CPA Marketing Tutorial – Free Affiliate Marketing Traffic Method

What’s going on you guys. Joshua Elder here. Welcome to yet another video, and today in
this video we’re gonna be talking about a CPA marketing free traffic method, so you’re
not gonna want to miss this. This is a six step process I’m about to reveal
to you, so go ahead, if you’re excited for this video, like this video, subscribe because
right now I’m uploading videos pretty frequently teaching you how to build a life and business
for freedom, passion, and fulfillment. With that said, let’s jump into my computer,
and let’s get into it. There’s seven steps to this process, actually,
really six without rinsing and repeating but nonetheless, I’m gonna show you how to build
a six-figure affiliate marketing business using CPA offers and YouTube-themed channels. First step is you want to do market research. The way that I do that is I got to a website
called I’ve mentioned this website in other videos,
but this is basically a website that houses different affiliate offers as well as affiliate
networks. If we come to this website, we could do our
market research, and the way that we can do that is we can actually look at one of two
things. We can look at the live searches here. This is based off of what people are typing
in right now, so we can use this as ideas for different markets and niches to go into
as well as, if we scroll down here, we go to Trending Searches, you can see the top
10 trending searches based off of the live searches here. What I’m gonna do is I’m going to just pick
one here. We’ll go ahead and just arbitrarily pick weight
loss, so I’m gonna go ahead and click on weight loss here. We’re gonna give that a minute to load. You guys can see that we’ve got tons of different
offers based around weight loss. What I’m gonna do next, I’m just going to
look at this list of offers. I’m gonna write down at least 10 to 20 of
these different offers. Now, I’m not gonna do this live because I
don’t want to bore you guys by writing down all these different product names but what
we’re gonna do is we are going to just write a few of them down right here. Nutrisystem is one. Phen375 is another. Then we got Femme Youth. We’ve got Ultra Max Garcinia. We’ve got Kou Tea or Kou Tea, however you
pronounce that. I’ve got auto correct on so some of these
aren’t exactly cooperating here. We’ve got … Let’s see. There’s Weight Control. That’s a general keyword though. If you were type that into Google, Google
would recognize that as an actual how-to keyword. We’ve got Keto Base. We’ve got quite a few different products. Let’s just write done a couple more. We got EcoSlim. We’ve got … By the way, I’m just writing
down products that are in the US. Depending on your country, that might be different. I’m just going for US-based products. We’ve got a few right here. We’ve got Nutrisystem, Phen375, Femme Youth,
Ultra Max Garcinia, Kou Tea, Keto Base, and EcoSlim. What we want to do now is we actually want
to apply at some of the affiliate networks where these products are housed in. I’m going to do those. I’m going to scroll back up here. We go to, for example, this Kou Tea here. It looks like it’s part of G4Offers. What we’re going to do is we’re actually going
to join the network. Now, not every network is just going to approve
you right off the bat. Most networks are going to take time to actually
approve you. There’s an interview process that you have
to go through. They’ll ask you some questions as far as your
history with affiliate marketing, with CPA offers, how much volume you’re bringing in,
what type of traffic methods you plan on using, so on and so forth. Now, a lot of you guys that are probably watching
this are newer, and so you might not be able to opt in to these different affiliate networks
and get accounts, but what you can do is join networks in the time being like
and even You’re still going to want to create content
around these specific keywords right here, around these specific products, in other words,
because just because you may not be able to get approved and promote one of these products,
what you can do is still do a review on the product, but then promote another related
product in return. We’ll get into that in future videos, but
for now, I want to show you guys just the general overview of the six-step process and
what it looks like. If you’d like to take matters into your own
hands and go ahead and implement this, you can feel free to do that. But there is this affiliate network here called
PeerFly. This is one of the networks I would recommend
that you start joining. Right after you’re doing watching this. You can just go to, and I’ll see
if I can link it up in the description as well, but you guys can see that I’ve been
using this specific affiliate network for about eight years now. If I actually go to payments, check it out,
you can see back in August 2nd of 2010 I’ve been using this network for quite a while. I got approved when I was brand new, so there’s
no reason why you can’t get approved as well. That’s the first affiliate network that recommend. Another one that I’d recommend would be ClickBank. You could do the same thing here in these
networks. You can go to offers over here, and I can
go to Browse Offers, and then I can go to category, and if my niche is the diet and
weight loss niche, what I can do is just go to Health, Fitness and Weight Loss, and I
can start writing down all these product names right here. This offer vault will just give you more options
and more product name ideas. The idea here is to create content. What we’re going to be doing is we’re going
to be creating content around product name keywords. I talked a little bit about this in my past
video if you want to learn a little bit more about what PNKs are. Obviously, it’s kind of, speaks for itself,
but you can check out my video in the top right-hand corner right here. What we’re going to do is we’re also going
to check out You can get approved very, very easily to
ClickBank as well. I can just go to Create Account here on the
homepage, follow the onscreen instructions, and it’s free to create an account. After we do that, we’re going to go ahead,
and we’re going to log in, and we’re going to go to the Marketplace up here, and we’re
going to go to Health and Fitness. Again, what I would do is I would write down
all these product names right here in this specific niche. Now, I know there’s going to be a lot of people
