welcome back guys I know you all have
been waiting for this video so today I am starting on the cr250 project I asked
and you guys spoke 95% of you voted that I should build this bike instead of
parting it out and that’s what I’m gonna do I’m just really excited to get busted
on this bike so I’m gonna stop talking and start working one second
you better take a good look at it and because when this bike is done it’s
gonna look absolutely nothing like how it does right now so as you guys can
imagine the first step in building a bike is you gotta take it apart I’m just
gonna start ripping out bolts starting out the seat gas tank and plastics I’m
sorry guys I lied to you I said I was gonna be pulling out bolts but there are
no bolts to pull out oh hey looky here I found a bowl there’s
one bolt out of four on the shroud I think the other side’s the same way too yep just one bolt up top again no bolts to worry about on this
gas tank they’re making it easy on me so I’m gonna treat this bike like I’m
parting it out I’m gonna pull everything off of it including the petcock gas cap
that kind of thing just so I can really inspect everything later on I get this
question all the time when I’m working on a bike how do I know where all the
bolts go in this case I will be putting this bike back together so I’ve got to
label everything what I’m gonna do here is I’ve got some Ziploc bags and I’m
gonna label them and keep everything separate this is all the hardware from
the plastics so I’m gonna label the bag accordingly that way I keep everything
organized here with all the plastics off I’m gonna move
on to ripping off the subframe air box and silencer the seal between the air box and the air
box boot is a known weak point on these bikes so I’m going to pull this apart
and reseal it later on this one looks like it was actually
sealing up pretty well but it never hurts to double-check this thought just
crossed my mind I actually have not done a giveaway in a while so why not do it
on this bike I want you guys to guess how much I paid for the CR and the
winner is gonna get pull something off the cart here the front number plate off
of this bike so I’m gonna sign it and send it your way and just like every
other giveaway I’m gonna pick the winner at random and you have to be correct as
well so plop your guesses down below you know what I’m getting tired of seeing
these ape hangers on this bike so I’m gonna pull those off along with a
throttle the brakes and all the electronics I’ve got pretty much all the electrical
components off the bike now I’m gonna work on the intake and the exhaust and
I’m pretty sure this exhaust is not held on by anything pretty much it’s gonna
home yeah this is gonna fall right off that was easy I’m really curious if this
pipe can be fixed I’m gonna check into that once I start building this bike
back up right now I’m trying to get all the
smaller components off the bike pretty much trying to get it down to the frame
motor suspension and wheels so what I’ve got left is the radiators clutch cable
still on the bike then going to pull off the sprocket cover and chain as well as
the front brakes a lot of times on older bikes like this
the radiant hoses will be stuck onto the radiator this one just won’t budge at
all so in this case I’ve got this little pic here with a 90 degree angle on the
end of it and it’ll run it inside of the hose here and this will loosen it up now and this hose is being really
stubborn I’m tempted just to cut it off so I was checking out this rear sprocket
and it’s got offset teeth I have never seen that before what about you guys
have you ever used one I mean they look pretty light for a steel sprocket so I’m
trying to get this motor into gear and that way I can pull off the front
sprocket but it’s not really wanting to shift going up is just lock solid and
down is it’s not doing anything either so once I open up this motor I think I’m
in for a few surprises all right on to the front brakes and for those of you
wondering this is not how the brake line should be routed it’s supposed to go
behind the fork this ghetto setup is this kind of
bugging me I want to get it off the bike as soon as I can
and while I’m at it I’m gonna pull off the rear brake system as well oh shit
rear rim is bent just notice that well that makes for two bent rims now I was really worried that the boat they
were using had messed up the threads in the frame here but thankfully looks like
those threads are fine just to make cleaning and inspection
that much easier I’m gonna pull these breaks apart and of course I want to get
some fresh fluid in here as well trying to figure out what they got going
on here some sort of Jim Bob spacer on this brake pedal this is how I’ve been
organizing all the hardware so far just got ziplock bags like I was explaining
earlier and I’ve got them labeled based on where the bolts came from should work
out pretty sweet I’ve got a good stack apart spelling it from this bike so far
and a few parts that I’m tossing out as well so the bike is pretty much down to
the frame motor suspension and wheels good enough to call it a day right there
today was a really good start to the project it’s always so much fun
tearing into bikes even if they’re beat up like this one is so what I’ve got
coming at you in the next video is I’ll finally be tearing down this oh three
CRF 450 motor and let me just say you guys are gonna be blown away with how
busted up this motor is I’ll give you a little preview and here she is the top
ends already been taken off of it and it’s in really rough shape I think
there’s some things busted up with the bottom end as well alrighty guys thanks
for watching I’m gonna tidy up the shop and I’ll see you in the next video peace


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