Create an Amazon Affiliate Link for ANY PRODUCT! Personalized Amazon Lafitte Link!

Hey guys my name is Scoby today I’m going to be showing you how to make an Amazon affilitate link for any amazon product this is gonna be a nice quick and easy tutorial to do this you are going to need an Amazon affiliate account If you don’t have one, click the card on screen to my previous video where I show you how to make one All you want to do is search for the item here click enter, then you will get a list of results for every item Amazon has here Once you’ve found one that suits what you’re looking for Come to ‘get link’ option on the right and instead of click this we are going to be clicking the drop down arrow by clicking this dropdown arrow amazon is gonna give us a direct link that we can share with people Or if you want to shorten this to make this smaller you can click the shorten URL here and Amazon will make a smaller link so that it’s easier to share Then to copy it, all you want to do is highlight the text click CTRL+C and then CTRL+V to where ever you want to paste it Anyway guys it’s as easy as that to make an Amazon affiliate link If you guys enjoyed this tutorial be sure to drop a like subscribe if you’re new check out the other videos on the channel I’m gonna be leaving a link down below to my PayPal and my Amazon affiliate link If you wanna check those out and you want to support me I’d really appreciate it, I make all these videos for free it would really help me out Anyway guys thank you so much for watching, until next time as always Keep it saucy Peace

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