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Hey, guys. What’s happening? Joshua Elder here. Welcome to the first video of the six-figure
affiliate marketing/CPA marketing case study series. In this series, I’m going to show you how
to create a themed YouTube channel in a specific niche and then build that channel eventually
up to six figures. The theme that we’re going with and the niche
that we’re going with is going to be the health niche and specifically weight loss and dieting. This is going to be a review channel where
we review different new trending supplements that are being released to the market on a
daily and weekly basis. You guys may be familiar with my Real IM reviews
channel. I was able to take this channel to six figures
in the internet marketing and make money online niche. You can see that there’s only right around
1,700 subscribers. The view counts on the videos are between
a hundred and a couple thousand per video. That goes to show you that you don’t need
a lot of traffic, you don’t need a lot of subscribers, you don’t need a lot of viewers
to be successful with this method because we’re attracting people that have buyer intent. In other words, they’ve got their credit card
out and they’re ready to make a purchasing decision. Contrary to popular belief that you need a
ton of subscribers, you need a ton of viewers to make a lot of money on YouTube, you don’t. I’m going to prove that to you throughout
this very case study. I’ve taken this formula and created a multiple
six-figure yearly business using nothing more than my laptop, a smartphone, a little microphone
here and a screen sharing software. I’m going to show you how to deploy this inside
of your own business. You’re not going to need to show your face
if you don’t want to although that does help, but we’re going to be doing PowerPoint slide
share videos throughout this case study. If you want to know a little bit more about
the overview of this specific case study series, you can actually go to my channel. Simply type in Joshua Elder and you can go
to the last video that I posted up to this point, which is the CPA marketing tutorial
free traffic, free affiliate marketing traffic method. I’ll go ahead and link that down below in
the resources section so I have a little bit more of an overview. But this is going to be a seven-part case
study series. This is video number one, which is going to
be market research/keyword research. Again, you guys already know the niche that
I’m going into. What I did to find this niche is, number one,
I’ve been in this industry for a while. I knew that it was a popular niche but number
two I went to I show this in my YouTube video but we’re
going to go deeper into this of course for you guys for being inner circle members. What we’re going to do is we’re going to look
at these trending searches. This will give us ideas of niches that are
super popular right now. If you want to make a lot of money in internet
marketing and just in general, ride the trends of what’s going on in the marketplace from
the health niche to real estate to making money in general, like e-commerce is super
huge right now. Affiliate marketing has always been pretty
popular and it’s always trending, but ecommerce is just blowing everything out of the water
right now and like Shopify. You can only easily get in the middle of that
and start selling products within that specific niche or even implement the training within
that niche as well. Tons of different ways to make money with
trends from current events niches, physical products, digital products, so on and so forth. In this case, we’re going to go for the weight
loss niche. Actually, the keto niche is a good sub niche
so you can create a YouTube channel all around keto products. It could be a keto YouTube channel, but this
is going to be more of a general YouTube channel based around weight loss and just weight loss
products in general from building muscle to losing fat to clearing up skin to getting
rid of wrinkles and things like that. What I’m going to do is I’m going to click
on weight loss here. I’m going to write down a few key words on
video for you. In other words, a key word of course is just
something that somebody is typing into the search engine. In this case, we need to understand the buying
process of a consumer. It goes something like this. If somebody’s looking to lose weight, they’re
going to go to Google and they’re going to type in, “How to lose weight,” or, “How to
lose belly fat,” or, “How to get fit.” Typically, those type of people, they’re free
information seekers. They haven’t yet gone down the pipeline to
a point where they’re ready to buy something. They’re still, in other words, in the research
phase. Then, what happens is they slowly inch closer
and closer and closer to an actual product that they can purchase that’s going to help
them lose weight. That’s when they go and they type things in
like Nutrisystem review, Phen375 review, cow tea review, UltraMax Garcinia review, so on
and so forth. What we want to do is we want to create a
list of PNKs, in other words product, name keywords. What I’m going to do is I’m going to pull
this back up right here. You can see that I started on this in my free
YouTube video, but we’re going to go a little bit deeper into this for you guys right here,
right now. What we want to do is we want to write down
just as many different products as we can that are on this page. It looks like I wrote down quite a few, looks
like we kind of stopped right at this point here. I’m going to type in [idealica 00:06:25] … We
don’t want auto correct. We’re going to keep going down here. EcoSlim, that’s already there. Okay. We got Nutrisystem already. I would just keep going down this list and
just cherry pick all the products within the weight loss industry. We’ll give this just a second to load here. There’s this Chico Light. Okay. Okay. Here we go. We got some more here. Let’s type in Forskolin Slim Rip. Okay. We’ve already got PureFit Keto. Let’s type in Keto Ultra SS. It’s appearing that there’s so many different
keto products out right now. To jumpstart the channel, I’m just going to
be creating a ton of content around keto products because that’s what’s being released to the
market right now. We got Keto Kinetics, PureFit Keto again,
South Beach Diet. I’m not going to pick out that keyword or
that product name because it’s got a lot of competition. It’s been around for a while. What we want to do is we want to create content
around new videos because when we do this, it’s going to be easier to get views, it’s
going to be easier to rank, and we’re going to make a lot more money a lot quicker. The idea here is we’re going to be creating
reviews around the specific product name keywords. Then, what we’re going to do is we’re going
