Create Affiliate Program | Create a Banner | How to Make Web Banner

this one is going to show you how to
create a page with a couple of those bears banners to the media section and
use these new page as you can see what is required readers will be quite easy
you can simply drag and drop the bernhard to the area that’s the first
owner and another one the same way don’t just use the following him as the best I
led you here just use some P ok now that we have a couple of banner is ready to
use again create a better page where our affiliates can choose the ones they like
him he’s on their own pages actually only two different shortcodes the one
that’s renders the affiliates URL and that renders an absolutely better for
our vendors we need to add the attachment to the short code and find
out which idea of errors reason we look at the entry in the media library you’ll
see the attachment I D perimeter at home or already on his way so the show is used twice in each case
wants to show how the link or banner looks like to show the HTML needed to
render that are better and look at the nasty ad man who was not so there’s no
real ideas appended to the Euro else so let’s see how this changes when an
actual page login as an affiliate was the vendor page and as you can see
the affluent society is appended to the URLs well that’s good said getting a
better page really just takes a couple of minutes and details about the short
codes used here are on the website so please take a look and check out the
videos as well

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