but you can use the culvert video content plug-in on any website you like and
it works really well with the covert impress team as you’re about to find out that plug-in
grabs videos from YouTube Vimeo daily motion and one more places for places that grabs
videos they automatically post to the color compress theme and show up right here I’m
so these are the covert content posts you can see because those are more product oriented
as you scroll down more posts automatically populate and you’ll see it says loading new
posts now here we have video post so this would be the color video content plugin so
let’s take a look at the video you click on that here it is it opens up you have the pin
it to like you can share it anywhere here this is all of the default theme sharing plug
in here is the covert social buzz plugin and then you have the video description you can
add comments share now if you want to go back then you just go back to the home feed we
have all these categories as well here’s one of the products take a look at this Bluetooth
smart watch you can see the big image there you have it all the description and then people
click on that it brings them right to eBay and then this is affiliate linked to your
eBay affiliate network so the cover to impress theme is a really cool theme and integrates
really well with any post to create it will just display them as a Pinterest board look
it also works really well with the color content plug-in and the covert video content plugin
which you can grab as well I’ve also got reviews on those plugins in case you like to see him
bottom line if you like the look of this I highly recommend the covert pinpress theme
until next time

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