to rank up the top of the search engine. When somebody goes to the video, then they
click the link in the description, we can either direct them to the product that we’re
doing a review on or we can direct them to a different product. My goal is to get a video out every single
day. I’m going to pretty much completely outsource
the whole entire process. I’m going to show you guys exactly how I’m
doing this, too, as well. Let’s keep going down. We got Slim Trim 2000. I think I actually did a case study on that
quite a while ago. Okay. Turmeric and forskolin diet. By the way, if you guys want to see the bigger
picture of this, we’re talking about CPA marketing. What a lot of people are doing is they’re
promoting these different products here. For example, this Trim Pill Keto, that has
an $80.00 CPA. That means when somebody purchases or maybe
it’s like a trial, the advertiser gets $80. These advertisers are super incentivized. They’re going out there. They’re spending their hard-earned advertising
dollars on advertising for these different products. What happens when people do that? A buzz is created in the marketplace. When consumers are going to Bing and they’re
seeing ads on South Beach Diet or Trim Pill Keto. Then, they go to Google, they see more ads
on Trim Pill Keto and then Facebook and YouTube and they see more ads, what happens is it
creates this buzz effect. People will be exposed to this new product. Then, they’ll go back to YouTube and they’ll
look for a review on the specific product. That’s where we come into play. We’re sort of piggybacking off of these advertisers’
advertising dollars and we’re making money on the back end. It’s super cool because you’re not risking
really any of your money with CPA marketing. You’re not having to do a lot of testing with
Bing ads and Facebook ads and CPV and PPV. There’s a lot of money that used to go into
these you know campaigns to gather data to find out what’s working, what’s not working. Most people that are new they just don’t have
the resources to be able to do that. This is a great way for somebody to start,
even scale to six figures. I’m going to keep going down here. I’m going to type in Kara Keto. I’m going to type in Healthy Life Keto SS,
Keto Ultra Diet. Do we have that? Type it in here. Keto Ultra Diet. We’re just going to keep going here, you guys. Page number three. We got this BioFit here. There’s so many products, it’s ridiculous. This is just one way of finding product name
ideas. We could also go to Bing and we can type in,
“How to lose weight, lose weight quickly, diet pills,” keywords that have to do with
the products that we’re going to be creating videos around in our Channel. Then, what we could do we type those keywords
into Bing. There’s ads that show up. The paid ads are at the top and at the bottom. We can actually click on those ads. We can see what these advertisers are promoting. We can find product name ideas by doing that,
too, as well. We can click on the ad. We can read the editorial, then we can click
through to the actual product, and say, “Okay. Here’s a new product that’s not on my list,”
and go ahead and write that product down. We’re reverse engineering the process, if
you will. We got pure forskolin short, forskolin short. We got raspberry ketone. By the way, guys, I don’t recommend that you
copy me. I’m doing this purely as a case study. Typically when you release stuff like this,
people are going to go out and they’re going to copy it. It’s just going to happen. I would recommend going into your own niche. Be resourceful. Be creative. That is going to separate you from the marketplace. Don’t just be like another copycat because,
at the end of the day, people will buy from you versus somebody else because you’re unique
in the marketplace. For example, you have somewhat of a different
sales process. Yeah, you can use a framework that works but
use a different process. It’s like baking a cake and having maybe slightly
a little bit more sugar and then adding maybe a dash of something else and not really following
the formula to the tee, if you will. You want to apply that same methodology when
it comes to internet marketing. Just be creative. Take what I’m doing here and then innovate
out of it. Think about how you can do this differently. How can you create your videos differently? How can you make them more engaging? How can you separate yourself? What kind of personality can you bring that’s
different than everybody else? Just some things to think about. I’m just going to write down just a couple
more but you guys get the idea here. Keto X Factor. We’ll just leave it at that and we’re going
to just start with these base keywords right here. Then, in the next video, we’re actually going
to be doing a little bit more research on these keywords. What I’m going to do is I’m going to go to
YouTube. We’re going to start plugging these keywords
in to find out the demand of each of these specific products, if a lot of people are
searching for these products right now. We might do that or we might just take the
shock and effect, just put out a lot of content but I want a general idea of the search volume
of each of these specific product name keywords. That’ll actually be the second video. In the video after that, we’re going to go
into applying for affiliate networks and how to get approved and all that good stuff. With that said, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you would like my team and I to actually
set up this whole process with you, help you select keywords, help you apply to these networks,
help you create your own channel and theme your own channel, help you set everything
up, help you set up your slides because we will be getting into creating the actual content. You can see this is the content that we’re
going to be creating for my PureFit Keto review. Then, I’m going to be creating a script for
it. Then, we’re going to hire a voiceover to actually
read through the script and accompany that with this presentation here. You can see I’m not going to inject my face
anywhere in this process but if you would like some help setting this stuff up and if
you would like to work with me one on one or in a small group setting to help you pick
your niche, get all of this stuff set up, go ahead and click the button below this video. I will be offering this video for free as
a teaser on my YouTube channel. If you’re on my YouTube channel go ahead and
click the link in the description below if you want to work with me one on one personally. You can fill out the application for that
below. You can follow the process. We’ll see you guys in the next video. Of course, if you’re on YouTube, give me a
thumbs up, give me a like. Comment below if you have any questions. We’ll see you guys in the next video. Take care.

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