that are going to copy me, but I’m going to be doing a live case study in the weight loss
and diet niche, and if you want to get access to that full in-depth case study where I go
through everything from A to Z, you can feel free to check out my Inner Circle Program. I’m always uploading brand new case studies
on what’s working in my business. Of course, I can’t cover everything in just
this video right here. If I did, it would be hours and hours long,
so if you want to get access to my Inner Circle Program, there’ll be a link in the description
for that, and you can get a 14-day free trial to that right now. Again, we’re going to continue to write down
other product names, and then after we do that, the next step is to create a supplement
review channel. In my case, it would be like a weight loss
and diet supplement review channel. Now, of course, we applied to our affiliate
network, and then we are going to create the supplement review channel. Once we do that, it’s going to look something
like this right here. This is a channel that I created a few weeks
ago. It’s called Pure Health Digest. What we’re going to be doing is uploading
slide-type videos to this YouTube channel, in other words, PowerPoint or keynote-type
videos. The way that that’s going to look is it’s
going to look something like this right here. You can see that I’ve got a full keynote right
here that I created before I went ahead and I shot this video. This specific video is based around a product
called Purefit Keto. I go over what it is, the ingredients, does
it work, what are the side effects, and my final verdict. You can feel free to use this same framework
for your videos as well. What I would do after I have this set up is
I need to also create a script around this specific SlideShare video. What we’re going to do is we’re going to go
to Google, and I’m going to type in “Purefit Keto review.” I’m going to look at all these different reviews,
and I’m going to compile information that fits the mold of this specific PowerPoint
presentation. I could type in “Purefit Keto side effects,”
and then I can go through one of these reviews and pick out where it talks about the side
effects and put that in a little text edit. In this case, what we would do is we would
go here. Let’s just pretend this is a review. It looks like it’s not a complete review on
this product, but we’ll pretend that, for the sake of this video, that it is. I would just copy this, and I would pull up
a little text edit, and I would type in something like “Purefit Keto side effects,” and then,
of course, I would paste it right here. I do the same thing for the other subjects
within this specific SlideShare. I would go to “what is Purefit Keto?” I would find an article that talks about what
it is. Once I have this compiled, then I would take
it, and I would get a voiceover done, so I would hire somebody from a website called or For example, I went to Fiverr, I typed in
“voiceover,” and I would give, like for example, this Kelly girl, the script, and she would
read the whole entire script and accompany it with this PowerPoint presentation here. Then once that’s done, she would send it back
to me, and then I would upload it straight to YouTube, and I would optimize it so it
can be seen by the search engines so when people would type in “Purefit Keto review,”
my video would be ranked at the top. This is sort of the result that you would
get. I’m just going to play like maybe 10, 20 seconds
of this video so you can kind of get the idea. In this Purefit Keto review, I’ll be giving
you both the pros and cons to using this super popular fat-loss supplement so you can find
out whether it’s right for you or not. Now, please make sure that you watch this
video from start to finish because at the end of the video, if you still want to get
Purefit Keto, I will show you where to get it for the absolute cheapest place. Let’s check out the pros of this product:
Ideal fat- He’ll go through the pros and the cons, and
then the conclusion, and then he’ll tell people to click the link in the description. When somebody clicks this link, it goes to
the affiliate site, and when somebody would buy Purefit Keto, he would actually earn a
commission off of that. That’s the process. That’s how it works. Then I would just simply rinse and repeat
this with the next keyword. In this case, one of our keywords was Purefit
Keto. The next keyword would be like Nutrisystem,
create another video around that using the same format in this PowerPoint presentation
here, and then, again, using Phen375, I’m going to put all these videos on this channel
right here. You should notice after uploading I would
probably say maybe a dozen videos, even maybe 5-10, you should start seeing some sales and
seeing some results. As a matter of fact, I was able to build a
six-figure business, actually, a multiple six-figure business creating channels just
like this. This one actually, this channel right here
is actually a Internet marketing product review channel. It’s for the “make money online” niche. You can see, I don’t really need that many
subscribers, but all these videos have different view counts and all these different videos
that people are looking for, these products that people are looking for, they have buyer
intent. They have their credit card out ready to buy. When they watch that review, they’re either
going to make a purchase or not make a purchased based off of what you’re recommending, so
these are buyer intent-based keyword search terms that we’re ranking our videos for. If I jump back here to ClickBank, you guys
can see if I go to my Dashboard and then go to Reporting, you can see that just this year
alone in this one affiliate account, I’ve generated $65,497.40, so this is a process
that definitely works. I would recommend that you go out there and
implement this. If you want it in more detail, step-by-step,
video-by-video, broken down for you, go ahead and check out my Inner Circle Mastermind Group
in the description below. With that said, this is Josh Elder signing
off. If you got value from this video, give me
a thumbs up, subscribe to this video if you haven’t already, and comment below, let me
know if you got value from this. If you have any questions, I will be in the
comments answering all your questions. Again, Josh Elder signing off. We’ll see you guys in the next video. Take care.


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